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  • Hey DainThanks, same to you Buddy.
    I don't think you saw it, but I posted a note in your journal.
    My Bubblelicious is female and is already getting a little snow on her leaves, so we're a go.:cheer:
    Hi Dain Yep saved two of them. Really hardy planets. The are beautiful too. All we need is a female and it's go. Would love to have two.
    If it works out it ought to be fun comparing them. Guess we just wait and see. I have three more seeds, so we could try again.

    How ya been doing Buddy, you seem refreshed some how. more spirit now.
    That whole family thing must have been tough on you and your family.
    talk with you soon.
    ahh good to hear! and how are the ladies doing? if i may ask...
    my WWs are getting close, just a couple more weeks! new pics tonight.
    been looking at different seeds ;) so many choices and tampering with the idea of "hempy buckets" looking very interesting
    you can still folair feed thats fine!! i use it once a week in all stages(NOT CLONES). it seems to do really well with the THC production. if you use it more than that its just wastin it...
    well im happy to hear you found a career that pays! me, im still looking. this may mean back to construction for me. 4 years ago when i was doing construction i was making double what i make now. i was much better off then.
    47$ an hour,time and a half over time,doubel time on sunday's.my first day was 16 hours.and even tho my last job laid me off i stll got a 2200$ dollar bonus..me i am a heavy duty constrution carpenter and a sand hog like thay showed on tv
    gotta say i envy you ;) im workin my as$ off for peanuts and no more OT or monthly bonus. im still holding my breathe for x-mas bonus. happy i didnt get laid off but this whole "atleast you have a job" tagline my bosses keep feeding me is getting old. come on! 12$/hr for a toolmaker/cnc machinist+programmer its killing me!
    Thanks Dain! You're right--it's a Universal thing, though men may dominate by sheer numbers. Still...it was a woman that developed a 90 day wonder weed almost 30 years ago up in the Santa Cruz mountains--an unheard of time between germination and harvest back in the day. Amazing gal, and I am blessed to have known her back then. I don't know what she's doing these days, but I would imagine if she had her way, she owns her entire mountain by now. ;)
    hey Dain, just thought of a good strain? ever try Mango? from K.C. Brains, pic of a nug on my profile page, very sweet mango/fruity taste, nugs are purple/green and white as white widow full indica
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