1. Twenty20 Mendocino, Ogreberry 2B F4 Auto

    Twenty20 Mendocino, Ogreberry 2B F4 Auto

    Day 78 2x4 Test Run
  2. Chrisx510

    Chrisx510’s 1st Grow: Auto Indoor Soil MH/HPS

    This grow is not for me, I don’t really smoke (maybe 8 times in my life), it’s for my family members (step family members). But it’s mostly just because I love the way cannabis plants look, with all the amazing different colors in it. I’m just plain old intrigued with the plant. And yes, my...
  3. P

    Detox help I'm skinny, is it possible in a week?

    Hello im 5'11(180cm) and 121 Pound (55kg) (I'm trying to gain weight btw is hard.) and im going to take a urine test in a little more then a week and need detox tips or other. My plan is to detox in 1 week i'm gonna exercise every day and eat healthy and fiber drink tea and juice but is there...
  4. 937EFECD-C7EF-4AFE-8F0C-B90F05F94FBD.jpeg


  5. L

    FirstCheck faint line on UA - Is this a pass?

    Hey all, Chronic smoker for about a year now, but stopped Nov 26th to get clean for a drug test. I took a first check test today and got a faint line on the test. Kind of freaking out since my test is sometime mid-late February. I've posted the photo of the lid, but would you guys consider...
  6. A

    COB LED Temperature

    Hi guys, i'm new here. I've recently bought some chinese LED (6 led drived 31V 1,24A about 38W each), they are water cooled. I did some temperature tests. I can't solder the thermalcouple on these cob (they don't have it) so i just used an infrared thermometer (the cheapest on amazon)...
  7. Ron Strider

    California Highway Patrol Warns The Public About Driving While High On Marijuana

    California is just days away from the legalization of recreational cannabis. With the changes, CHP is preparing to handle drivers under the influence of marijuana. Some say they drive better while high on Marijuana, they say it helps them focus. The law says otherwise. "When you start...
  8. J

    Question about drug test

    Good Afternoon Everyone I just took the dreaded Labcorp test and I am freaking out. Im 5:11 145 pounds 7 percent body fat, pretty well in shape with a very fast metabolism. I have been clean for 22 days since December the 4th. I have been taking the at home drug test with faint lines I get...
  9. C

    Hair follicle drug test help please

    Hello I have a hair follicle drug test for a job sometime in January I have shaved all body hair and I'm have everything needed for the Macujo method. The only thing that confused me is when you rinse with the test clear aloe shampoo twice do i leave the shampoo in for 10-15 mins recommend by...
  10. P

    Will I pass my drug test?

    I took 3 hits of some mid-grade stuff and had a drug test 7 days after. Before that I was completely clean. Average metabolism. What ya'll think?
  11. philthegeek

    Adventures in LED's - DIY tinkering fun

    Hi all. Sort of consolidating some info gathered over the last few weeks into this post in the hope its useful to someone. Have posted bits of this in other threads over the last few weeks but have now had a good play with some COB leds I bought for testing purposes. So, long...
  12. Gorilla Seeds

    False Positives

    We're going through our first experience with court-ordered drug screens since a member of my family caught a possession charge recently. He's not convicted yet, but pre-trial screens are a condition of his bail/bond. The day after release, he tested dirty for THC (no surprise), but he also...
  13. Q

    Concerned about upcoming drug test for work

    Hi guys! I'm a little concerned about an upcoming drug test for a job I'm hoping to get. I knew I was going to be looking soon, so I stopped smoking almost 2 months ago, and when I got an interview for today I ordered the DrugConfirm one panel test kit to make sure I was clean if they offered me...
  14. F

    72 days clean - Do you think I'm good for a per test

    I'm clean for 72 days taking a test tomorrow. I took a few stick tests :thanks:and passed. I'm still paranoid about the test. Any feed back is welcomed
  15. Ron Strider

    Major Roadblock To Medical Marijuana In Ohio Solved? College To Test Cannabis

    Without a public college or university to test medical marijuana, no one would be purchasing the drug anytime soon. Other states allow private laboratories to test marijuana's properties before it is sold, but Ohio's law put a one-year moratorium on private testers in favor of colleges. Many...
  16. Ron Strider

    NC: Officials Gather Grain From First Industrial Hemp Test Plots

    What might be a big step for small farming just happened in the mountains -- a harvest of industrial hemp. N.C. State extension researchers worked at their facility in Waynesville on Friday, using a combine to gather grain from the first test plots. Industrial hemp can be used in many...
  17. S

    Very very faint line of home drug test

    OK so i took a home drug test and the line on it is their but it seems extremely faint im a heavy smoker and only stopped smoking 6 days ago and i had been smoking everyday before then. I have always had a fast metabolism and have always been extremely skinny could that factor in to any of this...
  18. M

    Saliva test

    I've been pulled for random saliva for a second time at work. i passed the first one - the timeline was i had last smoked on a Wednesday and the test was Friday... this time it was on a Monday night last i smoked and had to test Wednesday. i'm not a frequent smoker, i brush my teeth and...
  19. J

    Legal or not?

    So I was on short term disability and off work for about 2 months with a back injury suffered outside of work. upon being released to return to work by my doctor I was told I would have to take a return to work U.A. I WAS a member of management at my job for over 5 years and knew I would be...
  20. ClobberWatts

    ClobberWatts first attempt at conquering the world

    I figured I should actually start my own thread and stop harassing all of the kind people around here. So, I just ordered my test pieces today. 80/20 25-2514 only 40mm of it for test 25-6710 only 40mm of it for test 140 heatsink from rapid pre-assembly t nut M3 for 2020 aluminum...
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