BTW, the P concentration is insane - 130ppm! Check out Mulder’s for how many issues this can cause.

I think that's the culprit right there, and it would coincide with around when I upped my nutrient solution from using just 7g of MaxiBloom, to using 7.5g/gallon.

That extra boost of 'P' could have directly increased the availability of Mg which was already being supplied in excess, while at the same time helping to lock-out the 'K'.
Then I mixed up a new batch of Gh Micro+Bloom at 8 and 16ml per gallon in RO water with about 1tsp of CalMag per, as well.
With the info that I PMed to you, you should be able to determine if this is really what you want to continue to provide.

What happened to the GH Grow - isn’t it a 3-part system?
Maybe you have already met, but this girl was raised on the kind of levels/ratios that I described
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