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It's time for the next episode in my cannabis growing hobby. I've been growing in coco for a few years now with pretty good success. I'm starting to get a little sick of mixing up nutes daily. Coco/perlite isn't super cheap to buy, by my standards anyway. And my quality has been respectable in the coco but I just can't seem to get the intense flavour/smell I expect and have had before, even though my drying/curing seems to be pretty well executed usually.
So I decided to try out some organic soil/techniques and see if I like it better. I've grown a vegetable garden for quite a few years but it's pretty much plant, water, harvest, add compost every fall and done. But I am not going in the ground with the cannabis. As luck would have it its almost time to start an outdoor plant for this summer so I picked had some supplies delivered. I didn't have time to prepare my own soil but this sounded like a good option. Here's a list of what I have or on the way. Still not sure what strain I will try but I have a few choices kicking around.
3 cu ft bale of Stepwell Super Soil
EM1 microbe concentrate (lactobacillus)
6lbs Boogie Brew compost tea mix
1lb ea Stepwell Veg and Bloom top dressings.
15 gallon fabric pots
60l/min air pump
2x air stones + lines
Apera ph60? Meter and solutions

Now admittedly I have only a partial clue what I am doing so if anyone experienced is looking feel free to chime in. My first issue is hoping 15 gallon is big enough. Ideally I'd like to be able to run this in my tent as well and 2x15 is about the limit in there. Issue two is how big/well rooted does a plant need to be to put in this stuff?. I was thinking going from a 0.7 gallon to a 3 them to the 15. Should I use this in all the pots or start in something else? Still a bit of snow on the ground so I have a few days to figure this out :yummy:
Welcome aboard Joe hope the Easter bunny found yas

Yeah he missed our house but there is always next year ..super soil very nice .
Weather permitting! The one factor totally out of my control. I've got a pretty good location here right in the yard which is basically about 4 clear acres with just a few smallish maple trees along the driveway. Sun exposure is no problem, wind is my main concern followed by finishing in time/September hurricanes.
Ya there's neighbours not terribly far but they are cool. Closest house is within smelling range for sure(at least I hope hehe), but behind a dense 40 ft tall spruce hedgerow, few hundred yards away. Legal here though, and we have a 110lb bullmastiff whose favourite activities include laying around watching and investigating everything that moves or changes in the yard. We are on a private road so there is not really any traffic or passersby to speak of, just a couple summer cottage residents who may not even be around this summer if the lockdown continues.
I will be. I'll have it out back as hidden as possible. Pretty safe area around here it's a rural village area, mostly retirees, very few teens or delinquent types of any sort. The few that are around already have lots of weed and aren't really the theiving type so I'm not too worried. If someone has the balls to try it well I wish them luck though. I'll even do my best to restrain the dog, but no promises can be made!
Lol I hear ya!
We had a member in Australia that had a monster plant in his backyard and just before he was to harvest 2 “law enforcement” officers show up and handcuffed him and his wife and chopped down the plant and loaded it into a pickup truck. They gave him an official looking summons to appear in court. They found out later it was an elaborate robbery. The plant measured 30 feet in diameter.
Going to get some soil moistened before long. Maybe my tap would be ok but I think rain would be better no? Went out in the yard the other day and shoveled up a few buckets of snow. (which is pretty much totally gone as of today!). Reading 8ppm so that's pretty damn clean. I understand I shouldn't have to ph, even though the Stepwell soil bag says ph to 6 - 6.4 for optimal results. My old ph meter seems to be pooched but I have a new Apera set on the way should be here Friday and we will just see what it says for interest sake.
It’s nice to keep track of it anyway.
Ya I don't know why I bothered ordering one really. I adjust my MC / coco but just by counting drops of ph down since it's always been the same basically. But when I realized my meter was screwed I figured it would be good to have one just in case. Damn online shopping.
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