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  • So what's up tiger ?? I got involved in this petition because of you, and now you're ditching ?? Love from the Berkshires !! Having hard time getting people to sign this petition, but we will GET ER DONE !! love and hugs !!
    High Tiger, Hope all is well over there ?? I'm writting to see how the signature drive is going . Are you collecting signatures for the petition ?? I am and we're having problems !! People are paranoid, and are worryed about their jobs or the cops. No one wants to stand up and be counted !! Give me some game girl !!
    Hey buddy, thats sad to hear, but safety first. It takes a lot to put fighting for the greater good before your own passion for growing, KUDOS my man. I'll be around the state this summer, and won't have any indoor grows at that time, so keep me posted on any events in the coming months! Good luck brother
    Now, there's a custom i can relate to. Drinking green beer not so much. In fact, i DID keep that custom! Wow, nothing like home grown.
    Thanks for the love Tiger! I owe my craziness to all the good smoke and good friends that I've enjoyed throughout my life. Thanks Bud!
    Dear Tiger Balm thankyou for the rep points
    If you were here i'd pass you nice joints
    Joints are fantastic and good for the soul
    but never a reason to pass up a bowl:peace:
    well bro my luck shins on my latest free been's are C99XBLACKBERRY and and the CH9 MIX.How cool also added D.J.SHORTS BLUBERRY,T.H.SEED'S SOUR AND SAGE.and last but not least drum roll please :tommy: SENSI'S MR.NICE(G-13XHASH PLANT).now this is a real man's indica gently pick you up than slam you back down into a coma
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