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Trichomes of Love Processed for Inhalation

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    You will enjoy her for sure looking at how well formed and beautiful buds are!
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    These got away from me really. I prefer to set them in soil when they crack so I don't break them. My touch isn't always gentle. Very fast to sprout.
  • IMG_4328.jpg
    Impressively fast! Thanks for sharing. I did that last time but it didn't work that fast!
  • IMG_4328.jpg
    Hey flash, 36 hours total. 24 in water and 12 in damp paper towels. Give or take a few hours. These seeds were extra ready to grow. Fastest ever...
  • final middle after.JPG
    Thanks! She's definitely one of my prettiest to date. Can't wait to get her dried and in some jars.

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