1. Trichome Vision

    Trichome Vision

    Had a blast playing with trichomes today. Super goo!! Strain-Headband(seed)
  2. Trichome Bowl

    Trichome Bowl

    Had a blast playing with trichomes today. Super goo!! Strain-Headband(seed)
  3. Little Garden Friends

    Little Garden Friends

    This is one of my fav. Photos I have ever taken. This Cool wasp was stuck atop a cannabis bud. It had landed and I guess couldn't take off again due to being so sticky so there it stayed frozen in time. Strain in photo: Animal Cookie Candyland
  4. Cannabis spider

    Cannabis spider

    I love finding fun little creatures in my garden..Shooting Macro is always cool because everything looks like it comes from another world....
  5. Cannabis atlas

    Cannabis atlas

    Slurry Crasher strain featuring a clear atlas perfectly balanced on top. by Kyea Mofire
  6. Blue Sherbet 1

    Blue Sherbet 1

    Blue Sherbet (Blue cookies x Sunset sherbet) by Kyea Mofire
  7. H

    Is it bud rot?

    Hello everyone! Yesterday i was smoking one spliff from my 9 months old weed(harvested in 2020 Aug.). I wanted to roll another spliff when I noticed that the inside of my old buds are a bit brown. Its a day after i smoked the spliff(I put around 0.1 gram of my weed in the tobacco.) and since...
  8. P

    Worried about my plant

    Hey I have my 8 day old seedling, don't have lights so ive been keeping it on the window. I'm worried about it being too top heavy. Any ideas on what i should do? This is my first time growing myself so I really don't wanna screw it up. Btw the soil is just some compost soil. (I know coconut or...
  9. Louisdagr8pe

    Skittlez & Gelato#33: first time grow

    1st two are skittlez and the other are the gelato, I have them in my 4x2 closet. Doing the best I can controlling humidity and temps everything is pretty stable watering when dry which is about every 3-4 days got them in some fox farm ocean forest. Also what organic nutrients should I look into...
  10. S

    Modest Grower humblest seasons greetings to all

    What’s up, compliments to you and yours from me and mine. Just a modest grower in South Africa Johannesburg. Living and learning and keen to drop a jewel here and there haha That way most recent grow and harvest. Not too happy with the final outcome. I could of done a bit better. Learning curve...
  11. YahBoiNothing

    Unknown Strains, 3 Plants: DEC

    Bucket Size - All will be transplanted into 1 fallen final pots. Medium - Soil Lights - (1) 450Watt Dual Spec Omega CFL Nutrients - PLANTAFOL PLUS {20-20-20, 30-10-10 & 10-20-20} Strain(s) - Unknown # of Plants: 3 Yield : {will update}
  12. Bubbaman

    On week 8 of flower now with my Do Si Dos

    I’m now into week 8 buds looking far and very smelly. Do si dos is the strain. What do you think
  13. D

    6 Plant 2 x1000W HPS Umbrella Hoods

  14. Bubbaman

    Week 7 flower strain: Do Si Dos

    On week 7 now of flower just wanted to post couple pics of the girl. Do si dos is the strain got it as a clone from a friend.
  15. YahBoiNothing

    More of a question, if anyone can help

    Week 5 of flower (this is my first grow I don’t really know what the fook I’m doing) my question is why tf are the buds so small? It says it’s a fast flowering under 8 week yet I’m pretty sure she’s got like a lot longer than that left. Photo below
  16. Bubbaman

    Week 4 growing do si dos

    Got this plant as a clone from a friend just posting weekly pics of its grow. On week 4 now growing do si dos. Just finished a white widow grow a month and a bit ago.
  17. J

    New to LED lights: Help!

    Good day 420 community! I have recently started growing autos (lemon haze & northern storm) in a 5x5x6 tent. They are officially 20 days old since popping from the soil. The soil Im using is fox farm ocean forest so I haven’t been adding any nutes due to the soil already having some. As for as...
  18. Bubbaman

    Just finished harvest on my white widows

    Just finished harvesting my 3 white widows 277 grams wet. I’m still new to growing how do they look !
  19. R

    When do you reckon I should flip to 12/12? Small grow space

    Have a look at these photos got a bit worried early about how they double in hight or even triple there coming up to week 4 veg
  20. Bubbaman

    Week 9 of flower

    I’m now on week 9 of flower getting real close. I’m growing white widow just looking for some feed back. How are they looking
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