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Wreck Creations - Multiple Strain - 2017 - Greener Than You Think


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Sorry for the late start.. Who really wants to see the veg phase though? Lets get real.

Only joking, it's been a busy summer as im sure it has been for all. Let me kick this bitch off &then i can put up what pictures i have been able to snap in between taking breaths &drinking water. If it wasn't for the flip setting all the buds in so nicely &me being able to take a few days break I probably wouldn't even have the time to be writing this..

-Wreck Creations 2017 Outdoor Lineup-
Strains: Platinum Girl Scout Cookies
Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies
Dreamberry Pie (F1 Blue Dream x Cherry Pie)
Chem 4 x Blue Dream (Name Ideas?)
((Anything but Blue 4 or the like?)) lol

Medium: Locally sourced oak grove forest floor, amended with blood meal, bone meal, feather meal, mycorrhizae &tested to perfection.

Containers: Used plastic pots for seedling stage of all (with exception of chem 4 x blue dream which was a clone in a fabric pot.. All others from seed. I know someone is going to freak out &tell me how forum is clone only, well guess what. We did it. Going against nature? Maybe. Is Forum GSC dank as fuck? Definitely.) Ahem. Once seedlings &clones were of an able size &stature they were planted outside into the ground on May day.. It was a bit cold &gloomy around here the last two weeks of april so didnt do my usual 4/20 day dip but may kicked off right out the gate with almost 90 temps that have just gotten hotter all summer. We had like 20 minutes of rain one day lol. It is finally starting to "cool down" ish.. It is 100 today &yesterday. &almost september. I say keep it coming!

Nutrients: Nectar for the Gods- Medusa's Magic, Gaia Mania, Athena's Aminas &Herculean Harvest. Oregon's Only..

So far flower initiation dates per strain are:
PGSC- 8/2
Dreamberry Pie- 8/10
Chem 4 x Blue Dream- 8/10
Forum GSC- 8/17

Once again friends, sorry for coming in late but now that im not going to be training plants all day while working two jobs i should be able to guide you all throughout my flowering fairly easy :) &i know that is always the reward to the hard work you put in so i am looking forward to it.. Cos i need a break. 4 months sounds about right hahaha. Im gonna go upload what i can, check back tomorrow!


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So here is something interesting i found.. A friend of mine ended up with this crazy purple stalk pheno of northern wreck from this run that he grew out. Thought id share :)




Then here is Dreamberry as a baby..

&here she is 1st week of flower.. The red from the cherry pie really shining through.


Here are Platinum GSC before going in ground, will get some flower pics tomorrow. One pheno decided to split its top all its own.





Here is the Forum Cut GSC after transplant.. With all the goodness we were getting out of the forest floor soil we made we said fuck it.. This one is going IN the oak grove. Pleasantly surprised with the outcome.. Ive never seen a GSC of any type get bigger than me!


Also here is another cut i have of the chernobyl golden ticket straight from subby.. Havent been over to check on it in a few months but im sure it is herkin.. Here it is a week after i got it, as you can see she responded great to training &went in the ground the next day.. Around june 15th. Will take updated pictures asap.


Well thats all ive got for now.. Have been a little more focused on the plants this year than keeping a photo log but i promise i will keep it updated for the flower phase. Hope everyone's gardens are growing well &remember to breathe! Speaking of breaths.. Tonight's strain recommendation is Dosidos. OGKB x Faceoff OG. If you try it tonight you will be at it for at least 3 weeks though, i know i have. Peanut butter cookie GOODNESS. Take care friends.


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Thanks mouser, i appreciate it! Someday.. Is oregon still in your near future? I love the drano idea.. May have to keep that one. Im gonna upload some pics i snapped today. Oh hey before you go grab a sierra out the fridge, dosido with me a time or two &away we go. The beers are frosty but the buds are even frostier!


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Ok soooo.. Away we go!

Here is one of the platinums.. Untopped. She got another tiedown job yesterday.. Was about 9 ft before getting pulled over, now about the 6 ft mark. Branched out fairly well despite being untopped. Just wanted to see how big it would get normal i suppose. Shes a beast.



Then here is the Chem 4 x Blue Dream aka "Draino" :)
Untopped as well, evened out with training &double caged.. Think it might need another. Another 9 footer.



Sorry it wasnt a huge update, i've got to get back to work but will post more as soon as i can! Hope this will tide some weed fiends over, im gonna go get ripped on some cinex! Hope everyone is growing large &in charge!


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Thanks mouser, i appreciate it! Someday.. Is oregon still in your near future? I love the drano idea.. May have to keep that one. Im gonna upload some pics i snapped today. Oh hey before you go grab a sierra out the fridge, dosido with me a time or two &away we go. The beers are frosty but the buds are even frostier!

I would love to just pack up and move, but my family keeps sinking its roots deeper in the North East At the moment Im stuck hoping cannabis sanity strikes theReps and Governor in NH.

Your girls are amazing. I would love to play outside with a 9' beast instead of forcing my plants under 3'

Keep the updates coming :)



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Dang it, mouse.. Chem 4 x Blue Dream is an already existing strain called B-4 :( how original lol.. But as far as i know im the first to do the Blue Dream x Cherry Pie so Dreamberry Pie is staying! Yeah hopefully your side will wise up &it will no longer be a Su-no-no :) It's okay sometimes i wish i could just grow for quality all year round like you do.. A doorway i may be opening soon. Show me the way!


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Little update;
Went &checked on the golden ticket, about two weeks into flower &a frosty surprise.. Especially this early.






Thought i'd upload this for all my frost monster friends, hope you all are enjoying your day &keepin em green! Should have update on all other plants by tonight, stay tuned!


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So here we go, update time!

All plants are doing well.. Some minor heat stress on a few but sites but other than that they are all trucking along! Here are some pictures-

Here is one of the B-4, she has been beasting out all year.. No matter how much defoliation, its right back to green wall. So that's my only problem with this strain.. Too big of leaves &too many.. Some would say thats a good problem to have i suppose, im over it. Cleaned this one out for four hours straight.. Was too dark for after pictures but here she is before. B-4 hahaha.



Here is a nug pic of B-4


Here is a Dreamberry Pie



&here is a PGSC



Well that is it for now.. Will be back at it today. Working on the Forum GSC's so i will try to snap a pic or two. Keep em green &keep em up! Time to roll up some Deadhead O.G. if anyone wants a puff?


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Lookin' good! Man I have not heard of any of the strains you are growing. I guess maybe I have only been interested in big sativas.
:) See ya !


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Thanks man, i bred all these crosses myself, except the B-4 &Golden Ticket Chernobyl, those were clones. I'm pretty happy with them so far, great easy growers, heavy feeders &big yielders with tons of frost &loud as fuck terps. Just what a guy like me is looking for :) Thanks for the input, greatly appreciated. I will post new pics once the sun comes starts shining hard again!


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Sweet! I got a lot of sun today. I am just recently getting into breeding. A few weeks ago I pollinated most of my plants and we will just see what we get!

I just want consistent good smoke. I like a good sativa but some hybrids really surprise me sometime. I mostly like the head change to be predictable. Even though different strains give different effects to different people... I wanna hone in on what my local community likes and what I like to smoke. I have about 15 different strains that I have tried to keep alive for the sake of my family and friends. They find something nice and after it has flowered it is gone. I keep clones and surprise the shit outta someone when they don't think that I bothered to keep their favorite plant.


See you,
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