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  1. September 2019 Lions Head Outdoor Grow

    September 2019 Lions Head Outdoor Grow

    Seedlings put to sprout 2 to 2 1/5 weeks ago include two different Swaz bagseed, Blueberry, Malawi bag and aMaphondo. I am hoping to add a couple more this season.
  2. seedlings


    Blew Hiller Greenhouse Grow Summer 2019
  3. Seedlings galore!

    Seedlings galore!

    Five Blueberry Bliss auto(already up), and seventeen of my Black Durban Poison x Sour Diesel x Peruvian
  4. M

    Change lights on timing

    New to the scene. Working on my first grow. I have four seedlings, sprouted about seven days ago. I have them on an 18/6 cycle, 6am-12am. I've read that running lights during "off peak" times is cheaper and will save a few bucks in the long run. If there's any truth to that, I want to go from...
  5. Growingasmile

    Well I did it, I messed up my light schedule

    My alarm clock was set for pm instead of am and i woke up 4:30 hours late to get my light on, i'm running 18.5 on 5.5 off, and I don't know if I should resume the normal light schedule or if I should make sure the light runs for 18.5 or maybe even 19 now before starting the new dark cycle or if...
  6. Growingasmile

    My piston pump is chooching at 130f

    I just bought this pston pump it's ultra noisy and hotter than i would like is 130f normal temps? Should i return the pump?
  7. Growingasmile

    Heat from a piston pump, also noise

    Anyone know how to reduce the noise and heat generated by a pond pump? I love the smell of cannabis getting ready for sleep it's like a mowed lawn but with cannabis.
  8. Five Whoberry Haze seedlings

    Five Whoberry Haze seedlings

    Waiting for them to show sex
  9. Whoberry Haze in normal light

    Whoberry Haze in normal light

    Put in the cooler to better see the Thrips
  10. Whoberry  Haze seedlings

    Whoberry Haze seedlings

    Whoberry Haze is Blue Haze x Dr. Who , six survivors of the Thrip attack.
  11. Harelquin babies 9 days old.JPG

    Harelquin babies 9 days old.JPG

  12. CFL's in position.JPG

    CFL's in position.JPG

  13. 215BegginingGrower

    What are these small white spots on my seedling? Please help!

    Im new To growing and I have one particular question about my new weed plant. There are these white tiny spots along the first two leaves that sprouted and I’m neverous if there is something I’m missing. I use a desk Lamp with blue light at 100W about 4/5 inches away from the plant in a...
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