1. iPhone for scales level

    iPhone for scales level

    True light hanging using iPhone
  2. Decarbed Weed

    Decarbed Weed

    A picture of decarbed weed noting it’s colour
  3. JoetheChro

    UK legal weed

    Have recently started getting prescribed weed privately, my NHS doctor not happy but can’t stop it. Just a very strange situation to be in. Have been told I can drive on it if it doesn’t affect me, walk around with my prescription as long as it’s in the original pot and not get any legal...
  4. N

    BioBizz NPK

    Hi everyone, I have a question about Bio-Grow, or any other BioBizz products that have NPK ratio on the label. I got Bio-Grow and on the label the NPK ratio is 4-3-6. I was wondering how many ml do I need to achieve that ratio? 1 ml? In the Nutrient Schedule the range of ml goes from 1 to 4...
  5. N2_BOVEDA-SIZE-67_732x732_crop_center.jpg


    storage long term and rh factor
  6. DrBigP

    How to harvest a hydroponics cannabis plant?

    I googled it, i YouTubed it, I even change the words around like: weed instead of cannabis! Nothing explains it. So do I just cut the main stem, or hang it with the roots.? Generally I don’t like being the cause of its death. Plus think about it. hanging it with the roots gives that extra...
  7. S

    Smoking before showering

    i’ve heard of other ppl having similar experiences but only on tiktok, i’m a daily smoker, i like to smoke whenever i can and i’ve take showers after ive smoked in the past but yesterday i decided i was going smoke before i took a shower, i take a few hits and get down to business and hop in the...
  8. S

    Leaf edges whitening & drying

    Hi all, this plant is on day 14 and looked to be going strong up until this point however with the white tips as below I am n9te sure why this is happening with my setup. Strain- sweet Valley kush Age- currently 14 days Light- Marshydro TS1000W hung at manufacturers recommendations at 24...
  9. jguide

    I create Cannabis related illustrations

    Hello 420 Community, I craft the stories and work with artists to create these stories and guides.
  10. DrBigP

    What's the best heater to use for growing weed cannabis in winter?

    High, how are you? I’m going to do a winter indoor tent grow in about a month or so and never done it in winter, ❄️ . What’s the best heater to use in my tent, which is 1meter squared and it’s 2 meters tall. It just needs to keep everything alive. Please help.
  11. W

    Weeding Out The Stoned - The Game Show of Sobriety Tests

    Weeding Out The Stoned is The Game Show of Sobriety Tests. Eight comedians enter. All of them are stoned - but one! Spot the sober individual and win dope prizes! Coming to New York City, Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia, Jersey City and more in 2022! UPCOMING SHOWS...
  12. D7D218E0-C4D5-4551-89B1-778492C0638B.jpeg


    Stash box everything you need
  13. M

    Thinking of buying this lighter for smoking purposes, has anyone tried it?

    Hey all, Magic Miguel here. New member. I always lose my boring lighters since everyone has a bic or wtvr brand is used. I am thinking of supporting this new project from my state (California, yes it's a big state) who are starting a new lighter brand but I have never tried it. I was curious if...
  14. DSC03359.JPG


    Started making some one of a kind hand made wheel thrown ceramic pipes. check em out and let me know your thoughts. Canadian made! https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/Robbsmokeshop
  15. 420snipez

    Hello From Denmark

  16. A bugs life...

    A bugs life...

    Caught this little ant stuck on trichomes while harvesting nectar.....talk about a mouth full.....
  17. Yin and yang cannabis

    Yin and yang cannabis

    It is said that The leaves exposed to direct light are most likely to turn purple, while leaves in the shade often stay green.....unless its the London Bridge..Then its colors are so vivid and unique that even natural light and shade effect it differently......MIND BLOWN!!
  18. So many colors!

    So many colors!

    So many colors so little time. I could kill days looking at the amazing colors of cannabis. Strain-London Bridge
  19. Mothers Cookies

    Mothers Cookies

    This Mothers Cookies (sour purple dog x girl Scout cookies) had the coolest unique structure. Each calyx had its own place and tye colors just blew me away...what a strange little strain
  20. Trichome Vision

    Trichome Vision

    Had a blast playing with trichomes today. Super goo!! Strain-Headband(seed)
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