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  • Hi Amy, Not many Aussies about, have you any experience with Searles Organic soil by any chance, i grow only autos, that i can fit on my modded bbq carts , lol grasshounds i call them. I am a bit uncertain about the soil due to searching here finding a fellow aussie using it , but maybe it wasnt the soil and more a learning curve, as it was their first grow. I have used searles advanced premium 12month fert for the first and second grow ( in progress, not as good as first), thx Smokey
    Congrats on winning December's Photo of the Month, Amy! I just read it now in the January edition of What's New on 420. :D
    Hi Amy,

    I've been mostly away from 420 since the website upgrade. I'm not sure why your name popped in my head (probably because I always respected your posts) but I thought I'd alert you to my post and see if you can help.

    I lost my grow buddy and have had to turn to the greater community. Maybe you can help out?


    Congrats on Member of the Month in March. You certainly earned it.

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