AKGramma's Harlequin Soil Grow Fall 2018


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Starting off fresh with a new grow and a new Journal.

STRAIN: Harlequin
THC/CDB: 2:5
ANCESTRY: Thai, Colombian Gold, Swiss Sativa landraces, with a Nepali Indica.
FLAVORS: Earthy, Mango & Citrus
MEDICAL OR RECREATIONAL: Medical use, mainly pain relief without the high.

MEDIUM: 75% perlite, 25% Black Gold Houseplant soil
NUTES: Miracle Grow for Tomatoes and Miracle Grow Bloom, Sea Magic Seaweed Extract, Epsom Salts+ Grandma's Unsulphered Molasses (homemade Sugar Daddy)
NUTE SCHEDULE: Starting at 1 month, weekly, using a drench-dry watering cycle
MITE WEAPONS: Neem oil mixed with mild liquid soap and water, to be sprayed liberally when needed and as an occasional soil drench. Alternate with SNS if infestation is stubborn.

POT SIZE: 3 gallon tall kitchen bins, holes in bottom, set in larger bins to catch water.

LIGHTING: (2) Mars 300's plus 4 pair 23 W CFLs placed lower to encourage side growth.
GROW UNIT: (2) 36" x 15" x 60" wire wardrobes wired to make a 36" x 36" grow unit. Poly white tarp "walls"
LIGHT SCHEDULE: Veg = 16/8, Flower 12/12, gradually decreasing daylength to 10/14 later in flower.

PROPOSED CROP: Plan to mate a male with one female to increase seed supply, and grow the rest of the females sensimilla for buds.

All set up! Will continue tomorrow!
I'm glad you survived The Attack of the Rampaging Cannabis Pollen.

Morning all!

I'm going to write my comments for newbies who stumble upon this little, budget grow in the corner of my bedroom. So my buddies, please have patience for the basic instructions. They are also reminders to me, to follow what works for me.

Day #1: sprouting the seeds. I have sprouted seeds a number of ways, and sometimes wondered where a seed in soil went. So, rather than dig around looking for a slow seed, I prefer to use the wet paper towel method, so I can peek at the developing embryos.

Step 1: Label a paper towel with strain and date. Spray till just wet. Lay out the seeds you are going to sprout.

Step 2: fold the paper towel once and spray again if the flap is dry.

Step 3: Slide packet into a sandwich bag and label the bag.

Step 4: Place packet under a CFL bulb for warmth. This light is next to my computer station, so I can keep an eye on it.

Now you wait. Check every couple days. DO NOT touch the seeds once you put them in the paper towel. Just look. ;)
Now is the time to set up your plant's first containers. These are regular (light-responsive, or Photoperiod) seeds, so they are OK in a smaller container, while they are small.

I recycle fast-food plastic cups, but you can use store-bought, and it is your choice whether or not to use clear or colored. I like the clear, so I can monitor root development. More about that later, when I'm ready to transplant.

These are about 12 oz in size. Bore a hole in the bottom for drainage. Also, prepare a tag for each seed you will transplant.

Fill cups with your medium and press lightly to compress. Mine is 75% Perlite and 25% soil. But you can use all Perlite (buy the coarse style), or coco, or your own medium mix.

Thoroughly drench each cup and let it run off into the pan/tray. Let it sit for about an hour, so they can soak up as much of the run-off that they need.

After the hour, drain the pan. You can cover these to keep the moisture in, and put them aside till the seeds are ready for transplant.

While you are waiting for the seeds to pop, you can also prepare your grow unit. On a budget, you can use shelving attached to the wall, wire shelving (which is great for mounting lights to), or pick up a used grow tent. Mount your lights, while you are at it.

If this is not your first grow, wash down your existing grow space with some kind of disinfectant to eliminate old spores, mite eggs, dirt, etc. Prepare the bins you are going to grow them to maturity in, washing out used bins with hot water, then filling with medium and drenching, like was done with the cups.

It's important to keep busy while waiting for the seeds to pop, so you don't mother them to death. :rofl:

During this time, you can also pick up your nutes and amendments. Epsom salts and molasses can be purchased cheaply in the food and first aid aisles. Miracle Grow, altho frowned on by Cannabis connoisseurs, works just fine. Also pick up a small bag of worm castings. The plants LOVE it! You wont need much. See post #1 for other amendments.

That is all for now. DON'T TOUCH THE SEEDS!!!!!!!!
I’m so glad to see you starting a new journal. :hug: It especially pleases me to see you’re going to detail a basic grow. I believe, as do you, that it’s important to demonstrate that almost anyone can grow cannabis on a shoestring.

I’ll ride with you, and I’ll commit to keeping up with you daily. :battingeyelashes:
Im in as well :) Cant wait to see how they do.

Glad to have you follow my humble grow. I viewed your Harley pics, so I know what to expect. With luck, I'll get a male and be able to develop a supply of seeds, too! :yummy:
Only 2 days and two have sprouted!

First pic shows two new sprouts and the tool used to move them. I lick the tweezers to give them a better grip on the slippery seed coats. This takes some dexterity, but don't be tempted to squeeze hard, or they will shoot across the room, break their root tips, and disappear somewhere in the rug! :rofl:

Next pic is planting in cups. I used a thick chopstick to make the hole, the tweezers to gently drop the seedling into the hole, and covered them lightly with soil. Spritz the soil right over the seed to settle the seedling into the soil.

Note the tag is labelled with the date they sprouted, so I can keep track if the later sprouts catch up, or if the males sprout first and the females later.

They will remain under 24 hours under CFL's (for warmth) until they emerge from the soil. :popcorn:
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