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  • cali og kush haze
    Forgot some “r’s”

  • cali og kush haze
    :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore: LUCK….hahahaaha….don’t think so…but sure…you run with that. You pics say otherwise. I mean if you that...
  • IMG_3561.jpg
    You do very well in the pots you use! I have space.
    True…that 4.5sq. Ft foot print I play with is limiting regardless. Having fun always. Peace.
  • IMG_4281.jpg
    I'm trying to remember what grow that was?

    The really fricken good one…however I understand from enjoying these pics….they are all fricken good.
    Guess I was no help.

    Sick work friend.
  • cali og kush haze
    That was a lot of reading and shit good luck! Mostly luck! They are my first photo plants.

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