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Unforgiven's 45 Gallon Chunky Cheese Reveg Experiment


Plant of the Month: April 2016
Hey all. Longtime lurker, first time journal writer here, lol. so bear with me please. not my first grow but first real attempt at a journal. having read and drooled over many here, I feel inspired.

let me start by apologizing for my lack of caps.....I started but alas I cannot force me brain to carry through with it lol.

so, on with the show.

the inspiration for doing this really long veg was watching the videos from cali on monster plants. :drool:
so the wifey and I discussed trying to fill our tent with one lol.

strain: chunky cheese from cannacopia seeds.

their description:
Chunky Cheese
These seeds were created using the original Cheese clone, the now famous elite cutting discovered in a pack of Skunk #1 seeds by UK grower, and shared via the British cultural underground. She has recently made her way around the world and is now grown from Amsterdam to London to LA. This is the original Cheese clone mother mated with our proven Deep Chunk indica males to improve the yield and stature. The resulting plants have a more upright phenotype and stronger stems than the clone mother, which is needed to support the increased yield in this hybrid generation.
Yield is above average (350-450 g/ sq m)

the beans did not bad for regulars. all germed, but lost half cuz they wanted to play for the other team, ahem.
I've seen lots of mixed reviews on their seeds, even the site I got them from no longer sells them I just found out.

stage of growth: it has been bloomed, whacked up, revegged, and is going strong as popeye.

original bean soak was feb 27 2015.

whacked her up aug 1 2015.

revegged her from then til sept 30 2015. she took about that long in my eyes to become a feasible reveg. ie: good growth showing.

strong veg state: say from oct 1 til now sofar. im tossing up when to flip her as I have some autos I am itching to start, as well as some femmed white widows.

indoors: in a 4x8 el cheapo tent. it wasn't what we thought we were buying at the grow store, but the owner is top notch and made it up to us very well onour next visit. needless to say he has our business now for what we need.

lighting: 1k nanolux cube currently running at 75% was at 50% from reveg day 1 til 2 weeks ago. hit it up to 100% backed it off for not liking the temps last week. love how cool this lil cube runs. zero heat from it.

aircooled: bet yer beans its aircooled!!! 6" cooltube hoodwith a canfan max pulling through a filter from the other side of the light. imagine if you will a plant loving it at 2 inches from a 1k light. ours does!!!

grow medium: soil. just good ol sunshine #4 is all we use no additives to the mix. pour it in and go. for this reveg however we re-used some soil from the pots that were whacked up and some fresh about a half bale or so.

size of pot: well it's a wee lil 45 gallon airpot lol. 36"x36"x10"high.

temp of tent: at 5 am this morning it was at 79.5 under the screen. I think you can see the hygrometer in my pics. I know not an ideal place to take yer temps but it only went in on the weekend due to having been at 100% on the lights it felt really hot but she didn't show me nuthin bout it, so I figgered I best git one.

rh of tent: again, at 5 am it was sitting at 41 humidity.

ph of res: not a hot clue. I know our water runs about 6.5 so I just go with it and no probs to date.

feeding schedule: redneckery. lol.... well normally about once a week. but in the middle of the week when I stick my finger inna dirt an nuttin stix.....she gets a drink that I have premixed an bubblin whenever the lights are on. ex: last night she got about 7 gallons, puked out about a half liter or so.

pests: zero nada zilch well..... just me wifey but shes the most beneficial pest I've ever met.

nutes: hollands secret by future harvest. she has been on week 3 veg nutes since oct 1.
ive had really good luck running by their chart so i'll stick it out for now. tried lucas formula and for me it sucked. idunno the yield just didn't happen. i'll include the nutes chart in me pix.

she has pretty much been getting defoliated minimum once per week. sometimes more cuz she bushes out sooo freakin fast and huge. a one inch fan today may be a 5 inch fan tomorrow. just b4 pics I did a tiny bit of of defoliating, took only about 30-40 fans off the top. bent a couple proud ones under too. 3 days ago we did the big weekly where she looks like she been raped down to a stick almost lol.

and that's it for now cept the greenporn we all like to see. sorry mine aint as high quality stuff as some of yours, but meh someday I will get gooder at er.

ohh yeah p.s. the wifey has taken to callin her daisy btw. :thanks:

the hollands secret nutes chart

the beanstalk

canopy showing light height atm

just a shot of the canopy

chow fer now girls n boys!!!


Plant of the Month: April 2016
hey thx wil. im workin at er


Plant of the Month: April 2016
Good timing, 2 in 1 day. Im on a roll!

'nother re veg!
Same pot from flower? Same soil? Leave any veg on her at harvest time? How big was harvest? And finally, what are you expecting from this round?

hey dank thx fer comin to the show.
different pot, was in a 3 gallon now in a 45 gallon. some used soil mixed in with new stuff. very small amount of veg was left on. most original stalks have been since removed above the point of new growth. I think there is one left if I recall from the weekend defol. already cant see it tho. about 1.5 zip after drying from this girls original harvest.

as far as expectations go, I toss it back n forth daily to flip her or not because I want to go other directions. but we committed ourselves to see a monster in a tent, so im not sure if I will add more beside her, which would give her approx. 2-3 more months of veg before I could flip her then. if that's the case, I would call her huge. flip now I think i'd be lucky to see 8-10 zips dry. flip in 2-3 more months maybe double or triple that.

now all that being said, if I flip in 3 months time she will be a year old from seed at flip time lol. when we started the experiment, we were 100% ok with that or longer if needed, but as I say I got beans burnin holes in my brain.


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Sweet, thanks for the info on daisy!

I hear ya on the beans burning holes bit too, just wanna pop em all. Trying to choose who gets to go next ... Why!?!?

Also curious, only have 1 tent/room? Would be perfect if you could stash her away to veg elsewhere while running a couple others.


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Plant of the Month: April 2016
welcome to bpo and Richard...enjoy the showfolks lol

and dank, yeh only one 4x8 tent, one 1k nanocube. lets just say for safety (electrical) reasons, I don't want to chance a second bulb burning. I do have a new lightmover ready to go in the tent though. just haven't set it up yet.

if them burnin beans keep eatin at me brain, i'll just have to get it goin lol.

aaahhh Richard, one month? that's not in the options list lol. if ima give her 1 I might as well get the mover goin in there and then we have the following options:

1: pop 1 dutch treat auto fem and 1 ck revolver auto fem, for the purpose of breeding seeds. timeline 90=100 days likely. so 3 months minimum on daisy

2: pop 4-6 dutch treats run them the course, again I would guess long at 90-100 days. 3 months veg fer daisy again here.

3: pop 4-6 white widow fems veg them 2-3 months then flip the light for both them and daisy. again 3 months is imminent.

4: flip daisy to bloom this weekend. then the tent and light is free to do whatever. the con to this is the 12 ww fems I have.

once I go auto I want to go perpetual with it. something along the lines of assuming a 90 day turn. 12 plants total in tent 3x4 arrangement. 5 gallon buckets. so that would be 2 beans popped every 15 days meaning after the first crop at day 90 I keep 2 going in every 15 days as 2 come out every 15 days. goal is in the range of 6-8 zips dry per bucket, so 14-16 zips basically every 2 weeks.

12 plants is nothing to defol compared to the 31 I had in the tent and defoliated weekly lol. I like to defoliate.... can you tell? lol

also, to muddy things up, I still have about 80 or so deep chunkolate seeds that I got off last years stuff, but not sure I want to run em. they are regulars so means farming out males. not cool. but the smoke is awesome, and enjoyed by all who try it lol.

ideally I would love 3 tents. 1- 4x8 veg/clone, 1- 4x4 or 5x5 mother, and 1- 4x8 bloom. but for safeties sake, have decided the long game will be auto fems for perpetual growth. (might change with brain burn lol) that being said, I want them to be mini monsters lol, hence the big buckets.

oh and ouch btw was reading the dadgummed flux threads last night and dreaming of my 36x36 45 gallon airpots for another project.
thx fer that guys, lol. I don't have it up atm but I think it was med's thread as he learned along from light and skunk???? so yeah you guys suck. (meant in the best way possible guys eh)

so now ya'll have a clue as to why and what is burning in my brain about the beans.


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Lol!! a 45 gallon pot!! Hahaha

I get it... you want to decorate a cannabis tree with baubles this Xmas! :19:

This is gonna be a hefty old mama & I would love to see the root ball on that once you're done!

Good luck bro! :thumb:


Plant of the Month: April 2016
Lol!! a 45 gallon pot!! Hahaha

I get it... you want to decorate a cannabis tree with baubles this Xmas! :19:

This is gonna be a hefty old mama & I would love to see the root ball on that once you're done!

Good luck bro! :thumb:

lmfao thx doc that puts me in good humor as I leave for ...... eeewwww work now.

I think the size of the rootball would likely crumble just trying to lift it for pix lol.

welcome aboard for the cruise.


Plant of the Month: April 2016
teensy update fer a tiny plant.

in 2 days time she has bushed like nutz as always. needs a heavy defol again but not doin that til tomorrow. just finished my 3 letter swear word tonight so I will have some free time fer a bit.

ok greenporn updates !!!

2 inches from the tube and lovin it baby.

slightly wider shot.

how bout a top shot with the light moved up eh.

and finally a shot to see the 36x36x10 45 gallon airpot!!!

that's it for tonight girls n boys. likely more tomorrow after defol and tie down/bending.

:cheer: thx fer lookin!!! :cheer:


Plant of the Month: April 2016
well here she is all trimmed up for the weekend. getting crowded. tucked a bunch of her down too.




Plant of the Month: April 2016
well things got restructured, daisy got moved over, light mover installed. cooltube unhooked :( space constraints ) fan is now above tent, filter in tent.

guess she's gonna get 3 more months of veg lol.

should be starting some of crop king's white widow fems tomorrow to put in the other end of the tent. maybe just 4...... they will be in 5 gallon buckets after some progression.

also, i'm trying out the theory of using an hps bulb during veg. I use didgital lightspeed bulbs at 1k. so any thoughts on that lemme have it.

pics in a day or two, she got a lil bit stressed out with me movin around in there, not to mention draggin her big ass around too lol.
still goin strong even with the stress. (likely more stress on me than her anyways lol)


Plant of the Month: April 2016
5 of ck's wwf in a shotglass yesterday!!! should go in paper this afternoon.


Plant of the Month: April 2016
hey all, not much to say today, she has exploded again. I topped a couple spots and they came out great.



also, these will piggyback here til they are more than sprouts,lol. not much to say but hurrah they sprouted.

in the glass for bout 12 hours here.

and been in paper since 11 19 15

ready or not here they come!!!


Plant of the Month: April 2016
well 9 am today the cks wwf x 5 went into solo shot cups. first lady had her head poked out by 7 pm.

also did a semi major weekly defol this morning as well on daisy. sick right now so I got too tired to completely clean her up today. as it was it took 2 hours almost lol.

didn't snap any pics of them today tho. :(

see how I feel tomorrow maybe i'll finish her defol in the am.


Plant of the Month: April 2016


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