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Happy Lucky Cannabis

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  • Ayahuasca Purple
    Looks like you're all set to have a Happy New Year.:yummy: Enjoy!:ganjamon:
  • IMG_20191208_073744.jpg
    Yeah I always ran silica from day one also usually worked great always strong plants this is the first I’m not I’ll prob add a bit next watering
  • IMG_20191208_073744.jpg
    I've always used Silica from Day 1 of growing. I toy with the Cal-Mag and Silica on top of my base nutes to get the blended N-P-K numbers where I...
  • IMG_20191208_073744.jpg
    Lol new u was doin something fishy lol I’m def following along ur work brother added some cal to My girls n prob adding some silica also what’s ur...
  • IMG_20191208_073744.jpg
    That was testing a concentrated silica supplement as part of a DIY on how to make your own. Thank god its not my tap water.

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