Chuckeye's Sativa Grow In ProMix HP


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Greetings !

I've narrowed it down to ;) Durban Poison, Lambs Bread, Double Chocolate, Green Crack and an Amnesia auto (sativa dominate freebee), just to see how an auto fairs under 12/12.

All Canuk seeds from True North except the Green Crack from Crop Kings. Only had two seeds of the Green Crack so I decided to germinate both.

My intention is to top/train and try to keep these under four feet. This will challenge my trimming skills, I Hate cutting off healthy growth and a 2' x 2' footprint isn't a lot for a sativa.

Three gallon fabric pots with ProMix HP with Mychorrhizae, their version of Dynomyco :cool:

Fourteen inch saucers and thirteen inch plant elevators.

Nutrients are Mega Crop one part with Bud Explosion later in flower.

Well water with a ppm of ~500 and ph of ~7.5. I will not be using ph down !

The ProMix Hp is ph buffered and the MC is chelated (?) and worked well in my last grow ! (Auto grow link in my signature).

My grow room or enclosure is a number of 4' high moveable panels with roughly a 4' x 4' footprint. Inside a 10' x 10' x 8' high room inside a 26' x 36' x 10' room. The panels are hollow core plastic lined with tin foil and sit 3/4" above the floor.

With two Honeywell 7" fans at 30 degrees, the idea is they draw air from the bottom and direct it up to the light. Then there is another fan exhausting the room. I normally don't have any problem keeping the temps in the mid 70's.

The light weight panels make it easy to move them out of the way to train/water/etc. I've also got some 2" casters coming so I won't have any excuses...

Plants in the image are Autos ;)

Grow enclosure 27 Apr.jpg

I don't do anything special for humidity. Evaporation from the fabric pots and the plants will usually help keep the RH a little above ambient for the rest of the larger room, 40-50% depending on the season.

The light is a 600w MH/HPS bulb in a 42" parabolic reflector. This combination of reflector and tin foil worked so well on my last grow I would forget to turn the plants !

For germinating seeds I've settled on placing each seed in a shot glass with about 1/2" of distilled water. They are then placed inside a plastic contain and set on my kitchen table.

Last grow, five seeds, five seedlings. This grow six seeds, six seeds sprouted.

Thirty six hours in the water and all had cracked or had a tap root. I let them go 48 hours before planting them in yogurt containers and under a 85W CFL bulb.

In water 5 Jul.jpg

My half bale of ProMix HP is likely a year old and dry so I wet it to run off with .7g of MC in 2.5L of water. Half of their recommended dose for seedlings.

Three full days from seed soak to now and I have one helmet head emerging !

Pretty sure its not the auto's vigor but the fact it wasn't planted as deep as the rest, he, he...

That's it for now, please feel free to comment or question !

I'm going to call this Day 1 ;)

All seeds were above ground this morning but I waited until this evening (four full days from in water) before taking a picture.

A couple are hanging on to their helmet head but all six are roughly the same size.

Totally forgot about my usual procedure, pock a hole with your index finger the depth of your fingernail !

Place seed in the bottom and gently fill with soil. I used a toothpick to make a cone shaped hole and had some trouble getting a few seeds in without undue handling, sigh.... Senior moment, eh ?

As I understand it, the depth helps the seedling shed it's shell easier...

9 July Day 1.jpg

Green Crack @ Day 7.

All of the girls are praying and working on their third set of leaves !

Couple things of note.

On my last seedlings start, I made a box of white foam core to maximize the light from the bulb.

This time I made a cylinder of cardboard 12" high. As expected I noticed the first signs of green mold.

No problem, scuffed up the surface of the soil. Gone.

Then after their first watering I noticed the start of a white mold. Oh oh o_O

Not surprising since they weren't getting any air movement in the cylinder !

Removed the cylinder, scuffed the surface of the soil and installed a 50 cfm fan about 20" away.

Disaster avoided :cool:

I should know better, air movement is important at all stages of growth, just another senior moment ;)

BTW > this is the Green Crack in a single serving yogurt container, I watered it from the bottom today. The rest of the girls in 650 gram containers should be ready for water tomorrow. I plan on giving them a feed from the bottom also...

GC 15 July Day 7.jpg

Day 10

The Girls 18 July Day 10.jpg

The girls containers were feeling light enough for a watering late yesterday.

So I forced myself to wait till this morning ;)

First one I watered from the bottom. Just placed the container in a small saucer and added water.

Great idea, took too long :cool:

A tray would have worked for all of them at the same time but I wanted to limit them to a healthy 1/2 cup each.

So I watered around the outside of the containers from the top !

Just enough to moisten the soil with no run off....

That seems to be the happy spot !

I'd like to follow along with you, Chuck. Good luck keeping your Durban Poison (or really any of the landrace strains) into a 2' x 2' footprint.
I'd like to follow along with you, Chuck. Good luck keeping your Durban Poison (or really any of the landrace strains) into a 2' x 2' footprint.
Welcome aboard @HashGirl

Thank you, I think my only chance is to top/train and flower early ;)

Not looking for a bumper crop, just a taste will be fine !

If need be my space can "grow" too and I'll just have to rotate more often.

Already planning an increase to 5 x 5 :cool:

Do you water Promix the same as soil, or more (or less) often?
It's been a Long Time since I grew in soil. Can't remember ;)

I do remember getting the feed right was a PITA !

With ProMix HP I water only when they are dry and I water to a small amount of run off.

But they don't get a full to run off watering until they are dry after two days or three days.

In other words, as they get older they get more water.

And feed with every watering.

Day 15 Update !

Had another "Oh Shyt" moment o_O

About midnight day before last I checked the girls before lights out and they Needed water.

They all got +1/2 cup and sure enough, the Amnesia auto fell over, again, darn..

Moved some soil to prop her up a bit and put them to bed.

In the morning she wasn't looking happy so I added some soil (to all) and built a mound around the stems. Then I used a syringe to wet the mount and gently tamped it.

I also added about a 1/4 tsp of aloe vera gel to the litre or so of left over premixed feed. It contains plant hormones that help stimulate new root growth and can ease or prevent transplant shock. Figured it couldn't hurt, eh ?

The Amnesia auto is at the back right, this is just after adding the mound @ 12:30 Pm yesterday....

The Girls 1230 PM 22 July Day 14.jpg

And again @ 9:30 PM. Amazingly enough she is back to praying ! That is one tough cookie ;)

The Girls 930 PM Day 14.jpg

And this afternoon @ 2:30 PM, Day 15. After the excessive stretch and falling over, twice, she is the largest of the bunch !

The Girls 230 PM Day 15.jpg

I can see it is already time to up the nutrients, normally my Cotyledon leaves stay green much longer !

And I should be able to get these girls under a proper light in the next few days :love:

also added about a 1/4 tsp of aloe vera gel to the litre or so of left over premixed feed. It contains plant hormones that help stimulate new root growth and can ease or prevent transplant shock. Figured it couldn't hurt, eh ?
I saw another member here adding Aloe to his water on a regular basis. Was it you @StoneOtter ?
Thank you !

It appears to be inexpensive enough to not making my own worthwhile ;)

Mine was from a hand sanitizer diy I had going and didn't use this. Thought it was going to waste on the shelf so in it goes. I really do find better flower since using it. I plan to continue and may make my own. There's tutorials all over. Homemade :thumb:
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