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Hey fellow growers! Tyson is back at it again, new grow room, bigger setup, more toys. Finally able to get a true perpetual system going so this journal will feature a myriad of strains and some explorations of new and exciting ways to enhance the final product, whether through, yield, drying, trimming etc. I feel that I have a pretty good handle on my style of growing but I'm always tweaking and looking for new inspiration.

I grow DWC single plant scrogs with great success. I use this method because speed and plant count are important factors for me, not everyone's needs are the same. That being said I'm changing it up a bit on my next plant, as you will see.

The first plant up is GG4 from none other than @New420Guy Seeds . I had a new batch of seeds coming from seedsman and knew it was going to take a while with the whole virus, so I also took a stab with New420guy. Results speak for themselves. She is 57 days from planting and I switched to 12/12, two days ago. The smaller one is the 2nd round, and is GelatOG from Seedsman, she is 10 days from planting. The plan is to harvest 38 days apart, I had some germination issues with the 2nd round, hence the late start.

Please join me on this fascinating journey and feel free to add lots of input/questions, whatever ya got.

Way more to come, I promise

Yup, you got it! Only use 75% for the veg tent. It's nice because using the fan dimmer and some other features, I can get any temp between 75-85, in any of the tents, whenever I choose. The last 10 days or so I drop steadily from 75 to 65 and I do have to use a portable ac for that.
Time for an update.
The GG4 is flowering nicely,she is now 16 days into flowering (71 overall).

The GelatOG just got topped yesterday, she is 24 days from seed.

We have some new babies, a Cheese from Seedsman:

and a White Widow from Greenhouse Seeds:

I use some pretty big hoods that barely fit in my 40"x40' tents:

I'll have an update coming soon. The gorilla glue is amazing, hands down the best plant I've ever grown, and she's been a real treat to grow, very easy and took to scrog better than most strains. I'm unbelievably stoked with New420guys seeds. I'm glad I bought all of his other 30 fem strains lol. Im not even affiliated with the dude, or get any kind of kickback. Im just telling yall that his stuff is LEGIT and cheap, with fast shipping in the US. I HIGHLY recommend and you will see the proof in the pictures to come.

Estimated grow time from planting of seed to harvest is 118-119 days, and I expect to break a pound. Indoor, thats gonna be over 4g/day, around 55g/soft, and with a 750w, about 0.66g/watt. May be ambitious but I think she'll get there.

The HPS lights make it extremely tough for me to get photos where you can actually see anything, let alone photos that do her justice. The last day cycle ill put in the MH bulb so I can get some great pics.
I removed 95% of fan leaves (the ones with only minimal trichomes on them, the ones that were a bit more covered got to stay). I did this to increase the light penetration to the bottom 20% of the canopy. That bottom 20% has actually produced a lot more bud than I thought. Its probably going to rosin production anyway but thats still encouraging. The buds in that bottom 20% are obviously 6-9 days behind the main colas and i hope this will encourage them to speed up. Im not opposed to a staggered harvest, but only a couple days apart, as my Cheese plant is dying to be moved. I don't know why are I started her so early, she's about 7 days past when I like to move them and she's got another 5 to go.

Gelato has continued to do her own thing as she has throughout her grow. It was fun at first, to watch different plants grow their own unique way but frankly she is a PITA for scrog. She has stretched unbelievably so, to the point where there is no use in fimming and Ive been forced to top her aggressively . . a week into flower. But what can you do. When flowering started she was about 5" above the screen, now she is easily 27-28" above the screen everywhere and thats only after 9 days of flower. Her tops are 6" from the enclosed hood. If that was gonna be the very top of the tallest bud, I would let her ride it out. But with another 7-10 days of stretch and then another inch or 2 of bud development, I have to cut her back. She'll handle it fine tho, I made 5 cuts (topping) to the tallest ones 36 hours ago and their lower branches have already grown up the level of the cut. The rest of the tops apparently didn't want to be left out because they all grew alot in those 36 hrs. Hence why I gping back tonight and topping the remainder, probably about 20-25.
Hey tyson, i'd love to know what you are running in this bucket. I'm trying to get a hydro going and i can either have one of these buckets or 4 x 5g paint pails. I see that you keep the res cold by hitting it with cold air from the ac. I did the same thing and was able to keep the res water cool. i'll grab a chair and follow allong as im current growing a gg4 in promix hp with mc nutrients. What are you using for nutrients?
Hey Indochronic, I recommend 1 gallon of nutrient resevoir per sqft of canopy as a minimum for scrog. I actually use a chiller to keep it at the right temp. The fan you see is for humidity removal.
I use the GH floratrio series, with armor si, calmag, liquid and dry koolbloom, and h2o2.
Bad news!

The GelatOG from seedsman turned out to be a hermie mutant. Probably 80% male. It happens with fem seeds but rarely, and is disheartening to happen with my 2nd fem run ever and 1st from seedsman. It was a freebie seed so there's that. At least that explains her strange growth pattern and crazy desire to stretch.
The Gorilla Glue is mostly coming down tonight, probably the top 75%. The bottom buds need anther 3-6 days and since Gelato turned out to be a hermie, I have the extra time. Pretty much all fan leaves were trimmed off a week ago to increase light penetration so harvest will literally be cut and place in fridge, so easy.
I go by trichs, sat night 50% clear, mon 35% clear, today it was maybe 10% clear with 80% cloudy and 5% amber. Perfect time to chop! About 40 hrs later than I guessed when i planted her so not too bad. 66 days from switching the light schedule (58 days from first signs of flower)

All in all, 120 days 12hrs, from planting to harvest.
Cheese is doing fantastic and just got the screen put on today. Much later than i normally do but she was super pliable and almost helped me. Taking to scrog like a duck in water. Her structure reminds me of the Gorilla glue but even thicker and more pungent.
I really cant say enough how awesome the fridge-dry is! Talk about set it and forget it. Keeps the temps and humidity perfect, and rhe best part is that it is smell-proof!! Like 100%. I thought for sure there would be some odor leakage but absolutely 0. I am 2.5 days into the dry, buds look and smell exactly as when i cut them. The sugar leaves are still rigid and havent wilted at all. Seems to be going extra slow which is exactly what i want. With hang drying, they would have already lost most of their preharvest smell.

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