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Much love to the 420 mag forum family in 2020. Please feel free to follow along in this homage to 420 mag forum and its members. Everything positive shown in this grow journal has undoubtedly been picked up from my time here and the wonderful people that inhabit this forum. Sadly some of those people are no longer with us and may their spirit live on through us somehow.

Tent - 3' x 3' x 6.5' Fusion
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Fan & Filter - Fusion Pro 6" with Carbon Filter & Pre-filter
Fan draws air through the filter on the bottom of the tent, on a custom stand to keep it clean and dry, and the exhaust is blown out through a wall vent into an adjacent room. Clean air is drawn from the upper most ports to create a natural air circulation flow in the tent. I did not use small plastic fans last grow. Limiting weak points in my fire prevention plan. My carbon filter and fan essentially run constantly. It keeps the temperature in check, feeds the plants fresh air, and filters the air where toking occurs.
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Autotpot USA System - Single reservoir with 4 pots
This has been a great addition to my grow method. Limiting water stresses on my plants and improving the overall grow experience. Less tedious waterings. An ability to feed the plants targeted nutrients through the reservoir, top dress, or feed aerated compost teas over the top. I can leave for a week or two without much worry. Lesson learned last grow when I top dressed sativa with insect frass as well as a light feed in the reservoir. No bueno. Also using my trusty cheapo DIY scrog frame.
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Medium - Soil. Living or dead I dunno.
I started off with Clackamus Coots LOS recipe and went from there. Its been a long winding road to what my soil currently is. I still haven't sent it in for testing, which I should, and might still. I think we are ok. This hybrid grow should dig it. I still have over 100 gallons in various stages of decomposing vegetative matter.
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Light - 315w CMH
I have tried a purple cob, perfect sun dwarf star, and this 315w CMH. I am digging the CMH. Frosty, good penetration, and the few degrees of increased heat has improved my environment. Bringing up the temperature to a more normal level. 25-27C. RH is still generally too low in my environment but that has also meant no mold and limited pest involvement. The fan and filter on the ground gives me more height to maximize the benefit of the CMH.

Power - Dedicated 20 amp circuit
I had an electrical company pull permits and install a dedicated plug and power source to my small tent and grow. Overkill but now we know its 150% safe to run the entire tent from that outlet. Obvious staying under the 20amp limit. I am sitting around 7-9amps draw now. I keep a fire extinguisher next to the tent as well. Only I can prevent grow fires after all.

ok ok ok. I know you just want to see what I am growing...

Genetics - @TheMadDabber and @Van Stank
You can find the stories and backgrounds of the strain right here in 420. These were grown and crossed with love. ATF x Stankberry and Grape Krush x Stankberry. Which loosely breaks down to ATF x ATF x Blueberry, and Blueberry x Blueberry x ATF. Or close to it, correct me if I am wrong gents.

Current Situation - Seedlings in the veg tent under T5's
I soaked a couple of each Stankberry cross for around 18 hours. Put them in moist paper towel inside an inflated freezer bag for another 12-18 hours and the tap roots on all of them were 1/2" long. I put 1/2 cup of soil in 2" cube trays for the seedlings and firmed it up, before adding another 1/2 cup of soil a bit more loose. With a permanent marker I made big holes for the seedlings 1/2" deep or so. Covered them up and moistened the trays with a water and H2O2 mixture. Overnight one popped up and was standing tall hours later. These are ready to rock and roll.

Added bonus material
Its been a while since I posted a journal here. Been working on other projects and taking a break from the work required to do the journal thing. This is a worthy project. I have been working on the Advanced Photography thread if you are interested in upping your knowledge of your camera or how to take better images. Its a collective of some great folks in 420 mag who have a bit more advanced knowledge in photography. If you are a seasoned pro, please head over and add to the knowledge base, the intent was to have a one stop shop for advanced techniques rather than individuals having threads that could get lost in the sauce. Lately its a thread to show off images but we are there to help anyone with questions. Link in my signature.

Here are a few of my recent favourite photographs.

Also some of you folks may see me around the Malawi Cob thread as that is something I have been working on the last few grows. Here is a few of those delicious products.

Finally. I have sort of started to teach myself how to do more advanced audio visual work. I put together a video of some of what I have been working on the last few months. The following is 100% original content.

So that's that. Feel free to chat amongst yourselves, post or share images and updates from your grows, or just creep from the sidelines.
Very nice buddy love the intro man.

I was lucky enough to have those beans too prob going to drop a few I door to start and out a few outdoor this year ?
Definitely would love to follow along urban.
Hey UA! I'll pull up a chair and follow along. Some great pics!

Happy to have you too Ween. Gotta shake what my momma gave me. I take better pictures than I do grow weed lol. One of these days the latter will get better and the photos in turn should be better.
Ok 1st. couple of bags of poofs in between games. Let's get this party started. Blow the roof off that tent.

Passing you some of this violator kush tonight buddy .:passitleft::popcorn:
Cool setup! You got a lot of things in motion all at once, I love it!
Thank you! Yeah it has been a lot of experimenting to get to this point. Fabric pots, big totes, autopots, and various lights. Looking to improve my yields but I wasn't too worried about it. Just methodically have been changing one thing at at time looking for improvements. Soil is the last thing I haven't really swapped out. So if this round isn't fat. The soil is the next thing to tweak.

Mind if I pull up s chair?
Please do! This will be a more fun journal with a bunch of folks.
Very nice buddy love the intro man.

I was lucky enough to have those beans too prob going to drop a few I door to start and out a few outdoor this year ?
Definitely would love to follow along urban.

Hell yeah, welcome Joe, always glad to have you. These are gonna be monsters. I might put a few outside. They might be late veg and just perfect time for clones.
Ill sit in the corner and watch things progress. I have some Stankberry seeds I need to pop at some point.
Fantastic, I have been waiting months and months to grow these, I watched them being made. I was lucky enough to score some and distributed them across the barren plains. I am excited to see the blueberry and ATF expressions take shape. Glad to have you along.
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