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  • Chocolate Thai #5.jpg
    Fart! Does the fact that they are THAI ...
  • Chocolate Thai #5.jpg
    Ok, I just gotta ask. Does it taste like chocolate? Smell like chocolate? Quack like chocolate? Therefore chocolate? I am up waaaaay past my bedtime so may have just a foggy notion about what I read so far. These girls of yours are deliberately NOT skunky, am I right so far? Is the fact that...
  • 20221203_101224 CD-1 roots.jpg
    nice roots!
  • Honey Hash Oil
    no write up, but I did send you a message before, with some links
    You are so right, Joe! I read so many threads that my mind tends to forget. I do have it book-marked. Have a good yield to experiment this year. Appreciate the links, sorry for the memory loss. Then again, I smoke...
  • disaster zone.jpeg
    Wait! I am such a goof, trying to find your actual face in a crowded basement . The 100 buck Where's Waldo game is literally front and center. Thumbs up for your stealth once again.

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