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    MEPs drugs test

    Hey so I used to be a heavy smoker every day use but my last day was March 10th then a dab or two on the March 16th and I’ve been clean since I’ve been doing a milk thistle liver detox and blood refresher and my test is on April 17th. You can judge me if you’d like but as soon as I made this...
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    A Beginner's Guide To Growing Mushrooms Indoors: Top 5 Strains To Consider

    Growing mushrooms indoors can be a rewarding and fascinating experience. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a curious beginner, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps of cultivating mushrooms in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, we'll explore five of the best...
  3. Jar Of Wedding Cake

    Jar Of Wedding Cake


    Smoother, Cleaner smoke reduces coughing and better for your lungs

    These inexpensive reusable smoke filtering Filter Tips transform your smoking into smooth silky inhales. Lots less coughing and so much safer for your lungs.
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    Healthier Weed Smoking with advanced filtrations and cooling. Check out www.weedgets.com for pipes and accessories designed for safer and more pleasant smoking.
  6. Length of grow

    Length of grow

    Measuring the length to help with light limits
  7. Group Shot

    Group Shot

    11 Forbidden Fruit and a Dr Jack
  8. Measuring width of grow

    Measuring width of grow

    Trying to work out the limits of my light
  9. Distance from light

    Distance from light

    Using iPhone to measure distance
  10. Dos si dos

    Dos si dos

  11. Dos si dos

    Dos si dos

  12. Dos si dos

    Dos si dos

  13. 2 of the plants hanging up to dry

    2 of the plants hanging up to dry

    Rest of the tent is in darkness to force finishing, has worked well. Can see some nice shine and brown pistils
  14. Another of the DsD

    Another of the DsD

    Same same, these 2 just finished before the others.
  15. Dos si Dos auto

    Dos si Dos auto

    One of the Dos si Dos that was supercropped throughout
  16. Dos si dos. Not a bad yield considering

    Dos si dos. Not a bad yield considering

    Took down at 9 weeks off of a severely overwatered plant. Lesson learnt. It was the runt of the pack and 2 weeks behind (makes me feel a little better)
  17. Dos Si Dos. Week 9.5

    Dos Si Dos. Week 9.5

    In full bloom, been a nightmare to get here. Didn’t think some would survive but they’re looking alright
  18. Dos si dos recovery

    Dos si dos recovery

    Recovery 2 weeks after overwatering
  19. Getting the curing jars ready

    Getting the curing jars ready

    Didn’t do this properly last time, had a Blue Dream that tasted of Bolognaise sauce. Wasn’t unpleasant, might just do an 1/8th of it 😂
  20. Dos si Dos week 5.5

    Dos si Dos week 5.5

    After overwatering issues cal mag feed
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