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Babbitt's Bubba Grow


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Just a few picture updates on the 2 tents.
Veg tent with the Bubbas and a Green Crack which is 2 weeks older and a clone donor for now

Flower tent with White cookies in week 6, Skunkberry and White cookies just showing flowers

Ghost, I harvested the Crown Royal last week and it is a real nice smoke so far. Here are some pics of it curing

Man alive look at the frost on that Crown Royale. That gets me excited about mine lol. Great Job on them Babbitt.✌


Fed the 3 God Bubbas full strength Nutes today. This will be the last veg feeding for plants 1 & 4, the lights change at midnight for these 2 girls.

Plant #3 is remaining in the veg tent beside its older sister Green Crack.

Really liking how the green crack fills out from LST training. Transplanted the Green Crack into a smart pot today also.


Sorry about the lack of updates but ive been away for work for a while and for another 14-20 days. Should be hone in time to get some good pictures before the harvest and to complete the journal


Still working out of town for another week to 10 days. Will post a update when I get back. Im pretty excited to see how much the Bubbas have grown. They should be into week 5 when I return.


Harvested the plants a week ago. 66 grams and 64 grams dry.

This Gods Bubba strain from Jordan of the Islands was very easy to grow and the final product does not disappoint. Sticky buds with heavy couch lock setting in right away!
Thanks for following my grow
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Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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