1. IMG_019.JPG


    hash under the scope
  2. IMG_5278.JPG


    Trichome shake
  3. IMG_5277b.JPG


    Trichome shake
  4. IMG_5277a.JPG


    Trichome shake
  5. Hella Jelly hash ball

    Hella Jelly hash ball

    Hand pressed hash from Hella Jelly harvest smalls. It's sticky and aromatic.
  6. Glass Piece

    Glass Piece

    Octopus Bowl
  7. Glass Piece

    Glass Piece

    Octopus Bowl
  8. Glass Piece

    Glass Piece

    Octopus Bowl
  9. Glass Piece

    Glass Piece

    Octopus Bowl
  10. Trim IMG_4006.JPG

    Trim IMG_4006.JPG

    trim for winter hash
  11. Krissi Carbone

    Freezer Hash Time

    We are doing 2 grades today and using the iron and flat iron method with parchment paper and a t-shirt as a buffer. This is one of the 2 bags we have screened so far. The kief we are screening is from 2 Gelato autos that I had hermie last December and has been frozen since. Happy Cannabis...
  12. Mazar-I-Sharif-regular-afghan-seeds-apeorigin-cannabis.jpg


    Mazar I Sharif - hashish strain - landrace of its best - weedseeds
  13. B

    28 gram hash press into rosin

    Hey everyone, I haven't been on here much in a while. Here is a video of my latest rosin press. I used between 73 and 140 micron of my bubblehash that I used pink kush and orange sherbert trim. 28 grams of hash in and 26 grams of delicious hash rosin Let me know what you think of it.
  14. S

    Do you need to dry trim before making hash?

    I have just wet trim my plant and put all the trimmings in the freezer. Should I be drying the trimmings before making ice water hash. If so im very confused into why?
  15. S

    Best strains for kief ?

    anyone know of so good strains/breeders that are good for kief ? Thanks ! only one I know is In House Genetics using dry ice method and going to Press it by hand
  16. B

    Let’s talk Decarboxylation

    I’m interested to see everyone’s methods of Decarboxylation, so once you have your bubble hash, keif, pollen (whatever you want to call it) do you Decarboxylate the whole lot, or just what might be used for edibles ? And what methods have you tried with success, I’m interested to hear your...
  17. meejay

    Moroccan Mahjoun, first attempt

    Hello everyone, I am going to try making Moroccan Mahjoun from a Hash I got yesterday. This will be my first attempt and I am so excited about it. I would say that it had been processed via traditional ways because It has a gold yellow color. I have found this recipe which I am planning to...
  18. Dry ice sifted hash

    Dry ice sifted hash

    6.6 grams of Black Peruvian Diesel dry ice sifted hash from 4 ounces of fluffy trim and sugar leaves.
  19. TheMadDabber

    Dabber's DIY Vape Pens

    Hello friends and 420 family! I'm back. Some of you know me most of you may not. Very brief introduction... I am Kyle AKA the mad dabber, dabs ,dabber or even mad dabs. I've been here off an on a while. I found 420 when we moved to Alaska . I was a stay a home dad looking to save money on...
  20. D

    Can someone identify this material

    Hey guys, first post here. I've ended up obtaining lots of trim from a crop and I'm wanting to make it into hash. I plan to do it using the method shown in this video: I have 2 questions: 1. What grade of filter should I use for the silk screen? I am looking for quantity over quality...
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