Pennywise Strikes Again

Hey 420 it’s good to be back!
I’ll be running Black Lime Bubba, GG4 S1, Skittlez, Bandaid Haze and a mystery IHG chemovar.
first up is the Black Lime Bubba from @katsubluebird she’s starting to open up showing a number of tops at the canopy. Should be flipping the girls this weekend. Gotta get some cuts first before I do.

Hey buddy, glad to have you back. It truly wasn't the same without you here. :high-five:
I have been good generally. Just finished cutting the lawn a few minutes ago and almost had a heat stroke, lol. Crazy hot even up here.
Yesterday I put in my request for my free seeds from POTM with Dope-Seeds. Apparently they are decent breeders.
A front come through a couple of hours ago and things cooled of a little.
We had a crazy thunderstorm yesterday blow through in the evening. Lightning galore and the power would go out for a few seconds with the big bangs so I unplugged my computer; luckily it was ok. I guess the farmers really needed the rain and I know my lawn did.
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