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  • hey Jim, happy Thanksgiving.

    Man I hope the mites go away quick. I've been lucky so far, only a few fungus gnats and they've been MIA for a while.
    I finally got everything chopped. Revegging really bites, but at least it wasn't all 6 plants. Doing a few minor mods to the cabinet then I'll get another set running. Hope all is well.(mites gone etc.)
    Just wondering if you're still around ?
    Well, my efforts with my group did not work out - headquarters decided not to make any kind of statement in support of MMJ.
    So now, Slowpuffer, i AM going to be out there collecting signatures, and i have a collection of articles that i am going to print up (at my expense) and hand out to those who say they don't have enough info. more at my thread.
    But they're not gonna be breaking down doors because you sign a petition !! I just don't get it !! What are we afraid of ?? I got rid of my grow, and that's the only thing they could get me for !!
    I have to hide my head in shame - i didn't go out. I was trying to get a different angle to work - i was going to a national convention of a group i belong to, and i want to stand and have a cannabis legalization resolution adopted. I know someone who did that re gay anti-discrimination, so I thought i could do that. And i've been spending every minute researching time lines, legislative history, bible references, etc, getting prepared and knowledgable. So now i find it might be impossible to stand and request resolutions, or even if they do resolutions any more. So i feel bad thinking i'm wasting my time going in the wrong direction and i could be out there.
    Bummer to hear you are running up against paranoia. DAmn! I freaked out after viewing that SWAT rain in Columbia, MO. I was confident its just a matter of time, but if there is backlash, it could get ugly.
    Thanks very much, enjoyed our attempts to smoke out yer problem.
    Maybe some useful info yet. I asked for drawings and/or parts or repair info if available. Maybe a longshot but it's free to ask ,heheh.

    appreciate the reps
    Hi Slowpuffer, never had mine apart but there was a thread by somebody with that 1/2 lit issue. He described 2 controllers and I believe 2 power supplies. He never did respond to my suggestions so I don't know if he ever fixed the problem.
    You might be able to salvage one working light from the two units. Do you have access to a meter to measure voltages and resistance?
    I guess I should ask you if you can do some measurements and rewiring, before I make any suggestions. PM me.
    Thanks Slow... And for future conversations, it is Irie not Erie.... =o) You will be fine finishing them off with the MH.. I have more then one friend that uses MH for the full grow.. No worries...
    Thank you... Be patient, and learn all you can now so that when you do have the space you will be ready to go...You can add grow stuff as you go along, no hurries and no worries.. Just do what you can afford and don't waste money on non essentials and plan for the future..:peace:
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