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If I've stopped smoking weed Jan.1 2k17 and around Jan. 30ish I received a drug test from my job and passed (I'm 21, 165, 5'11, and fast metabolism can't gain weight for shit lol) Anyways if I was to take 1 hit off a blunt(march.26) (a roach size blunt) (regular small hit didn't hold it in or nun) exactly how much Ng/ml is that and will it be enough to show up on another drug test within 5 days(March 31st). Also I did take a first check drug test and passed and also woke up and use a first check drug test again with the first pee of the morning and passed am I good ? I did drank a herbal cleanse and 2 bottles of water and couple sips from water fountain to not mention I'm moving and lifting drywall 10/12 hours a day in hot climates.
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