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  • Good afternoon everybody I hope everyone's doing wonderful I need to check up on people's journals this evening I've been really busy with work and I'm sorry..
    Still at work. hahaha I think I might have eight days straight of this coming 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. selling donuts and drinking coffee and eating them and smoking good bud in the process oh and playing video games while I mop the floor to boot.... Lmao I brought a couple of Clementine this morning clean the hell out of the whole store still fully energy off that bud this morning clean the hell out of the whole store again b 4 we close. Been high all day people say they can't even tell some of my good friends but you can tell by the way I'm cleaning. Hahaha
    Happy April fool's Day everybody can y'all believe it this year is already 3 months passed
    Damn I wish there was some way to make it to where buds don't freaking shrink when you dry the shit hahaha
    I wish I had one person who would accept me for me and I'm just get the fuck away from this god-forsaken town. I freaking hate it here I leave everything behind and go if I could
    I didn't think defeat would come so quickly after my victory over Cao Pi, but if I am to die I would have preferred it to been by Lui Bei's own hand not by one of his henchman's.... At least the land is finally United Si Ma Yi has died......
    I tell you what these motherfuckers are silly they lucky I wasn't here. Anyways the other night two employees was working at Dunkin' Donuts one employee smacked the other employee he was a man she was a woman he smacked her. He lucky I wasn't around I slapped him all over the fucking parking lot mopped him up threw him in the fucking dumpster. That's just me that's what I'd have done if I'd seen it and I was there. I hate to talk like it but touching the woman is bullshit unless you making love and still you don't need to be hitting her
    About time to go see what queen bee has been up to since her 48-hour darkness. Might as well give an update on the double o and also Krissi
    Cannot wait I ain't even got to be on a time limit to look and see what Judith looks like actually 8:00 or be 48 hours but who gives a fuck I probably still wait till 8:00 I don't know ain't made my mind up yet you know me I want to open her up so I can chop her down. Ha
    The devil went down to Georgia he was looking for a soul to steal he was in a bind he was way behind he was willing to make a deal
    Off to the dunk.... Have a good day everyone check my buds in the jar tonight. See where they're at humidity wise
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