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  • Check I put the chocalate recipe in my cooking journal. Tell me if you understand it (except for the sweet gowie ganja all the pict is in my broke down computer) I will give you the recipe of the sweet gowie ganja Made with the left over of the trim leaf and bud from the oil.
    Cool I will start writing my email before I smoke LOL my english will be a little bit better. When you ready to make some oil I will show you step by step if you need help.
    P/S Dont trow the trim leaf and bud after the oil is done they are really good to cook with. I am happy today I will start the harvest of hindu skun first I have to do frost effect. Take care
    High I didn't see Marc on his tour. I am living in the State now in California, love the summer in Canada BUT THE WINTER SUCK FOR ME. I use oil and the left over of the bud and trim after 40 hours of slow cooking and it kick me a few times on hard day of stress. Heavy HERB IS RIGHT English is not my first language. After cooking a few days nobody understand me not even my wife. I was reading some of the stuff I wrote on 420 when I was cooking and tasting my food all day. I decide to write only after smoking not better bur you can read. My friend makes fun of my English in my email. I will help you in your cooking from making oil to recipe.

    no not an oil guru, my wife made some using peacemans recipe and he was telling me how to use it. she also made a lot of canna butter and has been making cookies with it, and it really helps her with her back and knee pain and also helps her sleep.....if you need canna recipes Peaceman is the one to ask, he makes all kinds of canna goodies (he is a little hard to understand tho, I dont think english is his first language but he seems to be a really nice guy and is willing to help)
    Keep me in touch for any help or petition you need. I am proud of Marc Emery, are Canadian for freedom
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