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  1. Squirrel05420

    Aeque Genetics Cali Gas

    I'm doing some aeque Genetics this round of their Cali gas I will be using the following Mars hydro Ts600 4" inline fan with 4" carbon filter 6" fan Tower fan for the lower Vermibec worm castings Promix HP soil Green Rush nutrients 1 5 gallon pot 2 Solo cups
  2. Chuckeye

    Autos - 3 SIP's, A Hempy Bucket And A Fabric Bag

    Greetings, I've decided to do a "quick" Herbies Seeds Auto run after my last six month long Sativa grow ;) And wanted to try two new to me systems, SIP's and Hempy. The SIP's are five gallon pails with store bought GroBucket Self-Watering Inserts. Medium is ProMix HP, one of the pails has...
  3. Chuckeye

    Malawi, Golden Tiger, Wild Thailand & Apple Betty From Herbies Seeds

    Greetings, Details first ;) Only one seed was of a nice size with black lines/speckles But they all germinated ! Three floaters and one sinker..... Two days in water and they had all cracked and started to show a tap root. Good enough, into solo cups ! Two days later they were all...
  4. J

    Can someone maybe diagnose these two?

    Hope they're saveable thanks in advance for any help I been told on another forum website calcium deficiency, and nutrient burn, and after googling calcium deficiency I'm thinking myself it might actually be potassium toxicity. These people refused to elaborate so yea idk, I'm still kinda lost...
  5. Wild Thailand

    Wild Thailand

    World of Seeds Wild Thailand
  6. Brain Damage - bud shot

    Brain Damage - bud shot

    Closeup of Brain Damage by Growers Choice
  7. Brain Damage

    Brain Damage

    Growers Choice Brain Damage in 10gal fabric
  8. Regrowth

    Regrowth: Growing Clones & Getting Stoned

    This will be my first journal entry and also my intro to growing in a tent; It's not my first time growing but it sure feels like it. I'm hoping the community will join in and offer their expertise so everything goes as smoothly as possible. The initial lineup will include clones of Girl Scout...
  9. LLsBestGo

    LL'sBestGo's: Variety Pro-Mix HP LED Grow

    Welcome one, welcome all! Here's my second grow on :420: grow area 2'8"x2'8" Lighting 2 x 110 actual watt, 1000 watt equivalent Soil Nutrients Bug control Diatomaceous earth Neem Oil
  10. r0am1ng st0ner

    Stoner's RDWC & Soil Grow With Mixed Strains

    **Pictures to come in 12-24 hours when I track down the camera** Phew well hey everyone been a long minute since I have posted on here, started qualifying year at my local university and things got super busy real fast. I got into the mechanical engineering department for second year after...
  11. PK

    PK Perpetual Grow Journal 2020

    Since the plants in my soil are thriving, I thought to start a journal. So here it goes; I do like to thank some of the well known members who have helped me out up to this point. @Pennywise @MochaBud @Emilya @The Phantom The seeds are from a stash i purchased and every nug had many seeds in...
  12. WeedyMcWeedWeed

    Weedy's 2020 Outdoor Grow

    Been a while decided to drop back in for my fun this season. Building a 24x32 fenced in area for 12 outdoor plants. Strains are 4 larry og 3 blue og 2 adams og 3 lava cake 4 will be in 100 gal smart pots. The rest 30 gal. Plants will be going out next week
  13. SmokeLake

    CriticalClones, DrCBD & CriticalPurpleKush In The Tent

    This Journal will follow 4 CriticalClones I received from a friend and at the same time Im part of a Seedsman Sponsored grow comparing DrSeedsman CBD 30:1 and Critical Purple Kush. Sadly due to the clones and my poor 4x4 not being big enough im only growing 1 each from Seedsman and the 4 clones...
  14. SmokeLake

    SmokeLake 420 Poison Skunk & Steve’s Clone In The Tent

    315 CMH 4x4 Tent Exhaust Fan w/charcoal filter ProMix Hp cc CalMag Canna Vega Canna Flores and Bloom Booster are my planned nutrients Clones from 3 outdoor plants Early Poison Skunk (1 tooth pick) Big Poison Skunk (2 tooth picks) Steve’s Clone (3 tooth picks) ( Steve gave...
  15. xthursdayx

    Thursday's Soilless Sour Stomper & Chilies Grow, 2019

    Hey folks, after months of reading and researching I'm just getting ready to embark on my first indoor grow. I figured I'd start a journal here as a way to keep track of everything. This grow will probably be considered a bit unusual because I am growing an autoflower strain (Sour Stomper by...
  16. GnomeUDidnt

    Gnome's Fall Grow: Multiple Strains, Promix, LED, 2018

    Today is October 13 2018 and we're starting a new adventure I will be growing multiple cultivars Star Pupil, Girl Scout cookies, purple apricot x atf(a cross I made over the summer, i need a name). Its been over a year, boy has it been hectic. We have 3 gsc and 4 of my cross in paper towels...
  17. 5A5BEF57-4031-4959-B0A1-6FBA5D6FB342.png


    Derbybud aka TRailertrash betty
  18. Darkscotia

    Darkscotia’s First Grow Room Farewell - High Brix - Florida Gold

    Hi all and welcome to my journal. I named my journal darkscotia’s first grow room farewell, due to the fact this room was my first grow room ever and I’ve grown so much in there some awesome and some junk but main thing it was fun over the last 10 years and I like to think I’ve learned some as...
  19. bignstrange

    BignStrange - Remo Nutrients - 800W Of COBs - What Can Go Wrong? Round 2!

    Whats up everyone?:lot-o-toke::welcome: Really excited to bring you this grow, featuring Remo Nutrients, and the same set up were rocking in the current BignStrange journal! For those who were part of that journal, thank you, and cheers to more insanity and fun! With that, lets blow this...
  20. Lowded118

    Soil LED Raspberry Kush Upsizing From 4-20 Plants, 2017

    Hi this is my first journal. I grew a few crops in tents now I would like more room. I need to poly and set up my room. So here's what I have going on. Pots -3.5g Medium - promix hp Nutz - quickgrow part 123 and royal bloom 0-1-0 Strain - Raspberry Kush Not air cooled Temp - 27 day - 18 night...
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