Detox help I'm skinny, is it possible in a week?


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Hello im 5'11(180cm) and 121 Pound (55kg) (I'm trying to gain weight btw is hard.) and im going to take a urine test in a little more then a week and need detox tips or other. My plan is to detox in 1 week i'm gonna exercise every day and eat healthy and fiber drink tea and juice but is there any thing else i should consider?? and dose it help that i'm skinny af??
Do a search here and through the rest of the 'net. There are many posts with a 'how to pass your urine test.' There are vendors selling synthetic urine that many swear by.

The broad spectrum drug test I have administered every year at the government clinic here in Canada for my medical license does not react to low levels of THC. I use 150mg per day (1/6 gram), and the test has not reacted.
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