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  1. Liam300

    8 Plant 4 Strain Grow

    Hello fellow Growers!! I just finished setting this up and wanted to share it with you, I just got a new place where I have a room to grow in so I bought a 5x10, 2 HLG 600RSpecs and built an 8 bucket RDWC system. I popped 8 beans, 2 Gorilla Zkittles, 2 White widow, 2 Blueberry, & 2 Maui Waui...
  2. J

    Not sure why growth is stunted: First grow, would love some advice

    Have started to grow some trizkits auto in dwc 5 gal pot, they seemed to be going slowly but surely and today after checking it seems the growth has been stunted for the past two days or so.... have given minimal nutrients and have a 1200w led light hanging above, about 15inches. Water temp is...
  3. 20210315_215328.jpg


    Day 43 of flowering and looking for guidance as this is my first grow. Should I harvest according to the pistils changing to brown or pay more attention to the trichomes? There are 20 colas that look the same way and don't want to harvest too early. Thanks all for any input!!
  4. 8 year old bag seeds

    8 year old bag seeds

    Started in soil and transplanted to hydro.
  5. 8 year old bag seeds

    8 year old bag seeds

    Started in soil and transplanted to hydro.
  6. 8 year old bag seeds

    8 year old bag seeds

    Started in soil and transplanted to hydro.
  7. Tez420

    Struggling with my plants

    Equipment: -5x5 Mars hydro tent - Mars hydro ts3000 - Vivosun 6” 440 cfm in-line fan - Vivosun 32 watt air pump - 1.6 in air stones - 5 gal bucket(s) wrapped in reflectix - 6” Netpots - Taotronics humidifier - Hydroton - 1.5” Rockwool cubes - Apera instruments pc60 combo meter Nutes: - GH...
  8. Copperrein's first hydro: Blueberry Cookies

    Copperrein's first hydro: Blueberry Cookies

    Week 7-ish. Little gal on the right is trying her best to catch up after mommy did a dumb and used coir wrong which resulted in one too many media changes pre-3rd node
  9. Liam300

    Ice Cream Cake Grow Journal

    What’s going on guys, this is my 2nd time around with this plant and I love it! This plant i cloned from a mom I started up and she has loved her life growing vigorously. I vegged her for about a month and a half under a little 60w led and now that I flipped her to flower i put her in the bigger...
  10. copperrein

    Copperrein's 1st Hydro & 3rd Ever Grow: Blueberry Cookies x2 Winter 2020

    First, the stats and goals: 2x Blueberry Cookies fem (purchased in January 2020 and frozen until now) Started in rockwool cubes Nov 20th, 2020 50/50 Indica Sativa Starting as seeds Indoor 2x4 Hydro Spider Farmer SF2000 Veg 3 x 4 ft, Flowering 2 x 4 ft Full spectrum LED using Samsung LM301b...
  11. JamesBong502

    James Bong Returns With DWC

    Hey 420Mag, I have returned to my 4x4 tent after a little hiatus to get some business squared away. I am growing 2 x Fem Big Buds from Nirvana, 1 in coco-Perl (70-30) other in 5 gallon DWC bucket. Coco plant will be my mother plant a while, DWC will be flipped to flower after 4-5 week veg and...

    Can seeds go directly into DWC?

    There is not a lot about this specifically so I thought I'd share my experience. I am having major success. Assuming your system is all set up correctly, put your rockwool with your seed on your medium, fill your medium up just to the height of your rockwool. Cover your rockwool holes with...
  13. PK

    PK Perpetual Grow Journal 2020

    Since the plants in my soil are thriving, I thought to start a journal. So here it goes; I do like to thank some of the well known members who have helped me out up to this point. @Pennywise @MochaBud @Emilya @The Phantom The seeds are from a stash i purchased and every nug had many seeds in...
  14. RedZedHead

    Best Air Stones: What has worked for you?

    Hi everybody, my DWC plants are getting bigger and the starter/ amazon air stones aren't going to do it. Here's my DWC setup: 2 - 5 gallon buckets 2 - 14 gallon totes, 2 plants each I have my air pump bases covered. I found a solid brand I like. I thought about these they're 4x2 inches...
  15. RedZedHead

    Cal Mag amounts for DWC and soil

    Hey guys, I've never used cal-mag before and I have GH cal-mag on the way to my home. I know my plants could certainly use it. However, none of the feed schedules I follow suggest any amount of cal-mag or suggest a supplement. Now I look to you guys to give me a solid ml per gallon estimate of...
  16. RedZedHead

    Fox Farm vs General Hydroponics: DWC Closet Grow Comparison

    I'm sure I'm not the first person to do a side by side comparison of these nutes This will be my second grow journal that will be mostly picture-based. All of the plants in this journal and their problems will already be discussed in my main journal, see link in the signature. But I wanted to...
  17. RedZedHead

    Enzymes or H202, or both?

    From my understanding, both plant enzymes and h202 (Hydrogen Peroxide) help in the process of keeping bacteria levels safe and to clear dead roots and material from the res. So I have flying skull z7 plant enzymes, but I also read about the beneficial uses of hydrogen peroxide. I added them...
  18. Bunkmates & environment

    Bunkmates & environment

    Keep stretching
  19. 2w dwc

    2w dwc

    Covered up block with pebbles
  20. 1w sisters getting along well

    1w sisters getting along well

    They still have to share space before i get more net pots
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