Auto Jack 2: A Re-Veg Story

Well, if you’ve followed the last grow, you may recall that I harvested the Auto Jack on May 6 at 112 days.

So, after a couple of days drying out in the dark garage, I put the remains in the backyard portable greenhouse, provided lightly-fertilized (350ppm of 3N-1P-3K w/ CaMg and Si), pH-adjusted water a couple of times, and this is what happened:

I see no flowers, so it’s a full-on reveg, with 8 growth tips so far. :ganjamon:

Has anyone successfully grown out a revegged Auto to a second harvest?

My last grow is located at:
FelipeBlu's Auto Jack & Kryptonite - PSMini LED - Root Pouch - Recipe 420
Awesome.....round two!!!!:green_heart:

Although this time it may need photoperiod treatment.
Thanks Bonsai! :passitleft:

So ya think she’s lost her ‘Auto-ness’? :)
Autos usually flower due to if she has flowered, she has passed her auto flower age (only my opinion). If she flowers again without some light change I would be surprised. I have been wrong before and could be wrong now, but I would think she may need some other action to get her to flower again.
Did you hack away some of the root mass after harvest so that, as the greenery filled in, it could be growing (new) roots? I'm wondering - if so - if this would help it regrow (more than otherwise, I mean) and then switch back to flowering.
Thanks TS! :passitleft:

I haven’t messed around down there, but was considering stripping down the root pouch, doing some light root pruning, and then a repot into some fresh media.

Thanks to your input, this musing has moved closer to reality. :ganjamon:
Early summer heat spell over the weekend. Had air temp nearly to 100F, and the greenhouse recorded a max of 113F. Didn’t seem to harm the plants - just some curled leaves indicating heat stress.

Anyway, I decided to hold off on any activity that would stress Miss J. At this point, I presume that the existing soil is pretty much used up, so it’s basically a drain-to-waste situation, with me providing all the nutrients. Just adding a layer of soil around the outside of the rootball isn’t likely to eliminate the need to provide nutrients during watering, and I have a better understanding of what I’m providing without the complications of trying to figure out what the soil is contributing. So, I left her to enjoy the weekend unmolested.

Is JH your favorite strain, or are you just named Jack?

If ya like JH, this is a pretty good Auto. Not really very needy. If you’re interested, you can read about her first life in my sig.
High folks! :passitleft:

Today is post-harvest day 32. She is still filling in. Although there are some pistils on a couple of the shoots on the right side, a couple others are pushing out 5-blade fan leaves. I’m going to call this a full-on re-veg of an Auto. Not just a continued flowering.
Hey man just caught up I’m subbed this is definitely interesting.

Never seen anything like it. :reading420magazine:
very interesting, nice to meet ya, hope you don't mind the beanbag...

Hey Chief! :passitleft: Welcome back!

Hey Smeegol! :high-five: Plenty of room here in the greenhouse still. Just watch where you set that fish down, okay?
June 8, 2018
Post-harvest day 33

My girl is cruising along, basking in the June sun. :surf: Seeing good secondary nodal growth now. Maybe time to start thinking about a bit of training, or topping one of the smaller shoots...


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