cherry pie

  1. StonedCrumpet

    Around The World In 80 Strains #7 Birthday Cake

    #7 Birthday Cake Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie 60% Indica 22% THC Appearance - I'll be honest - when I opened up the jar, it just looked like your average green to me. The first impression didnt wow me, if anything I was slightly underwhelmed. After getting a really well grown and dense kush...
  2. StonedCrumpet

    Around The World In 80 Strains #5 Limoncello

    #5 Limoncello Original Lemonade x Cherry Pie 75% Sativa 19% THC Appearance - Lightish green, dense nugs with golden brown hairs. These small boulders really tease you to break them open - inside is just light green with a sparse purple crust. Amazing. Smell - The cherry pie has the dominance...
  3. M

    Cherry Pie Auto - A Noob Perspective

    Disclaimer: I found this site after I had started this and have already learned so much. So what you have here is basically what I thought would be a half decent shot at growing. Light: Vivosun VS1000 Strain: Cherry Pie Auto Lighting: 18/6 Substrate: Fox Farms Ocean Forest So… admittedly I...
  4. cherry-pie-hanfsamen-female-marijuanaseeds-cannapot.jpg


  5. Regrowth

    Cherry Pie Under Martian Sky

    Mars Hydro recently held a contest for Fathers Day and I was lucky enough to win a SP3000 and a grow tent. I'd like to thank @Mars Hydro for being a sponsor here and for the awesome gear. I'll be journaling a Cherry Pie that I started from seed a few months ago. Unboxing: The items were...
  6. O

    pH balance 6.4-7

    We have a few clones that are about 4-5 weeks into veg mode. Their soil Ph level is around 6.4 to 7. Does this change depending on what strain they are?
  7. Sunday morning

    Sunday morning

  8. Greencoat

    Abandoned First Grow - Cherry Pie

  9. 45thdegreeMP3

    Abandoned Wreck Creations - Multiple Strain - 2017 - Greener Than You Think

    Sorry for the late start.. Who really wants to see the veg phase though? Lets get real. Only joking, it's been a busy summer as im sure it has been for all. Let me kick this bitch off &then i can put up what pictures i have been able to snap in between taking breaths &drinking water. If it...
  10. A

    Abandoned 420 - 1st Timer

    Hello folks, this is my first time growing and I'm pretty stoked! Okay so I stay in Cali so it's everywhere out here and I thought to my self why not grow some myself.. I am a patient and I just don't really like to buy from the clubbs personally but I do so whatever. Haha. Alrite so I was...
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