DankWolf's 1st - Multi-Strain In Soil - Fall 2015


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Hey howdy high everyone!

Really unsure how to go about this journal bit, what i have going seems a bit unorthodox compaired to other journals.
As in..
Official first grow: 2 out of 3 seeds:
1 general afghan kush
1 feminized dragons breath
Sativa dominant hybrid jack herer X northern lights.
1 failure to germinate thcbomb

And, 1 unofficial 1st grow, mystery bag seed that was started 2months prior and now at day 15 of flower.
(started 4 bagseed, designed/expected to fail. Bagseed=80% hermie anyways, why not fuck with these plants, see just how bad i can screw shit up before they die. Learn as much as possible before killing official grows :)
Problem is, this lady did rather ok for me and i just cant toss her/it. She may still hermie on me? But ill take that chance and continue the learning experience.)

Back to topic.
Bagseed started in off brand misc houseplant soil and ffof.
Oofficials started in blackgold seedling mix.
Currently all in ffof blackgold mixture.

Bagseed in 5gal pot
Officials currently in 2gal, 1 being fabric pot

Bagseed in flower with 1 400w air cooled hps.
Officials vegging under 4 26w 6500 cfls

Rooms are confused right now. Flowers in the veg room and veg in flower. Had a bug issue and wanted to keep flower room clear...let the gnats have the bagseed in the living room coat closet, near several houseplants (its their fault, new bag of cheap soil for houseplants carried gnats. Ugh :/ )
Current flower room temps 75-79
RH 20-40%
Current veg temps 72-79
RH 20-50%

Watering every 3-5days as needed, Ph 6 to 7ish.

Only nutes being used are worms, castings, molasses AND love.

Whew! Hope ive started this off ok-ish..
Now lets see if i can get some pics in here
Bagseed week 3

Bagseed at week5

Bagseed week7

Afghan kush left cup, dragons breath right cup.
Misc bagseed clones in back.

Kush repot yesterday on right

Dragons breath repot yesterday on left. Sprouted 5days after kush.

Bagseed current day 15 of flower


The last 2.. Happened today. The wood my lights are on is holding some yellow sticky trap in place. Kinda spaced that outand lifted the lights up, trap drops straight down and snagged a leaf wothout touching dirt. Like a rookie i quickly pulled the trap off, ripping the last 1/2 inch off. Oops!
Come back 10mins later and find a new green sticky trap!
Lessons learned! Secure traps better, AND hold any plant parts toucing trap while slowly separating :oops:
Thanks for stopping by. And yes.. Im not much of a quitter, and tend to be rather stubborn at time. Even when i know im wrong :)
Pretty sure my flowering lady will still hermie and i shoulllld probably get rid of it, buttt im stubborn.

It should also be mentioned that i expect upto 33.3% loss on each and every grow.
Purely for the sake of personal learned growth, as well providing experimental info to the cannabis community. (ive always been the explorer type and unfortunately i cant be the first to discover new lands. But maybe theres new grow secrets yet to be discovered)
They look fantastic, subbed!
Subbed looking solid brother, I just love the way bagseeds grow, I have one right now that is doing it's thing in veg. :goodjob:

Thanks for tagging along!

Bit of back story here:
Dropped the 4 bagseed long ago.. 1St day 2 sprouted and were then planted in dirt. Next day other 2 sprouted and planted.

1 plant from each of those two sets had a very misfortune tha,ks to daddy being clumsy, within days of popping their first true set i accidently knocked them over, beheading each. Both having next to no stem left under the head..

1St beheaded bagseed took it like a champ and sprouted new roots in 14days, repotted and started growing up only 2day later.

2Nd beheaded bagseed was less of a champ, taking 19-20 days grow roots, another 7-10days after being potted before growing up.
*bagseed 3 and 4 are no longer with us, but provided excellent service to be experimented on*

Bagseed 1, lets call her Annie, is the currently flowering plant, she displays strong sativa heritage with leaves and her ability to NOT slow down no matter what ive done to her.

Bagseed 2 hasnt been announced yet..(wasnt sure itd still be around for announcing) is displaying indica leaves and growing much much slower, but still looking strong. He.she.it is currently still vegging along side the 3week kush and dragons breath.
...and being considered as a flower partner to number 1.

Heres where the fun begins, with my head.. And my awesome fly by seat of my pants ways..
Im getting a hair in my arse...
Flowering Annie is really starting to strengthen in stench. Thebest stench of course, problem is shes only 4feet from the front door of apt.
While everything is by the books legal, no worries there, i dont much care to let everyone know. (couldnt afford carbonfilter just uet)
The least/best i can do is move her back where she belongs, in the bedroom!

But im thinking, adding bagseed 2 along with 3week dragons breath to the flower zone.
3Week dragons breath has what im thinking to be weak genetics. Shes not impressing me in the slightest. Originally i was going to use her as a mother (being my first feminized seed) but now.... Ehh.

If you can see her, 1set of leaves are singles, 2nd set kinda funky looking singles, 3rd.. 1 side with 3 and the other with 5. and possible slight overwater issue.
All others showed 1,3,5,7 in equal pairs.
Maybe its just me, maybe not a big deal, but ehh... Make room for something that might impress me more..
Im going to ponder this for a day or 2, if anyone has suggestions or feedback.

Sorry for the long posts:sorry:
Edit: (always forget something)..all Bagseed spent first 3weeks of life in window/sunlight with A cfl after hours for additional 4-5hrs
Subbed in if you dot mind.Its fun when you have ppl accompany your grow explorations same time.

Absolutly welcome here! More people i have to tell me how im screwing things up the better!
Favorite part of the day just happened, lights on!
I get to open the door, let the deep, rich, pungent aroma out and and enjoy!

Heres Annie, anyone else notice the fade/blend of color, mostly on the newest older growth..on the northern side of the pic. A nitro def?

And 2 pics of bagseed #2 (will name it Bill until he proves himself other) still vegging after 2.5months.
Big day for it, will uppot later, along with trainin and pruning.

And this img of lil lady dragons breath, and her funky growth
That lady is letting u know she wants some calmag my friend;) hence the lighter green leafs she will need abit extra flowering is begining good job;)
That lady is letting u know she wants some calmag my friend;) hence the lighter green leafs she will need abit extra flowering is begining good job;)

Had considered cal/mad issue a few days ago, went window shoping and cant really afford it. Fed some molasses, bit slow on the release so not sure if itll help before its too late.
Also have some epson salt, maybe i should feed alittle today.

Thanks beast:Namaste:
Yeah, unfortunately, this unemployed daddy cant,afford the good stuff. Went over budget enough with everything else :)

Now i have to find ways to make use of existing products or free goodies (like neighbors coffee grounds) and hope for the best.
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