EastCoastGhost Does Sponsored Grow: Dr. Seeds Do-Si-Dos


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Ok guys I’m back to journaling and I’m doing a sponsored grow showcasing Dr.Seeds Do-Si-Dos. My Lights are Perfect Sun COB and 320w QB and I will be growing them in coco. I’m pretty excited to try this strain, it’s suppose to be possible to get 30+ thc and lots of good reviews. Here’s a little info about the strain I got from their website

This should be a fun grow and I hope everyone enjoys.✌️
My wife was in car reck earlier today so it’s been a hectic day. She’s ok but the car has a lot of damage and it was her fault to boot. She was on rainy roads and come around a curve and traffic was stoped, she hit another car in the rear but it could have been a lot worse I guess. The important thing is she’s ok.✌️
So are these just their "version" of dosidos? Isn't dosidos an archive strain? Im sure thedocta is shitting his pants right now, he is a bitch about people even using "his" strains that they payed $200 a ten pack for their own crosses. Which i am totally against, i breed my own seeds &whatever anyone ever gets from me is free to do WHATEVER they want with. It looks awesome whatever it is.. I noticed it is just listed as gsc x face off og, archives is ogkb pheno of gsc x face off og BX1 so maybe it is different.. Looks very similar though. Subbin keep it real, ghost glad to see you got this one going im sure you will crush it brotha.
Going to follow along, I picked up their Moby Dick, Super Silver Haze, and Gorilla Glue #4. I don’t think they got the memo about the glue company suing lol.

I saw that dosido description on the website and thought it was bit too strong for this dude. Should be a good grow in Coco.
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