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    Looking good Moving into veg room
  2. Seedlings


    Most are ok
  3. WalterGamer8

    Cannot even get seeds to sprout and it's hacking me off

    So i ordered 8 seeds from seedsman and I originally germinated 4 of them all with the paper towel method and saw a white taproot and planted them into FFOF soil. I think the problem why these first 4 didnt sprout was because I was watering them too much and had them under a 600w hps light and...
  4. C

    Hey! New time grower! Need some help & advice

    Ok so I just started growing White widow indoors, my 4/5 seeds germinated and are now sprouting, 3 of them have their first leaves growing in. As for lighting, I have them in the window sill on warm sunny days, usually only get 5-6 hours from the sill, on rainy days I have them under 2 16w LED...
  5. WalterGamer8

    Seeds aren't sprouting and I'm really worried

    I have 3 seeds in my closet that I just planted directly into fox farm ocean forest soil. I have another seed that I germinated with the paper towel method and I saw a taproot and planted it into soil. When I planted the seeds I only watered them a little bit with phed water. My humidity is 40%...
  6. M

    What's wrong with seedlings?

    Hey I watered these two plants every two days, I watered the both yesterday. They seem to be moving slow with growing. Both are going on 2 weeks so any suggestions to keep these guys growing strong or fix anything that may be wrong.
  7. H

    BAC products, not sure how to use them

    I was given a bottle of "zeegras" kelp and a bottle of "BAC Daily" for free from my local hydroponic store, but the bottles have very little information on them. All I know is that I told my guy that I wanted to try adding kelp and micro organisms to my next grow and he said I can have these...
  8. Black Cali Grapes

    Black Cali Grapes

  9. Seedlings recovered- black Cali grapes

    Seedlings recovered- black Cali grapes

    After removing the seeds film that was left of the leaf. Looks like they are doing good
  10. Black Cali Grapes

    Black Cali Grapes

  11. All but 4

    All but 4

    All up but 4... interesting little group making me work for it.... divas!
  12. Shells off!

    Shells off!

  13. themaddaber weed babies

    themaddaber weed babies

    either an ATF x Stankberry or a Grape Krush x Stankberry
  14. Q

    What am I doing wrong?

    I have no problems germinating my seeds using the paper towel method, the first tap root almost always appears within 16-36 hours. I then place them in rockwool cubes which have been soaked in ph balanced water and it does end up shooting but either they get way too tall and fall over or they...
  15. DarionOzb

    Seedling Transplanting

    Hi guys. Im a new grower and I started these seeds a couple weeks ago. I just happened to look at the cup and see the roots are growing like crazy. Does this mean its time to transplant them? Also, I noticed they are getting a little yellow on some of the leaves. What does this mean? Nute...
  16. September 2019 Lions Head Outdoor Grow

    September 2019 Lions Head Outdoor Grow

    Seedlings put to sprout 2 to 2 1/5 weeks ago include two different Swaz bagseed, Blueberry, Malawi bag and aMaphondo. I am hoping to add a couple more this season.
  17. seedlings


    Blew Hiller Greenhouse Grow Summer 2019
  18. Seedlings galore!

    Seedlings galore!

    Five Blueberry Bliss auto(already up), and seventeen of my Black Durban Poison x Sour Diesel x Peruvian
  19. M

    Change lights on timing

    New to the scene. Working on my first grow. I have four seedlings, sprouted about seven days ago. I have them on an 18/6 cycle, 6am-12am. I've read that running lights during "off peak" times is cheaper and will save a few bucks in the long run. If there's any truth to that, I want to go from...
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