dwc 5 gallon

  1. niighaag

    DWC - Nutrients?

    Hello, To begin with, i am a non-experienced grower i have finished 1 earlier grow in my days. An autoflower grow in soil, which i thought was easy. I really picked up fast and learned from my misstakes. And I love growing in general so I tend to read alot about it just for fun. However, to...
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    Rasberry Moonshine
  3. M

    Hydroponic DWC Grow: GreenHouse Seeds' The Church

    Hey all. So I did a hydro grow that was unsuccessful a year ago, but I was pretty much able to identify what my errors were through educating myself. I am most definitely a newbie grower. So I'm growing the Church by GHS and this is my setup: 1. Germinated and vegged shortly after...