Salaciousness, Sin And Seedsman Seeds With Preston9mm And Trala

Omg! I’m probs too lit to be putting together a journal lolling! But I’m gonna give it a go lol!

Short Story: Preston and I are doing a joint journal featuring Seedsman Seeds lol

Long Story: OMFG! So P⭐️ and I decided to do a journal. He plants his seed it sprouts. I plant my seed. 5 days later - nothing. So dig it up. She’s left to sit on my workbench for a few hours.


I almost admit defeat, then at the eleventh hour I wrap it in wet paper towel. Two days later I accidentally find that paper towel lol and I see a tap root! So I sling her in dirt!


Today she woke, so here we are!

Amethyst Bee aka Purple Ghost Candy
Seed from Sponsors Seedsman Seeds
Today Years Old


I’ll be growing in dirt using both the sun and my old Mars Hydro 1000 to light her up. I’ll be using Mega Crop to feed and I’ll be Carhooking to train.

Your move @Preston9mm
Party time!

Welcome to the world Amethyst Bee! 💪

Here's a quick rundown of the start on my babies...

I start with a soak in water for a day or two; these two both started to split open in the cup after around 18 hours.

I move them into a wet paper towel and place it in a sandwich baggie until they shoot out a viable tap root.

I planted them about half inch deep in coco and water with tap water for the first week or so before introducing nutrients.

These babies surfaced pretty quick.

I'll be growing these under my Mars Hydro FC6500 (dimmed to around 50% power)

They're doing great so far; we're somewhere around a week old now.

They will be in straight coco coir with Dyna Gro nutrients.

I gotta come up with some creative names for these 2.... Was thinking about Booty & Boobies :hmmmm:, my favorite things! 🤣 I'll mull it over a bit & come up with something lol

Super excited for this grow! Nothing better than growing alongside such a ray of sunshine like @Trala

Stay MotaVated y'all!
The seedlings look great. I see Trala's had to have some drama ;)
Let’s be real. If you are easily offended, you’re in the wrong fucking thread.
I was trying to ease em in slow..... like a gentleman! 🤣
Kk I got a cheeky update already. My seedling is 24 hours old and she’s had her first uppot.

Me: I like to keep it simple
Also me: So I’m now in uppot number 132… lol!

I am using this Great White product, but I actually think it does fuck all. I know the avid pHing, LUX documenting, CalMagging serious “science” based grower loves ‘em, but for me yeah nah. I’ve used it on some plants, and not others and I can’t tell who got what. I think it’s like breast milk. Sure the experts say it’s best, but once your baby hits toddler stage, you can’t tell who got started on the tit and who got the formula.

I have 2 Purple Ghost Candy plants so I’ll use the Great White on Ammy, and not Mika and see if there is any difference. I personally think it just makes expensive water.

My biggest job right now is keeping the canopy even on all my plants so they get even light distribution. I Tetris heights with bricks. Ammy will veg with her sisters to different misters. That veg light is now 4 years old. It’s defs not as powerful as my other Mars Hydro light. Seems strong enough to veg em tho.

Day 2


Thanks for having a look fellow purple people eaters💜💜💜
The whole start journal was exactly what I needed to read after the long day I had. Thanks for keeping growing light and fun. It gets a little science serious in some of these journals, which I can appreciate but sometimes I just need some light hearted stuff. Plus I read boobies and booty and chuckled like a little kid :laughtwo:. Keep up the good work looking forward to the next 400 pages lol.
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