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  1. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  2. Alaskan Purple

    Alaskan Purple


    Chocolate Diesel By House of Herbs In Las Vegas

    QUALITY WEED ALERT!! Y’all I picked up this Chocolate Diesel by House of Herbs from and I swear to you it changed my life. Its 28% THC with 4.6mg Caryophyllene, 1.9mg Limonene, and 1.3mg Myrcene. It smelled 100% like a diesel and was dank as hell. It broke down AMAZING too. I rolled it up in a...
  4. Funkygrower


    why are the veins in my plants turning yellow/white??. I just gave them a small does of Advanced Nutrents grow,micro,bloom. Should I add in a small shot of some cal mag?. Using Fox Farm Happy Frog soil. Thanks
  5. S

    Help Please!

    hello i would like you to tell me what is this white mark (mold maybe?) and if so how can i get it out? (the plant is 23 days old and is pineapple express auto)
  6. Funkygrower

    New Grower

    This is day 14 since seeds were planted in Fox Farm Happy Frog soil. Watered with 6.3 to 6.5PH adjusted tap water. Temps stay high at 26.5 to 27 degrees C down to 21 over "night" with RH of 55 to 77%. LED LIGHT is sitting 30inches above plants. With 18-6 cycle. Tent size is 2x4x6 with 195cfm...
  7. Growing


    Sativa in the process...
  8. B

    Plant leaves curling, lower ones turning yellow

    Hey fellers, i am here to ask for your help. Recently i had to move coz of some problems i had in my life due to which i think my plants are sad. I used very little bit of hydroponics and fed my plant only once after which it was growing very well. But when i had to move my house to a new...
  9. B

    Leaf turning white

    Hey my lil buddy is 4 weeks old, but yesterday i saw that his leaves started turning white. Few days ago they were yellow which I figured out was coz of less watering and higher ph, eventually i added lemon and started watering them daily. They looked pretty bless after then but then suddenly...
  10. K

    Funny song about marijuana legalization!

    I just want to share this link to "Easter Weed" -- it features the Easter Bunny, singing about how he likes to get stoned before heading out to deliver eggs and baskets every year!
  11. D

    Week 5: Miracle Gro

    White Runtz & Do-Si-Dos beginning week 5 of flower. Growing in Miracle Gro moisture control potting soil.
  12. Mocha420

    Yellow leaves

    So, I have a Dark Devil Auto from Sweetseeds at day 84 about 30% amber trichs and im about to Harvest.. My question, because a follower on Instagram said something about it is.. Does a plants leaves need to be yellow before harvest or are them being green okay and does them being yellow make...
  13. Pearcey's Plants

    Gods Green Crack Perp Grow

    Hey guys started some gods green crack seeds the other week to make my first attempt at a Sea of Green perpetual grow. I currently have Dancehall and Roadrunner in the flower tent and Dancehall in the veg tent with GCC. Variety: Sativa/Indica Hybrid - 50% Plant Stage: Vegetation, Week 2...
  14. Barney's Farm

    New Year Special!

  15. New Year Special!

    New Year Special!

    Happy New Year!
  16. Rekt4Sure

    Rekt4Sure's 1st Growth Unkown Strain In Pictures

    Hello, I stumbled across this site in the middle of my first grow in DIY closet. Its only 1 small plant from unknown strain. I found one seed in an old box, bought myself a 10L DWC420 Hydroponics bucket, planted the seed in some RockWool and finally Hijacked the kitchen closet and turned it...
  17. Barney's Farm

    Barney's Farm Black Friday Deal

    :woohoo: ***30% OFF ALL SEEDS AT OUR OFFICIAL WEBSITE*** ! Cannabis & Marijuana Seeds | BARNEYS FARM®
  18. Black Friday 30% Off

    Black Friday 30% Off

    Free seeds and promo gifts!
  19. Black Friday Nov 29th 2019

    Black Friday Nov 29th 2019

  20. Black Friday 2019

    Black Friday 2019

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