dwc 5 gallon

  1. Rick34

    The Plant That Wouldn't Die (Alaskan Purple Auto) 2024

    Hey guys, I have an odd story for ya. I sprouted this Alaskan purple Auto flower before I ever bought my Bruce Banners that are in flower now, February 27th is the day I believe she sprouted and Is the oldest picture I have of the plant. The Plants that I was growing her with got crushed and I...
  2. Tokin Roll

    Seedsman's Banana Jealousy Comparative Grow In Progressive DWC By Token Roll

    I figure most of my other current grows should be done around the end of the month. This will most likely be a slow start for this journal, until I can finish up some of my other grows. Since, I already have seeds, I decided to drop a Banana Jealousy into some water. This will be a DWC with a...
  3. Chasev89

    Chase Is On The Case With A DWC Deep Breath Bag Beed

    Alright welcome old and new friends :). Those who have followed along may know that this year has been extremely difficult for myself and my family. We moved from Colorado to upper Michigan at the beginning of the year. There was many reasons for this but mainly us being a young family wanted to...
  4. Girl Scout Cookies 04-23.jpg

    Girl Scout Cookies 04-23.jpg

    GSC DWC day 29 flower Cal-mag, GH Duo A,B
  5. Autoflowerdreams

    Stardawg Auto & Pinapple Express Auto By Fast Buds

    Pinapple express on left Stardawg on right DWC 5 Gallon with chillers to keep the water temperature at 65-68F 2.5-3 gallons of distilled water with weekly nute changes. Advanced Nutrients (Micro/Grow/Bloom)+master level Nutes. Lighting Phlizon COB Series 2000W LED VIVOSUN Commercial Air Pump...
  6. White Widow 02-18.jpg

    White Widow 02-18.jpg

    White Widow DWC using @Prescription Blend and @MedicGrow Fold-8 LED Week 10 of flower
  7. White Widow 02-15b.jpg

    White Widow 02-15b.jpg

    White Widow DWC using @Prescription Blend and @MedicGrow Fold-8 LED Week 10 of flower
  8. White Widow 02-15a.jpg

    White Widow 02-15a.jpg

    White Widow DWC using @Prescription Blend and @MedicGrow Fold-8 LED Week 10 of flower
  9. White Widow 02-15.jpg

    White Widow 02-15.jpg

    White Widow DWC using @Prescription Blend and @MedicGrow Fold-8 LED Week 10 of flower
  10. kruton

    Free seeds

    I recently received a vial of free seeds to test and give my results back. So far one male came out of it so I'm going to collect it's pollen so I can make my own seeds. But this is my first time with dwc the leafs look weird because I didn't have the best air pump in it but recently upgraded...
  11. Lorraine AN MGB 5g DWC feed chart.jpg

    Lorraine AN MGB 5g DWC feed chart.jpg

    Feeding schedule for Hindu Kush in 5g DWC
  12. Venturisix

    Venturi's Pineapple Express Summer DWC

    Alrighty folks Venturi is back at it! I was going to take some more time off pre grow but I got some seeds in, made another order due to it being 15% off the second go around… so I’ve got some master og and some afghan seeds en route. Second (full) grow here and my first run using a scrog net...
  13. Venturisix

    Venturi’s Northern Lights Auto DWC 2022 Remix

    I’m going to update this intro and make it nice but I wanted to get this started tonight and it’s past 2 am :) Seed instructions have been followed. Seeds were in water for 14 hours then to a paper towel fold. : flowering period of 6-7 weeks (an average of 47 days) 5 gal buckets 8.5w air...
  14. F

    New to Hydro grow comparison: Weird issue

    PPM 800-875 Viraspectra P2500 light. 3rd week into flowering. 4 different strains 2 coco and 3 dwc for comparison of results. My problem is the plants are pointing straight up in DWC. One seems to be mutating from it. What kind of problem is this. No signs of deficiency any where I can see...
  15. B

    Let's talk about my grow

    Hey everyone so I want to show y'all my plants and start a discussion. Rather than posting a wall of text telling you all about my process and the set up I use I will tell you the essentials, ask a few questions and then have you guys continue the discussion with any questions you have for me...
  16. CapnButter

    Capn's Closet: Nitro Lemon Haze 2022

    how are all of you? thank you for joining me in my first DWC grow! also I'm back to growing :yahoo:my last journal is abandoned because I was dealing with Covid and I didn't really have enough strength to document a grow but were back and better than ever. The Strain: Nitro Lemon Haze. It is a...
  17. CapnButter

    DWC grow: are they looking ok?

    Hey everyone! This is my first DWC grow. I am growing in clay medium with a 5 gallon bucket and 3.5 Gallons of water. It is about 14 days from seed maybe a little less I forgot to write it down . Does it look like it’s doing fine so far?
  18. Venturisix

    First Time DWC 2022 Bagseed

    So this is my first true grow. I tried an ebb and flow system that never saw fruition because I had to move. I’m starting off with bag seeds Temp:73 Rh:50% Veg day 28 Ppm800 (+200 from water) 1000ppm Ph 5.8-6.2 System is 2 5gal dwc buckets 2 3w air pumps 2 4in airstones 1 1000w led (150w...
  19. LKABudMan

    1st Grow: Jumping Into The Deep End, DWC

    It just became legal in Virginia to grow four plants a couple of months ago. I gave some old bag seed to my brother and father, and they both started growing in soil. I have some gardening experience, but I do not get good sun, and would prefer to grow indoors. I home-brewed previously, and...
  20. B

    First time grow in DWC

    So I'm growing for my very first time. I figured it would be a good idea making this grow journal because so far I have gotten alot of very good info on this site and it wouldn't hurt to share my experience and get more help along the way. I'm a college student living in Texas and I always...
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