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  1. Durban Poison Auto (close-up) - Bulk Seed Bank

    Durban Poison Auto (close-up) - Bulk Seed Bank

  2. L

    First time grower questions

    Hey I'm new to growing and have 5 plants out here in colorado. All these plants were started from bag seed. The biggest one has been going for 2months or more. None of them seem to be making much gains? Or am I impatient? Outdoor grow, water every other day. Giving them bud and bloom by dr...
  3. Macdaddy420

    Macdaddy’s 2019 Outdoor Bonanza

    Hey guys and girls! i decided to start a new journal for my outdoor growing season this year. It’s vastly different from my SOG indoor grow so I thought I would separate the two. Thanks for stopping by! Strain: Blue orbit (blueberry x spoetnik#1) bred by jahseeds.ca Soil: 6”x6” of HP mychorizae...
  4. C

    1st Time Grow, Let Me Know What You Think

    Legal grow here in Michigan. I've always wanted to grow so I decided to invest a little over $600 for all materials including seeds. So here's what I went with: 3x3 mylar tent 600w vipraspectra led 4 inch inline fan w/ ducting and carbon filter Hanging ratchets A few 5 gallon and 2 gallon...
  5. AF0F5E3F-5ED7-4225-880A-D166F0DE932F.jpeg


    Sour disel
  6. 4

    Possible bud rot?

    Hey guys I'm currently at week 7 in flower on my first grow. I have 2 plants (Royal Gorilla auto) I had some problem with over feeding or a nutrient lockout 1,5 weeks ago, where i flushed it using advanced nutrients flawless finish, after this i reduced the amount of nutrients i used by 25%...
  7. Macdaddy420

    Hey new friends!

    Hey guys and girls and everyone else, I’m macdaddy420 and I’m a weedaholic. I’m currently growing in Canada but come from Australia originally. Soil grower because I’m brand new. Started a journal, would love you to follow along to learn and grow the best cannabis we can!
  8. ilei

    What strain is this?

    Could someone guess what strain this is? I’m growing it for like 8 weeks now but the seed i used was found in a bag of 12,5 grams of purple pot. So I’m guessing it’s a purple strain but there are like dozens of purple strains so I’m kinda struggling to identify this plant. Can anyone take a...
  9. C

    My Soil Gold Leaf Grow Journal, 2019

    Hey there folks, this is a journal about my 3 plants and their progress during the first 30 days into flowering, as well as info about how I am growing them. If you know how to correct deficiencies and could share with me some of your insight that would be super cool. The strain that I decided...
  10. A

    First Time Grow Outdoors, Nutrients? Fertilizer?

    Hello Everyone, I hope I've landed on the right forum. I am looking for some advice with my first grow setup. I am planning to grow 2 plants. The outdoor space is outside my house. (I live near Toronto Canada if it matters). I just bought these seed (to be more specific) = Seeds: AUTO AK FEM...
  11. Hugedallasfan

    Week 3 Flowering

    This is week 3. She’s growing like a weed. She’s putting on those beautiful nugs and soon to be big buds. She’s an auto blueberry growing in coco with all natural ingredients.
  12. Swanberg

    Chicago Grow

    Here we go again 2 Girl Scout and wedding cake maturing.... red diesel, blue og, skywalker og, ak auto germinating
  13. S

    First Grow Week 7 Flower! Check it out!

    Hey guys so this is my first grow! Ive dealt with lots of minor problems and some bigger ones along the way. The Nugs aren’t as big as they could be but still have a few weeks left. Right now I am almost done week 7. Monday will be beginning of week 8. They were Vegged for about 3 months and...
  14. Florushingflowers

    Sick plant!

    I'm worried about this gal, she looks as if she's not recovering at all. My personal thoughts were that she had slight nutrient toxicity and under watered. I've now corrected this and a week later seems to be no recovery or uplifting. Expert diagnosis on what this looks to you will be much...
  15. C

    Captain Cannabis the movie

    Captain Cannabis has every super power ever, if you can come up with a power Capt already has it, help Capt discover the powers Capt has.
  16. Top grade medical marijuana

    Top grade medical marijuana

    Get top grade medical marijuana for smokers and patients at good and affordable prices. Top shelf and wax available text or call (408) 641-7968 for menu and price list.
  17. C

    Do I have a Cal/Mag deficiency?

    Hey there. I have a plant that is showing some sort of deficiency or multiple problems and I am thinking it might mainly be a calcium magnesium deficiency. Most of my plants have symptoms but one is effected much worst than the rest. All plants are being vegged. They are about 3 months old and...
  18. J

    4.5 weeks of 8 and 10 weeks strains

    Gods Super Skunk Chernobyl Gods Cherry pie Prickly Pear Candy kush
  19. T

    Testing New HSO Genetics: Running Kind LED Xl1000 Grow light, Gorilla Grow Tent

    Hey everyone, thanks for tunning in! I'm new to the grow journal world but not so new to writing and growing category so this should be a blast! Id like to first explain a bit about myself, the lovey grower of these amazing beans I was gifted by Ras at HSO in Spain. I go by Soil Man Dan and...
  20. Sneakygreen

    Sneaky's Back After A Blue Dream

    Hey guys I'm back it's been a long break but I have as always a plant outside inthe great Australian sun This year I am trying out a Blue Dream CBD 10% of both thc and cbd Growing in a mixture of soil and coco in the ground. Cana nutrients I have topped her multiple times and only just tied...
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