Pass it left!


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Name your smoke then pass it left. (include the emoji --> : 48 : without spaces). Include a brief description of what your smoking on.

Blue Dreaming today :passitleft: smoothe and it might be the rolly but kind of fruity. Stone is a quiet head high with some body relaxation. I even twitch a little here and there from the relaxing effect.
Smoking Girl Scout Cookies :passitleft:


Very smooth and euphoric. The high is subtle but very captivating.

I would love to try some Blue Dream!
Oh you know Im here Mello.
Still that Chemdawg Nug Run wax. :passitleft: Its a very balanced hybrid. Provides very noticeable lethargy and impairment, something I usually dont get. At the same time however, It's very heady, makes you space out hard.
Some left over shwag. A bit spacey and talkative kinda harsh on the throat but that also might be the cardboard tasting z palmas. I prefer chocolate dutchies. lol. I see a few pundits on stage as well. I'm naming them Trump, Clinton, and Sanders Hopefully one of them turns out to be female and let us smoke bud. Pun intended. :passitleft:
That's like taking a hit!
"I did not, inhale the ganja." Lol :rofl:
Wake and bake before school with the same schwag as last night. Same effects and all. It gave me the munchies which is always fun. lol :passitleft: You guys smoking yet?
In 30 minutes I'll be ripping my morning hoot.

I like to drop my boy off before I start gardening in the morning.

It's actually because my pharmacy is the next room outside my garden and I've gotta wait till lights are on in the garden to have a seat in an illuminated pharmacy.
:passitleft: I am out, for a little while. I don't know the name of the strain, I had last week.
I've got a little extra here Golden! :passitleft:

Chem Dawg 20% THC

I'm feeling rather sore this morning so, this Chem will free my mind to focus on more important things rather then my pain.

I never had chemdawg. How's it smoke pidge?
Well, I'm dancing now!



It's a nice one. No crazy effects, subtle and smooth. I wouldn't say it's a party herb. I like to get excited and energized. And that's missing here.
Pidge, you have an infinite amount of energy, you can do without the extra boost from chemdawg lol. Party on brother, party on!
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