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  • 20210508_114649.jpg
    Yeah I noticed it like a month ago I believe. I'd have to go back in some pictures to find out exactly when it started.
  • 20210508_114649.jpg
    I got you. Interesting. Especially that it's consistent like that. It's been like that the entire time?
  • received_1118664655303253.jpeg
    That's a good friend man! Keeper! Haaa haaa
  • 20210508_114649.jpg
    @Jon I guess I should have said every second leaf has a 2 toned finger, that might make it easier to spot.
  • 20210508_114649.jpg
    This was one of them yes, and there was 1 SBC I would have liked as well. The only odd thing on this plant is the 1 branch at the bottom, every...

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