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Homer's Legal 4-Plant Max Perpetual Minimalist Garden In Ontario

Homer Simpson

Grow Journal of the Month: August 2019
This fall it became legal for each household in Ontario to grow a maximum of four cannabis plants. Since then I have had one crop completed and harvested and a second in the final weeks of flowering right now but this journal will concentrate on my newest and third generation of plants.

Growing like many hobbies is an endeavour where there is always a new doodad or toy to buy to improve your garden and a person can spend a small fortune if they don’t draw the line somewhere. But my journal will take the minimalist approach as I am going to try to grow the most bud I can with the least amount of equipment and expense and effort sacrificing as little in quantity and quality as possible.

The truth is I already know from my previous crops I can grow way more than I consume so I don’t really have an incentive to spend time money and effort on massive crops when I can grow way more than I need so let’s see how much I can streamline the process and make it as easy and affordable as possible and still have lot’s of bud.

My first crop produced about 9.7 ounces but that was with four plants so my aim now is to produce that much or more with only two plants budding at a time and the other two in the vegetative room. So the challenge is to make two plants as large as four with an equal canopy by training and vegging longer. I will be doing a quadlining on all my plants with probably some variation. So my goal is to be able to produce about 10 ounces every 10 weeks averaging about 1 ounce of week and since I go through 1 ounce in about eight weeks I should have plenty, LOL.

Originally I grew four plants under one 600 W LED light which actually only draws about 275 W of power. So I took them from seedling to the end of their life cycle under one light. But since then I have bought a second 300 W LED that I am using now for the veg cycle and will use the 600 W LED for the flowering cycle. I am going to do a double grow room for two reasons. Firstly, I think I can grow more because I will have my two young plants vegetating getting as big as I want while the flowering two are under the budding light. And secondly, this way I get a crop finished twice as often so it’s more fun but I also think with two lights I can produce more bud with four plants that if I had all four plants just under one 600 W light the whole time.

I will be using Mega Crop alone as my only fertilizer. A lot of members on this site have had a lot of success with it as have I and it is very cheap and very simple as it is a one part fertilizer. I have been using their Bud Explosion on my current budding plants but on this new grow I will just be using the Mega Crop. I am thinking on my next future grow I will try an experiment with identical clones using the mega crop only on one plant and Mega Crop and all their additives on the other but I can’t do that currently because I have different strains going.

Against conventional wisdom, I will also NOT be adjusting my pH as I am takings InTheSheds advice that alkalinity is what matters and not pH.

My soil is coco with some worm castings and vermiculite but I will be switching to Pro-Mix because the mixture I have been using is almost $20 per 5-gallon container and the Promix is apparently about four dollars per 5-gallon container.

So that is my plan and let’s get started. I started my two plants February 14 so there will be a little catch up. My first plant is a cutting of Cannatonic from Resin seeds which hopefully is a high CBD strain for my knees and the other strain is a White Widow seedling from Dinafem for my head, lol.
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Homer Simpson

Grow Journal of the Month: August 2019
Unfortunately I didn’t get I didn’t get pics before they were both in soil. The Tupperware container contains my cutting of Cannatonic. I just sliced the stalk off at 45° and stuck it in water as quickly as I could to avoid an airlock and then after about 10 minutes dipped the cut end in some rooting hormone and put it in soil about an inch deep.

The White Widow seed I soaked in water for 16 hours and once I saw the bean split I placed it about half an inch below soil level and gave it a little spray every day on the soil above the seed. For both my cutting and my seedling I used one quarter strength Mega Crop. So instead of using the 6.2 g per gallon maximum I used about 1.5 g per gallon and put them both in 1 L containers.

I took the cutting and started soaking the seed both on February 14.


Lately I have had 100% success with my cuttings surviving. Once in the Tupperware container I open it up for about 10 minutes every day so they get new air. After about a week I try taking them out to see how they do. If the leaves wilt very much I put them back in but as soon as they can stand being outside the Tupperware container I try to get them out. I will even bring them out for a few hours if that’s all they can take trying to lengthen it each day until they don’t need the extra humidity anymore. I find it’s a race to get them out before they start going moldy but so far so good.

Homer Simpson

Grow Journal of the Month: August 2019
I'm in. Always curious to see what my everyone else in Ontario is growing.
Welcome BudGinger. The more Ontarians the merrier!! :party:

Homer Simpson

Grow Journal of the Month: August 2019
Here the WW seedling is looking pretty healthy and happy. My Cannatonic clone is looking a little yellowish but that is expected at this stage for a cutting. The cutting in the Tupperware I didn't keep because I wanted to stay under the 4 plant limit and it is a Yummy strain that just isn't that impressive. The container to the left of it is another yoghurt container with a paper wet towel draped over it for extra humidity.


On March 10th, 21 days after starting I transplanted both to 5-gallon soft pots. I was pretty happy with my roots on both.


And here the girls are all happy and secure in their new homes.

For my first watering in the big pots, I gave them 50% of Mega Crop or about 3.1 grams per gallon. I had already started letting the pots really dry out between waterings in the small containers to promote root growth. I gave the 5 gallon pots a good soaking but I won't water again till they are really dried out.

Homer Simpson

Grow Journal of the Month: August 2019
On March 11th I topped my White Widow.

And here is my Cannatonic clone being trained even though I didn't top it on March 15th.

Here is the WW on Mar 16th with some good branch growth after being topped.

And the Cannatonic on the 19th with more training.

And the WW on the 19th with her training underway.

Homer Simpson

Grow Journal of the Month: August 2019
Because I am going to bud these 2 plants under a 600W LED they have to fill the 3' x 3' that in my first 2 grows I filled with 4 plants so I need to get twice as much canopy from each plant so I am going to go for max training.

Here is a series of pics of my Cannatonic training up till yesterday.

March 20

March 21

March 23

And WW. March 20

March 21

I am getting a good quad structure on my WW stalk.

Homer Simpson

Grow Journal of the Month: August 2019
And here they are today in all their glory!!!


My budding plants are at one day short of eight weeks so I figure these have two to four weeks left in veg. Hope that gives me enough time. Well I am all caught up. Thanks for everyone who has dropped by already. :party:

Homer Simpson

Grow Journal of the Month: August 2019
Nice Homer! Good luck! Just gonna plop my butt down here and watch you grow!

Hey Sauga. Thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoy the show... :high-five::party::headbanger::thumb:

Homer Simpson

Grow Journal of the Month: August 2019


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Homer Simpson

Grow Journal of the Month: August 2019

Homer Simpson

Grow Journal of the Month: August 2019
Subbed! The one quadline looks like it’s off to a great start!
Subbed! The one quadline looks like it’s off to a great start!
Thank you, Asesino!! Nothing like approval from the inventor of quadlining himself.

My White Widow being from seed is a traditional quadline but the one leg farthest from the light isn’t doing so well but I figure that’s just the way it is because I have to fill a square area with two plants so each plant has to fill a rectangular area twice as long as wide.

The Cannatonic plant is from a cutting but I am just going to treat it like it were a seedling and try and train it the same way and see what happens. Anyway, thanks for dropping in.


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