1. Momma’s Kitchen

    Peyote Cookie 2018 #1

    I have 10 Peyote Cookies, I am only going to journal on 3. This is journal for Peyote Cookie #1 I will be growing indoors, metal halide bulbs, 750W, Baseboard heat, fans, air conditioner, well water, Medi One, and later Big Bud I will PPM, PH the water. So the seeds were germinated indoors, in...
  2. killua13

    How do I know when to harvest?

    I have four weed plants in the later flowering stages. Idk what strain the weed is I just found the seeds in weed I was smoking. I decided to plant them and learn as i went along and now they are almost done. Luckily they were all female plants. That being said idk if they ready. Here is a pic...
  3. W

    Greetings from newly legal recreational CA!

    We have a new law in Oakland, CA that's revolutionary! YouTube
  4. 420weedseeds

    Hi Fellow Stoners & Growers

    Hi Guys, I am New @420magazine. Just Want to say High to all fellow Stoners/growers. Cheers from The Netherlands :)
  5. 6

    Hi! I'm 6pac

    Hi! I am going to be growing weed soon and I joined this forum so that I could learn. I have a lot of questions to ask the weed growing veterans of the community. I will be growing Blueberry Kush or OG Kush in a hot tropical country.
  6. C

    About myself

    Im 25 live Cali i use weed for medicinal helps relieve stress i also have serious lower back problems so it also helps sooth my muscles at night and helps me sleep. I always wanted to grow weed idk its not more so for the weed it just kind of amaze me how a seed can turn into this big ass plant...
  7. Jackalope

    How many strains do you keep on hand?

    For basic use I try to keep at least 4 strains on hand. Mostly it is way over that with small stashes of my favorite strains. Morning, mid-day, afternoon, and of course evening weed. When you smoke or medicate all day long it is hard to do with just 1 strain. Some strains can do most but none...
  8. flytier

    Smoke Report — Snow White Auto - MJ Seeds Canada

    Ok, so I'm goingto try a smoke report now that everything has calmed down for anotheryear (hopefully). I smoke weed for my arthritis & back, and fordepression & anxiety. This is just thepreamble, and it doesn't involve the smoke, so you can skip thissection if you want; I won't hold it against...
  9. Ron Strider

    WA: Legal Weed Isn't The Boon Small Businesses Thought It Would Be

    The business of selling legal weed is big and getting bigger. North Americans spent $6.7 billion on legal cannabis last year, and some analysts think that with California set to open recreational dispensaries on Jan. 1 and Massachusetts and Canada soon to follow, the market could expand to more...
  10. Ron Strider

    NV: Man Burned After Cooking "Weed Butter"

    A man was transported with burn injuries after he was found cooking "weed butter." Las Vegas Fire & Rescue responded to reports of an explosion Tuesday night near N. Jones and W. Lake Mead Blvd. The fire was originally reported as a possible grease fire. Crews arrived on scene and were told...
  11. Ron Strider

    Danger! High Voltage: German Customs Bods Burn Half-Ton Of Weed In Power Station

    A power station in Olching, Bavaria, blazed like it was 4/20 yesterday after German authorities used it to burn around 550kg of marijuana. The weed, Südeutsche Zeitung reported, could have provided close to 3.8 million joints. It was discovered by the Munich Customs Department in a Serbian...
  12. Ron Strider

    Weed And Wine Tours In California

    The wine was pale garnet, with notes of smoke and blackberry giving way to a lingering, slightly tart, finish. One sip sent my head spinning. But then this particular vintage was more potent than your usual Californian red. The Grenache, from Know Label wines in Arroyo Grande on the central...
  13. I

    Are football - Soccer - players allowed to smoke weed?

    Hi everyone My name's Ian. I work for a football website and recently we received a question from a player who was asking whether he can be banned for smoking weed by an anti doping agency. I know it's not the best idea for a professional football player to be a pothead but I wonder if it can...
  14. Ron Strider

    The Formula Canada Is Using To Figure Out How Legal Weed Will Boost Its Economy

    The pot economy is way bigger than we think. Weed makes money–not just for dealers or pharmacists or college students with a hobby, but for the overall economy. In Colorado, legal sales of marijuana reached nearly $1 billion in 2015. In California, the industry is projected to make $7 billion...
  15. Ron Strider

    Bigfoot, Bullets And Bud: My Insane Humboldt County Weed Harvest

    "All aboard," Brady snickered, as he opened the rear door of a horse trailer hitched to a narcoleptic mid-'90s Suzuki Samurai. The trailer's windows were boarded over with stained scraps of plywood. I climbed right in, along with 16 others who had trekked to this remote mountain farm in Humboldt...
  16. Ron Strider

    California's Marijuana Industry May Be In Deep Trouble, Depending On Your Perspective

    From growers to investors, the marijuana industry has most everyone seeing green. According to cannabis research firm ArcView, legal weed sales are expected to grow in North America by 26% a year through 2021, yielding a nearly $22 billion market. Of course, that could be touching the tip of...
  17. Sloppy

    Long time coming

    Hello everybody, Happy Thanksgiving! 40ish years ago I discovered south pacific weed when in my youth and enjoyed myself immensely. Getting high on the warm beach is one of my fondest experiences (and then body surfing, snorkeling, ...). In the interim, I've had to put aside weed to...
  18. S

    Is My Plant OK?

    my seedling grew a little and its been 8 days and is doesnt seem right. I am a new grower and i just feel like something is wrong or am i just impatient
  19. S

    Science Seeker - Let me introduce myself

    :thumb: I am an Englishman and live in the south of England. I am disabled after a fall from a building took away my ability to walk. I am able to walk around 5 metres with a stick at this time and in years gone by I adored walking. I walked in The New Forest for 20 miles or more and loved...
  20. Ron Strider

    California Could Tax The Daylights Out Of Marijuana Consumers

    You'll have to pardon the apropos pun, but the marijuana industry is truly budding. Marijuana Business Daily's newest annual report, "Marijuana Business Factbook 2017," predicts annual legal weed growth in the U.S. of 30% in 2017, another 45% in 2018, and an aggregate of 300% between 2016 and...