EastCoastGhost Does Multiple Strains From Cropking - Coco - PS COB


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Here we are again, I have three strains from Cropking I'm trying. They are Crown Royale, Green Crack, and Super Silver Haze. They have already sprouted and are growing good. I will be in Coco using my PS COB. The tent is a 5×5 but I will only be using about 4×4 of it for the plants. I went with a 5×5 so I could have a little more room in there to work and for better airflow. I will be using Advance Nutes with Great White. Here's a few pics I i took of everything. The Super Silver Haze sprouted a few days before the rest so they are a little bit bigger.
Here's a few more that just sprouted, one Green Crack and two Crown Royale
Here's my light, it's on first setting at 42in above the plants
Next pics show my Nutes and the 3-gallon grow bags that I will finish them in

The plan is to veg for 30-35 days and then flip. All advise is appreciated and everyone is welcome to come along for the ride. Hopefully I can blow this tent up with some top shelf sticky buds lol.✌️
I went with the fabric pots this time cause they are supposed to help build better root mass. With a plastic pot the roots keep wrapping around the pot but with the fabric pots the roots air proon and branch off to build better roots. I believe I will like the fabric pots alot better.✌️
I'm subbed up ghost. Rock this
It's great to have you here Derby. I'm going to do my very best to kill this grow. I'm finally getting more comfortable with this coco and I have more confidence in my growing skills now also but I still have alot to learn. I'm excited to see how this run turns out.✌️
If you want a bigger yield, veg them for 2 or 3 months. Bigger plants = bigger roots = bigger yield.
I have 9 plants and I will finish as many as I can in the tent. Whichever ones I don't have room for will go outside and get harvested in October. I usually go with 4-5 in a 4×4 but with the shorter veg I believe I can fit one or two more.Hopefully with a 30 day veg I can finish 6-8 in there but that all depends on alot of things. I do know these plants grow very fast in this coco and I believe they will end up being pretty nice.✌️
The Green Crack clones I harvested on my last run provided me with some top notch buds. They was originally from Humbolt seeds and I have to say, out of the three grows so far Humbolts GC is probably my favorite strain that I have growed so far. The Green Crack I'm growing out this run is from Cropking. It will be interesting to see how Cropkings GC compares to Humbolts GC. I have heard great things about the GC from Cropking and I've also heard great things about the Crown Royale and Super Silver Haze so hopefully they will produce some nice bud.✌️
The good news is that mot of the time you won't need the carbon filter right away. I find mine don't start putting of smell until they are about a month to 6 weeks old.
The good news is that mot of the time you won't need the carbon filter right away. I find mine don't start putting of smell until they are about a month to 6 weeks old.
Yeah that's true, I figure as long as I get one by the time I flip to flower I should be fine. I got to get that dehumidifier also cause spring is coming and so is the higher humidity lol. I enjoyed growing this winter cause my humidity was perfect for flower lol.✌️
I am seeing some great growth already. The two Super Silver Haze are really taking off. They seem like they love this spectrum. I believe I will get larger plants and yield more this run cause of the switch to coco and the new light. I vegged most of my soil plants under my Mars 1200 for 45-60 days. This run I will veg 30-35 days and I got a feeling they will be bigger this time at 35 days under the PS Cob than my previous grows at 60 days in soil under my Mars 1200. They should also pack on more weight in flower. Sorry for all the blabbing I just smoked some of my previous Green Crack and I'm kinda high lmao. I will get some pics up tomorrow.✌️
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