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  • Hi Amy,
    I see you was asking about a larger carbon filter on Mr Saugas thread, there is a new brand called carbocone who do one which is 500mm long and lasts up-to three years, hope this helps :Namaste:
    Well hi there, this is a huge site and I don't get the opportunity to read through every thread like I would want, but your words of wisdom have cropped up in so many threads, offering words of encouragement (that's probably spelled wrong) and offering everything you seem to know and have learned to all of us. Thank you! Thank you! and may God Bless you and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you may have a great new year!
    Merry Christmas Amy.

    Thank you for all you do.
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    Amy Gardner
    Amy Gardner
    Cheers to you too Hempster! I hope your season was full of rest and good times.

    Thanks for saying so - I am deeply grateful for these forums myself :high-five: :Namaste:
    Hi Amy, Not many Aussies about, have you any experience with Searles Organic soil by any chance, i grow only autos, that i can fit on my modded bbq carts , lol grasshounds i call them. I am a bit uncertain about the soil due to searching here finding a fellow aussie using it , but maybe it wasnt the soil and more a learning curve, as it was their first grow. I have used searles advanced premium 12month fert for the first and second grow ( in progress, not as good as first), thx Smokey
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    Amy Gardner
    Amy Gardner
    Wow this is old now... so sorry. Slow to see my own profile page had messages. I dont have experience with any of those products Smokeyf’oz - but I imagine you have made many further discoveries and tried many things since dropping this note :)

    Hope all is well in your zone - what with fires and floods and wotnot! :Namaste:
    Congrats on winning December's Photo of the Month, Amy! I just read it now in the January edition of What's New on 420. :D
    Hi Amy,

    I've been mostly away from 420 since the website upgrade. I'm not sure why your name popped in my head (probably because I always respected your posts) but I thought I'd alert you to my post and see if you can help.

    I lost my grow buddy and have had to turn to the greater community. Maybe you can help out?


    Congrats on Member of the Month in March. You certainly earned it.

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