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  1. GnomeUDidnt

    Gnome's Fall Grow: Multiple Strains, Promix, LED, 2018

    Today is October 13 2018 and we're starting a new adventure I will be growing multiple cultivars Star Pupil, Girl Scout cookies, purple apricot x atf(a cross I made over the summer, i need a name). Its been over a year, boy has it been hectic. We have 3 gsc and 4 of my cross in paper towels...
  2. 5A5BEF57-4031-4959-B0A1-6FBA5D6FB342.png


    Derbybud aka TRailertrash betty
  3. Darkscotia

    Darkscotia’s First Grow Room Farewell - Docbud's High Brix - Florida Gold

    Hi all and welcome to my journal. I named my journal darkscotia’s first grow room farewell, due to the fact this room was my first grow room ever and I’ve grown so much in there some awesome and some junk but main thing it was fun over the last 10 years and I like to think I’ve learned some as...
  4. bignstrange

    BignStrange - Remo Nutrients - 800W Of COBs - What Can Go Wrong? Round 2!

    Whats up everyone?:lot-o-toke::welcome: Really excited to bring you this grow, featuring Remo Nutrients, and the same set up were rocking in the current BignStrange journal! For those who were part of that journal, thank you, and cheers to more insanity and fun! With that, lets blow this...
  5. Lowded118

    Lowded Soil LED Raspberry Kush Upsizing From 4-20 Plants - 2017

    Hi this is my first journal. I grew a few crops in tents now I would like more room. I need to poly and set up my room. So here's what I have going on. Pots -3.5g Medium - promix hp Nutz - quickgrow part 123 and royal bloom 0-1-0 Strain - Raspberry Kush Not air cooled Temp - 27 day - 18 night...