1. JewelsXX

    First Grow: Chemdawg

    Currently I have 10 seeds of Chemdawg 6 on day 3 the other 4 I just germinated them yesterday are now in styrofoam cups... I just been misting the plants about two times a day and give them water about 1 time every 3 days seem to be working good so far.. I'm growing with CFL lights
  2. F5F899E7-EDEA-4F92-AE27-671F55837BDF.jpeg


    Chemdawg auto flower
  3. Asesino85

    Ase's Multi-Strain Quadlining In Coco

    Hey Everyone! About 10 months ago I started a journal with the intention of it being a long, ongoing journal. Even to the point that I thought it would be the last one that I would do no matter if it was one year or ten years later. I was finding doing journals on every grow that I did made for...
  4. I

    LED - Manifold - Mainline ChemDawg - SuperSkunk - Sour D - Fruit Punch

    Whats up 420, I am back for another grow. Another Manifold. With a new light and new strains to try out. So lets just jump right in and get started with what Im working with. I will be growing in a 4/4/5 Shorty Gorilla Grow Tent. Thats a 6"Ipower fan/filter combo you can get on...
  5. Y

    Chemdawg - Thai Stick - One Bagseed

    Hi all, long time reader, first time poster. My 5th or so grow. First indoor. In my closet. Bought the seeds, chemdawg, from a VERY old and reputable seed bank not in the states. Friend gave me the Thai Stick supposedly very old California genetics maintained. One seed obtained from a bag of...
  6. B

    Yellow Spots on leaves - Droopy plant yet explosive root growth?

    Hey guys, Here's my setup. I'm doing an indoor grow in the BC NorthernLights BloomBox. (2 chambered box, controls lights watering etc.) It's a hydro setup with a DWC with airstones and a top feed dripper system. The medium is clay pellets. The two biggest plants are chemdawg from seeds...
  7. Asesino85

    Asesino's Multi-Strain - Coco - LED - Grow 2

    Welcome back to round #2! My last journal was a lot of fun but now that I have some experience under my belt, I hope to show what I have learned. I yielded basically 2.25oz a plant for my first grow ever. I really would like to hit 3oz a plant this time but I would be happy with any improvement...
  8. MagicJim

    Some Classic Favorites & Other Things In Soil

    I've smoked this stuff since 1968 and of those strains that I've grown, my current favorite is Jack Herer followed closely by White Widow. My goal is to find a strain to grow that might move these two down the silo and become my new favorite. I tend to rotate my consumption of strains so that...
  9. N

    2 x Chemdawg Bag Seed - 10 x Train Wreck Auto CKS - Outdoor

    This is my chem plants, both look totally different because one was accidentally stunted do to clumsiness. Veging out my good growing chem in at night out in the day in the garden, I would leave it all day under 4 CFLs because it grows nicely but it gets too hot 90° and higher but have in and...
  10. B

    Chemdawg Aussie Backyard Grow

    Hi all, I've got a Chemdawg seedling growing and just want to make sure I'm doing everything right. What Strain is it? CHEMDAWG Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? SATIVA DOMINANT AROUND 20% THC How Many Plants? 1 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? VEGETATIVE If in Vegetative...
  11. Barney

    600W Earth Grow - 12/12 From Seed - Chemdawg - Ice - Blue Dream & More

    Hi all at 420, :420: This is my first thread on 420, so I'll start with a little about my setup and my ethos on plant TLC: Cabinet: (L x W x H) 3 x 1 x 4 Feet Ventilation: 6" exhaust fan; forced induction; fresh air drawn from open bottom-end of cabinet Light: 600w HPS...
  12. J

    1st Grow Journal - 2nd Grow Altogether - Help Appreciated

    Hello, this is my first grow journal, and my 2nd grow altogether. My first grow consisted of 1 Black Domina (Female) 1 Tahoe OG (Female, stressed to hermie ( :oops: )) and a 3 week later addition Sour Diesel (Female). All three of those were from seed, I was very thankful for the female turn...
  13. M

    1st Time Grow - Organic Soil Outdoors! AK47 - Chemdawg - Silver Haze

    Okay everyone this is my 1st grow my seeds could be male 50 50, I have AK47 witch I named Mandy :), my Chemdawg is bliss ;p and silver haze is Mary cuz you always need a Mary :) this my 1st1st time growing so any advice would be great, im in the 2nd week starting this journal :) What im using...