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cherry pie

  1. Sunday morning

    Sunday morning

  2. Greencoat

    First Grow - Cherry Pie

  3. 45thdegreeMP3

    Wreck Creations - Multiple Strain - 2017 - Greener Than You Think

    Sorry for the late start.. Who really wants to see the veg phase though? Lets get real. Only joking, it's been a busy summer as im sure it has been for all. Let me kick this bitch off &then i can put up what pictures i have been able to snap in between taking breaths &drinking water. If it...
  4. A

    420 - 1st Timer

    Hello folks, this is my first time growing and I'm pretty stoked! Okay so I stay in Cali so it's everywhere out here and I thought to my self why not grow some myself.. I am a patient and I just don't really like to buy from the clubbs personally but I do so whatever. Haha. Alrite so I was...
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