1. C

    Need THC detox fast for pre employment

    I have a preemploymemt drug screen tomorrow. I am a heavy smoker and need to detox quickly. I stopped smoking as soon as I found out so I have gone 3 days with out smoking anything. I really need to pass this test as I have been out of work for some time now. I have been drinking about a gallon...
  2. L

    FirstCheck faint line on UA - Is this a pass?

    Hey all, Chronic smoker for about a year now, but stopped Nov 26th to get clean for a drug test. I took a first check test today and got a faint line on the test. Kind of freaking out since my test is sometime mid-late February. I've posted the photo of the lid, but would you guys consider...
  3. L

    I need to pass a drug test 13 days from now

    i haven't smoked in 8 days. i was a heavy smoker, just herb. although prior to those 8 days i used a wax pen for about 3 days. i have been taking niacin pills for two days and flushing my system with tons of water, green tea, gatorade, and cranberry juice. I've been running for 20-40 minutes...
  4. Ron Strider

    East Tennessee Family: Son Would Benefit From Legal Medical Marijuana

    The debate surrounding medical cannabis continues in Tennessee. Lawmakers are studying the potential impacts of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes in the state. A task force consisting of state senators and representatives are taking a harder look at the issue. While research continues...
  5. E

    Home hobby distillation of cannabinoid

    I am a patient who needed hard core medicine and could not locate in dispensaries the kind of purity I require. So I get dispensary extract and purify it. By the third pass it is clear and very pale yellow and potency is off the charts. Perfect.
  6. Ron Strider

    N.Y. Senate Set To Pass Bill Allowing Medical Marijuana To Be Used As PTSD Treatment

    The GOP-controlled state Senate was poised on Tuesday to pass legislation that would allow medical marijuana to be used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder. State Sen. Diane Savino (D-Staten Island), the bill's sponsor, confirmed to The Daily News that the measure was among the first set...
  7. Ron Strider

    OR: Puff, Pass & Paint Classes Want Students To Take Art To A Higher Level

    Pinot's Pallete, Vine Gogh, The Loaded Brush -- just a few of the names companies have coined to take advantage of the trend to drink wine while learning to paint. But you might not have heard of a combination helping aspiring artists get creative on a canvas. Puff, Pass and Paint, a...
  8. A

    Am I going to pass my drug screening?

    howdy stoners, i am an occasional (i would probably say RARE) marijuana user. i have probably smoked 5 or 6 times in my 24 years of life. last time i smoked was on february 11th '17 and it was a puny joint that was passed around a few times (i took 2 hits). i bought $1 drug test from the dollar...
  9. G

    Need to pass blood test for pain management

    I started pain management last Nov. I was able to sub initially and able to get Norco to help with ongoing chronic pain. Unfortunately the dr was not prescribing enough to manage the pain so I started back to smoking at night to help the pain after I had taken the prescribed amount for the day...
  10. W

    Drank a ton of water - Did not help

    Hello, Newbie here with a dilution question: I've read on many forums that drinking a ton of water is the best way to pass a thc test. I wasn't a heavy smoker - just 4-5 hits nightly - which I guess is considered chronic? I'm 5'3, apx 113 lbs and somewhat non-active. I quit over 3 weeks ago...
  11. G

    Will this pass

    If I've stopped smoking weed Jan.1 2k17 and around Jan. 30ish I received a drug test from my job and passed (I'm 21, 165, 5'11, and fast metabolism can't gain weight for shit lol) Anyways if I was to take 1 hit off a blunt(march.26) (a roach size blunt) (regular small hit didn't hold it in or...
  12. V

    Will I pass?

    Not a frequent smoker, took 4 drags off a blunt (at most) on Saturday. Been drinking a lot of water for the last week and a half/two weeks and have increased my water intake in the last 24 hours. Drug test scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday). What are the chances I will pass a pre-employment...
  13. P

    Please help

    Drug test coming up if I don't pass I'm screwed:welcome:
  14. B

    Will I pass

    I have a dot test in probably two weeks. I would be clean six weeks at that point. I smoked moderately for a month prior to which I was clean a year. I think I will be OK, going to dilute. But I'm about 50 lbs overweight. Should I be concerned?
  15. R

    Just Don't Inhale: Newspaper Seeks Cannabis Reporter Who Can Pass Drug Test

    Objectivity is important Know any budding journalists looking for work? A job notice posted Monday by The Cannabist – a groundbreaking specialist website launched by The Denver Post as Colorado in 2014 legalized the commercial sale of cannabis for recreational use – may have an...
  16. S

    Hello world

    Be smoking or be pass
  17. T

    Certo trial

    Lots of pictures and data.
  18. E

    Eddie 1912

    At college I start smoking on the weekends and after 6-8 months, I stop using my Ventolin for the first time in my life. It really work,, just having fun and very cheap to. I took a 50 ng cutoff at 15 ng yesterday, I ve been clean for 154 days, I took a home test 6 weeks ago and it came...
  19. E


    Today at day 154 th, I took a 50 ng with a cutoff at 15 ng. I did some reading and they said that the lower the number is ( ng) the harder to pass the test. I am freaking out. Will I pass? I don't know what to do. Please I am all ears. If I knew I would wait longer. It was with a surprise for me.
  20. J

    Howdy from Florida

    Older guy here. Can't wait until FL will pass some decent legislation! You would think that with so many older folks with pains and all that they could pass some decent laws here. Grew up in the 60's and loved it! Smoking for 50 years now. 1st puff of the day is still the best. D
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