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  • Hey there pennywise long time no talk! I see youve been rackin up the accolades since ive been gone! Congratulations!
    I had to take a mandatory leave of absence from our beloved hobby added another mini me to the bunch and lost my space to grow. But you know me the cogs never stop moving and im always looking forward to my next grow! I may have a couple things in the works and figured id better get my feet wet again just incase it all goes well and i am able to get back into it! My pretty little cobs are collecting dust :( anyways just wanted to stop by and see how my favorite members been and the site in general lots of changes i see! Hope to hear from you soon man
    OK great, that was exactly my point. I know everyone wants a piece of you and I didn't want to overstep the boundaries so to speak. Thanks Penny.
    Edit: Started a new thread by mistake
    Hi @Pennywise, @Guy Cavallero,@Kingjoe83 @Weaselcracker @Jackalope and all ..
    I’m happy to report I did kinda the best thing I think i coulda done (with taking all y’alls advice into consideration) and I kept picking off the pods. Breaking their balls, literally! And now, if I harvest early (the glands are pretty clear but just on the turn to more a hazier, milky hue (I’ve looked close with a loupe), and the seeds that threatened to engulf my whole world:
    my vigilant pod-plucking seems to have tricked them into only, apparently, half-way herming.. ie: I’ve got my crop better than I thought :!lower yield definitely but there don’t seem to be hard seeds developed yet, in the end of seventh week flower, and they look and smell lovely. And the buds are very firm and dense to touch. The male flowers that started sprouting haven’t grown any seed clusters or nanners. Sounds weird but the sees looking bits in buds have stayed vegetative.. I took obelitrne bud yesterday and did the frowned upon quick dry - admittedly the usual act of the desperate and deranged, but I wanted to get an idea of any potentially lost potency :
    No sireee.. smoked a bud of the cheese , early and unflushed and it blew my socks off
    So summat to be said for being tenacious in the face of mega fuck ups!!
    I think my very nearly wholly disastrous grow is gonna be not as bad as thought but in fact pretty fekkin good
    Wooo de fookin dooo
    Thanks all you who helped me in darker days
    Big ups to y’alls bambaclot heroes
    Hiya Pwise.. thanks for your support earlier. It may sound silly to some, but it helped enormously to hear others, with no vested interest but to help a fellow (oh, I guess there is “tweet-cred” [wow! ‘tweet-cred” just fell outa my head! Is that me or a thing already?] - anyhow..)
    , it was really nice how you all helped me out. I needed to validate what I knew I knew in knowing but only thought I thought in thinking
    And you a coco too!
    Do you do autopot by any chance?
    Liaise soon I hope
    Cheers for your support, PW
    Hey there Pennywise! So, after yesterday’s wee crisis I’ve been juggling all my time before my music, writing (that’s what I do in real world: this morning rushing to my “allotment garden” and searching for bits to pluck, and then rushing home to give a piano lesson so it’s looking like it’s gonna be a lot of time spent with tweezers!)..
    I found two more today at the back but as you say they’re low down and easily picked once you know where to look!
    Another shout out to all you guys (started off by the helpful @GuyCavallero )
    Cheers for that and I hope you have a glorious day (I dunno where you are but where I am has been grey, rainy and downright miserable weather generally; no decent outdoor here cuz we don’t seem to be having a spring here! It was snowing a week it so ago - snow in spring! Nice... not really. A wee bit disturbing actually)
    Anyhoo have a good ‘un and hope to keep in touch with you and the others.
    I’ll senf some pics in a bit hoping to see hear what you think, cuz it’s a funny grow, in fact: the middle ones between the lights are trying to burrow through the ceiling after a post stretch mega stretch in fourth week.. (wtf? So I’d love to hear what you see so I’ll post pics later)
    Kind regards!
    Guy Cavallero
    Guy Cavallero
    We're always here to help buddy. Glad YOU caught them early enough to get good bud from your "X" plant lol. I remember the confusion when I posted my brothers pics up lol. I've heard about some stressed girls looking like they're growing new hairs, so you're right on there.
    Enjoy your smoke deserve it!
    Cool, I’ll have to remember this
    Yes the fact that a group can chat outside of the firums
    Yeah, that is what I figured, of course. I was just surprised that a few of you seasoned 420 peeps hadn’t seen it, known of it, or used it before; it is actually one of the first things I cottoned onto (being a fairly novice 420-forumista)
    It is cool - whoever y’all are who coded this whole 420 mag gig here did a bloody good job and props to you guys who made this space for us info-hungry and socially-needy growers (whether we’re hermits, loners, family ppl or social butterflies: this little cyber space is a place we can talk about stuff : like “fight club” for example: not supposed to talk about it, except for here!
    Folks can also now create PM "conversation threads" which include multiple people, and add more at any time. So you can have (sort of) a group chat thing without it being so public. Also, as private message notifications are separate, people might realize that they're actually in the conversation a whole lot quicker, perhaps. Especially if the person is like me and basically completely ignores all those notifications other than clicking on them solely to clear the count when I see it hitting triple-digits about once per week. Because (as mentioned), PM notifications are separate, I use my "Watched Threads" page as my forum landing page so I don't need an entire set of this thread that [i]you're already watching[/i] has new replies, that someone quoted you in a reply in a thread that you are already watching, that another 25 people "liked" some of your posts, et cetera are not really useful to me. I doubt if people even use my profile "wall" to post shout-outs. I think I looked at it last year, though. Or was it the year before that? IDK...

    How does this work? Lol
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