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    Weed Bust Goes Wrong!

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    Cops Find Weed!

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    Biggest Blunt Ever!

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    Weed Too Strong! Fail

  5. M

    Skipping the vegetative stage

    this thread isn't about why the veg stage is important. or why u shouldn't skip it. it's obvious that the veg stage is just as important, if not, more then the other stages. this thread is hopefully and supposedly be about grower who has skip the veg stage and would like to share their...
  6. T

    The 420 life calls me

    Hello all! Excited to find this forum; Looks like a friendly community :)! My name is Patrick but I go by Tha Plug. I've been into cannabis for the last few years and happy to learn all I can on here! Any suggestions on the best posts you have seen?
  7. hydro91

    5x5 Grow Tent Questions

    Dear 420 Magazine forums, Had a few questions regarding a tent I just purchased. Is my 5x5 grow tent suitable for 4 plants and each one having a yield of 1 lbs each plant or am I pushing my luck with limited space? I plan on running 2 viparspectra V600w led's to get me started. I'm most...
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    Santa with bag of bud and bong
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    all the difference
  10. 420


    ShoreLine Devils harvest seeds
  11. RAIN MAN

    Blueberry Kush plant 4 weeks into flowering

    This is my Blueberry Kush plant 4 weeks into flowering.
  12. S

    New York Medical Marijuana Card Program

    The BILL NUMBER: A6357E allows the residents of the New York to use Medical Marijuana under its Medical Marijuana Program for the treatment of pain and suffering of those who are in a desperate need under certain specified conditions. Qualifying Conditions: Currently, patients can be eligible...