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    Started making some one of a kind hand made wheel thrown ceramic pipes. check em out and let me know your thoughts. Canadian made! https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/Robbsmokeshop
  2. 420snipez

    Hello From Denmark

  3. A bugs life...

    A bugs life...

    Caught this little ant stuck on trichomes while harvesting nectar.....talk about a mouth full.....
  4. Yin and yang cannabis

    Yin and yang cannabis

    It is said that The leaves exposed to direct light are most likely to turn purple, while leaves in the shade often stay green.....unless its the London Bridge..Then its colors are so vivid and unique that even natural light and shade effect it differently......MIND BLOWN!!
  5. So many colors!

    So many colors!

    So many colors so little time. I could kill days looking at the amazing colors of cannabis. Strain-London Bridge
  6. Mothers Cookies

    Mothers Cookies

    This Mothers Cookies (sour purple dog x girl Scout cookies) had the coolest unique structure. Each calyx had its own place and tye colors just blew me away...what a strange little strain
  7. Trichome Vision

    Trichome Vision

    Had a blast playing with trichomes today. Super goo!! Strain-Headband(seed)
  8. Trichome Vision

    Trichome Vision

    Had a blast playing with trichomes today. Super goo!! Strain-Headband(seed)
  9. Trichome Bowl

    Trichome Bowl

    Had a blast playing with trichomes today. Super goo!! Strain-Headband(seed)
  10. Little Garden Friends

    Little Garden Friends

    This is one of my fav. Photos I have ever taken. This Cool wasp was stuck atop a cannabis bud. It had landed and I guess couldn't take off again due to being so sticky so there it stayed frozen in time. Strain in photo: Animal Cookie Candyland
  11. Cannabis spider

    Cannabis spider

    I love finding fun little creatures in my garden..Shooting Macro is always cool because everything looks like it comes from another world....
  12. Cannabis atlas

    Cannabis atlas

    Slurry Crasher strain featuring a clear atlas perfectly balanced on top. by Kyea Mofire
  13. Blue Sherbet 1

    Blue Sherbet 1

    Blue Sherbet (Blue cookies x Sunset sherbet) by Kyea Mofire
  14. H

    Is it bud rot?

    Hello everyone! Yesterday i was smoking one spliff from my 9 months old weed(harvested in 2020 Aug.). I wanted to roll another spliff when I noticed that the inside of my old buds are a bit brown. Its a day after i smoked the spliff(I put around 0.1 gram of my weed in the tobacco.) and since...
  15. P

    Worried about my plant

    Hey I have my 8 day old seedling, don't have lights so ive been keeping it on the window. I'm worried about it being too top heavy. Any ideas on what i should do? This is my first time growing myself so I really don't wanna screw it up. Btw the soil is just some compost soil. (I know coconut or...
  16. Louisdagr8pe

    Skittlez & Gelato#33: first time grow

    1st two are skittlez and the other are the gelato, I have them in my 4x2 closet. Doing the best I can controlling humidity and temps everything is pretty stable watering when dry which is about every 3-4 days got them in some fox farm ocean forest. Also what organic nutrients should I look into...
  17. S

    Modest Grower humblest seasons greetings to all

    What’s up, compliments to you and yours from me and mine. Just a modest grower in South Africa Johannesburg. Living and learning and keen to drop a jewel here and there haha That way most recent grow and harvest. Not too happy with the final outcome. I could of done a bit better. Learning curve...
  18. YahBoiNothing

    Unknown Strains, 3 Plants: DEC

    Bucket Size - All will be transplanted into 1 fallen final pots. Medium - Soil Lights - (1) 450Watt Dual Spec Omega CFL Nutrients - PLANTAFOL PLUS {20-20-20, 30-10-10 & 10-20-20} Strain(s) - Unknown # of Plants: 3 Yield : {will update}
  19. Bubbaman

    On week 8 of flower now with my Do Si Dos

    I’m now into week 8 buds looking far and very smelly. Do si dos is the strain. What do you think
  20. D

    6 Plant 2 x1000W HPS Umbrella Hoods

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