PK Perpetual Grow Journal 2020

As I understand it, the report button is used for exactly this. If you want to change something after the editing option has gone away, hit report. If you want the journal moved or reclassified, hit report. I am pretty sure that hitting that button sends an email to all the moderators and admins, and then the lucky person assigned to that duty, does the work for you. Be patient, someone will get back to you. It might take a while if other things are going on though... but I have found that they do eventually get to you.
Thank you Emmy, I hope you are doing well :green_heart:
Doing great! I hope you are too. I don't comment much, but I have been enjoying your journal. Good Job! :thumb:
no worries, as i'm sure you've noticed the same with me.
i thought that's to report a post that's against guidelines.
I've clicked on those to mention that the journal is complete but nothing has happened.
Hello @PK
Go ahead and use the report button for that as well. It’s not only for violations, but anything you need looked at.
I will be moving journals to their proper places soon if it has not already been done by another staff member.

Thanks and have a great day

In order to move forward in life we must adopt and try to make the best out of every situation. If i was told from the start that my journal setup was wrong then i wouldn't need to make extra work for the 420 staff who ensure that this site is optimized. I am sure a lot of members feel the same way while some sneaky members try to use the situation and suck the energy out of you. you know who you are!

With that out of the way, i love to speak with you all in my new sections.

Current grow journal

Perpetual grow & Offtopic journal

@Teddy Edwards Please move this journal to completed section and if it is okay with @420 close further replies:thanks:
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