Asesino's Multi-Strain - Coco - LED - Grow 2

Welcome back to round #2! My last journal was a lot of fun but now that I have some experience under my belt, I hope to show what I have learned. I yielded basically 2.25oz a plant for my first grow ever. I really would like to hit 3oz a plant this time but I would be happy with any improvement honestly.

In my first journal I pretty much updated it every other day and when something worth noting came up as well. This time I will be doing updates every 3 days and I will include anything worth noting in the updates instead of the day it happens. This will still have the same information and will be far more organized but if you want to read a journal that has a lot of pictures and updates, check out my first one.

With that being said, let the games begin! Feel free to ask any questions or make comments along the way! Not a rookie anymore. Lets see what I can do!

The Strains & Setup

Chemdawg (HSO) - The Chemdawg is the mother of all Diesels. A fact evident by the strong, jet-fuel aromas. The strain has its own mythology and an air of the exotic, with a strong, spiritual high that is pure, brilliant sativa. It will flower in around 9 weeks with good yields from a colourful, robust and energetic plant.

Purple Train Wreck (HSO) - This sativa blend has its origin in Arcata, Humboldt, CA, and is one of the strongest sativas created in California. Thin-leafed, vigorous, and a big producer, it is trippy, psychedelic, and something of a creeper. A spicy, sativa-dominant plant with a very special smell that can be described as spicy Kush mixed with sweet tangy cedar.

Ayahuasca Purple (Barney's) - The Farm received a gift of these Red River Delta seeds some years ago. When grown out these incredibly beautiful purple and ruby red plants were a revelation. We then crossed it with our Master Kush and created the perfect strain. Ayahuasca Purple has almost pure Indica traits, creating both high THC and CBD content. The wide fan leaves and short heavyset structure carry colossal dense buds that will need support in the final week of flowering. This strain has a rich hazelnut and papaya aroma and creates a heavenly relaxing and satisfying effect.

White Rhino (Nirvana) - Short, squat and immensely strong, the Rhino has enormous yields of medicinally-superb buds and almost glows in the dark with it's frosted, diamond-encrusted leaves. A spell-binding plant that will have you begging for more.

Apollo Horticulture 48" x 48" x 80" Mylar for vegetative stage.
VIVOSUN Horticulture 48" x 48" x 80" for flowering stage.

Air Filter
iPower Carbon Filter attached to an Apollo Horticulture 6" Inline Fan with built in speed control for VIVOSUN tent.

Holmes lil blizzard 8" Oscillating Table Fan X3 suspended in corners aiming down at plants.
Lasko 4000 Air Stik Ultra-Slim Oscillating Fan for just moving air around on the floor for early vegetative stage. I would not get this fan if I had the option again. It wasn't what I wanted at all but figured I'd put it to some use.

General Hydroponics PH Kit and FloraGro/Boom/Micro
EM-1 Microbial - This is just microbes and molasses water for finishing at the end.
GH Cal-Mag

Roots Organic Formula 707

Mars Hydro Reflector Series 96 x3 - Two for VIVOSUN flower tent and one for Apollo veg tent.

Apollo Horticulture Grow Light Rope Hanger 1/8" with metal gears x9
UV Glasses
BluePrint Controllers EZGrow Timer
Bungee Cords - Trying to eliminate using tape and zip ties this time.
Pro Cal Premium Nursery Pot 5 Gallon x5
Envisioned Velcro Straps Variety Pack
Tierra Garden Soft Ties for Gardening
AcuRite Indoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor x2
Gardeneer Trellis Netting
Hyrdofarm 12" Green Saucers
Apollo Horticulture 2 ft 8 Layer Collapsible Mesh Drying Rack Net
Belkin Surge Protector x2
Mini Dehumidifier - I need a bigger one, this thing just doesn't cut it. It only helped marginally grow #1.
4 inch plastic pots x5 - You can use solo cups instead.
WH Caliber 4 hygrometer x2 - Very accurate and used for curing.
Glass Mason Jars
Fiskars Pruning Sheers
Day 1 - I modified my old tent I used in grow #1 to make it a veg tent. It won't have a carbon filter or inline fan but there will be proper air circulation. It will only have 1 light and at some point I will do cloning and I will enjoy having this. Bungee cords are awesome. I highly suggest them for hanging things.

I used the same germination method that I used in my first grow which is soak the seeds in warm water for 24-48 hours and then plant in soil and put in a germination dome. It worked great again this time and I just used warm tap water in shot glasses and then put in a dark place where the temperature is stable. I then plant with the crack down as that is where the root will come out. I then put in the veg tent with dome on top until they grow to where they are going to touch the dome and take it off (about 3 days). I keep the light 36 inches away and as they get larger I will lower the light. This is something I wanted to make sure I tried this grow as I thought my lights were too far away in my 1st grow at times.

These strains are all some of my favorites and I let the friend that won the contest in grow 1 choose one as well. The seeds had not popped last night before I went to bed so in nearly 12 hours they sprung up quickly! Day 1 is on the way!

I'm trying to make it so I no longer have to go to a dispensary unless I want oil for my pen or something. I wanted to really diversify the 4 different plants and I think the choices are all pretty different. I also wanted to try some purples as the temperature will be lower in the winter time.

White Rhino - Friend's choice.
Ayahuasca Purple - My choice.

Purple Trainwreck - One of my top All-time favorites. Had a good source of this in college for a bit.

Chemdawg - Power puncher.

Well sir, thanks for the honours of first dibs on comfy seating. If the last journal was a warm up then this one will be a real job to watch. The list of grow toys is impressive, quite an inventory. I'll sit back for a couple weeks and watch these little ones grow under the thumb of master Asesino. Thanks for sharing as always, Keep up the good work and...

KiG :green_heart:cheers
Excellent strain choices bud. The only strain with a question mark behind it for me, is the Barneys Farm strain. Growers have had mixed results with Barneys Farm. I've only ever grown out their Vanilla Kush, and that turned out awesome. Was my first grow as well. Want to grow it again now.

Can't wait to see what you will do with these. I grew the White Rhino last year. Was a great smoke, and it is nice and skunky as well.

Good luck brother.
Subbed, duh.

I just planted 4 new seeds last night, but I know better than to try to make this a race! I feel lucky to have a first row seat to watch this one.

Ayahuasca Purple got my attention too when I was going through seeds stores. Would be a good one for my meds but I had to draw the line somewhere. As it was I still ordered 4 new strains, plus the 5 freebies. So many strains, so little time. :Namaste:
Asesino's Multi-Strain - Soil - LED - Grow 2

Great looking setup and awesome variety of strains for your #2 grow! If the rest of your grow is as organized as your initial post this should be a great journal to follow, count me in and good luck! .

Welcome SugarX! I intend to keep this one very organized. I am a business guy and even though people seemed to like my last journal, it got a bit lengthy for my liking. I will post some more pics of my setup tomorrow as I got my flower tent put together. Very happy with it.

Welcome back to everyone else! I must have done something right round one if you are all coming back for round two.

Stoked for multiple strains and ones that are my favorites. It makes the excitement level higher for me this time. Two tents will keep me busier as I got bored at times with grow #1.

Excellent strain choices bud. The only strain with a question mark behind it for me, is the Barneys Farm strain. Growers have had mixed results with Barneys Farm. I've only ever grown out their Vanilla Kush, and that turned out awesome.

Barney's is the Ayahuasca Purple (edited, thanks Blaze) so I hope it does well as it's the one I chose. With having multiple strains now I want to make sure I document where they are from so I know which seed banks give me the best results.

Ayahuasca Purple got my attention too when I was going through seeds stores. Would be a good one for my meds but I had to draw the line somewhere. As it was I still ordered 4 new strains, plus the 5 freebies. So many strains, so little time.

It was one that caught my eye as well and I wanted to do two purples as I've heard they react better in the cold and winter will be landing just at the end of this grow. Hopefully it will have little effect on my grow as I have done some things to make my area even more stable in temperature/humidity. I feel you on the so many strains and so little time thing, plus all the freebies! Two tents will help that as you will find in my update tomorrow!
Asesino's Multi-Strain - Soil - LED - Grow 2

I thought you were running the Nirvana White Rhino??

Typo! My bad. The Ayahuasca Purple is the Barneys, and it's kind of the mystery strain to me in terms of never having smoked it either.
I'm definitely also keen to see what you do with the purple. Let the games begin.
Asesino's Multi-Strain - Soil - LED - Grow 2

Day 4 - I went on a pretty good hike today and just was not feeling like doing much work in my tents. By the next update I will have everything set up completely and the Auto's will be in their own tent. On the Purple Ayahuasca I accidentally snapped one of the cotyledons half off trying to open it up for the plant. It was really stuck over the true leaves but I should have just let it open by itself because I am sure it would have. Dumb move really but so far it hasn't effected anything and I don't think it will. This happened day two and it's just barely the tallest and the true leaves look good so I think I am alright.

For those who followed my first grow I feel like a couple jars are ready enough and starting to really have the effects I expected. I smoked some of it tonight with a little bit of scissor hash from trimming and I got really couch-locked and quite lazy. It feels perfect after a long hike today. I gave a smoke report in that journal and it is basically the same high but more intense. The strain basically came out exactly as Nirvana had described it. My friend had a similar hit and he laid back and eventually took a nap. Indica dominant for sure. Perfect for full body relaxation, sleep and pain relief. Time flies by pretty fast and it does give you a bit of the munchies.

You will notice that there is a couple of other small pots in the mix. Since I have two tents, and one of them not even being used until flower, I decided to throw a couple of freebie auto's in and see what happens. I've wanted to try auto's just out of curiosity. I'm not sure I will do too many more unless they are freebies or if these change my mind. I should be more open minded I supposed as I have seen some people get great results but it just doesn't seem like my style to be honest. Both were planted today using the same germination process as always and should be visible by the next update.

Both the freebies were Indicas. Killer Kush is the front right and Blue Mammoth the front left of the picture.

Auto Strains

Killer Kush (Sweet Seeds) - Ocean Grow Kush but better known as OG Kush. Our Killer Kush Auto is the result of the hybridization between a selected 3rd generation autoflowering genetic line leaning to the indica side and an elite clone of OG Kush.The result is a very potent plant with a very fast flowering. This strain produces large and aromatic buds, all covered by a thick layer of trichomes. The aroma is sweet, citric and acid with exotic tones reminiscent of aromas from the Chem Dawg — Diesel family.

Blue Mammoth (Barneys) - Blue Mammoth is without a doubt a most interestingly exotic plant.This auto-flowering little monster was originally created from a crossing of a Siberian Ruderalis plant into a Blue Cheese X Skunk #1. Beautiful blue hews come through its canopy of dense green colas of sweet indica marijuana.

hard call on dealing with helmet heads. Risks either way. Losing half a cotyledon is minor compared to clamping the first true leaves inside. And sometimes you think you should just leave it alone but you can't help it. We wait enough on these *&*#! blessed plants. Glad it worked out this time.
I usually manually remove the shell on day 2 or 3 if it hasn't come off by itself. Had to do it to the smaller AI this round. It was a little stunted because of it, but it has caught up nicely and is pretty much the same size as the others now.
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