A Martian Alchemy: Turning LED Into Gold With The FC3000


A week ago the brand spanking new Mars Hydro FC3000 arrived.


I unpacked and installed it immediately. It has been transformative.

This candida clone has grown six inches in seven days.
Which is why supermodels hate the paparazzi. If she had known in advance about the photographer in the bushes she would have done something about her shoes. That’s a classy ten litre bucket she’s standing in.

We will be following the FC3000 into the flower room in a short while. I wanted to get some of these veggers to a more sensible size before flipping them and so far, so good. I started the dimmer at 30% of full power. I crept it up to 62ish where it has stayed the last two days.

I think a bit of leaf crinkle in the canopy now is a combination of adjusting to the new vigour the light gives them, and me overwatering like a rookie. The jury is still out. I did go from watering once every couple of weeks (yes) to every day or two as the girls all seemed to wake up and come to life with a lust for light.

For anyone who didn’t tap the unboxing link above, the light which the FC3000 replaces in veg was 40W. Spectrum charts and ppfd maps are on the link. I’ll reload them here when we get to flower.

Yields from the Stable have been diminishing as that 40W has struggled to keep producing plants of any size to bloom.

The “gold” referred to in the title of this journal is of course rosin. It forms the basis of all my future cannamed plans at this stage. I can already see that this new light is very likely to do impressive things to our yields.

The 400W HPS which the FC3000 will replace soon has been giving me an average of 1.4gpw (grams per Watt). This should be an easy target to beat.

Thanks to @SmokeSara and your sponsorship here at the best place on the internet.
Our first impression of this light is compelling enough that we are already setting our sights on the Mars Hydro FC4800 as our next investment for the flower room.
In the shorter term, I expect that if I can get the dimmer on this FC3000 up to 100% the results in veg could be formidable.

I know grow journals are supposed to open with lots of stuff about things and such. This one is mainly about the light so we’ll bumper sticker the rest of it here. We will be growing a combination of CBD and THC yielding sativa/Indica hybrids in recycled canna terra pro, feeding with megacrop in RO H2O. There we go.

Much love to 420Magazine and many thanks to Mars Hydro.

Please follow along and chip in when you can.

That product is supposed to be really efficient. You might end up exceeding your previous harvest, even though it's only using ~75% of the electricity.
exciting to how this goes DD
exciting to how this goes DD
Looks Great ! Looking forward to seeing what that light will do compared to my Mars lights. What are the veg & bloom coverage on your new light ?
Thanks guys. Thanks for chiming in. The FC3000 is spec’ed to cover 4x4’ for veg and 3x3’ for flower. This is the exact opposite of what I have. :p
WooHoo! Hey Donk, love the new setup! Best of luck with the new awesome light! Last time I upgraded like this It gave over 30% more output from the tent first off. MarsHydro for the win!
That’s good to know, aquaman :p So on in paper(s) that’s 1.85ish gpw without trying. IDK what that looks like in jars :laugh:any yield is good yield, but better is better of course.
When everything goes right we can blame our tools, but when stuff gets dark that’s on us, right?
My need for the alchemy at the end of this is increasing.
I’m happy to say after only a week’s acquaintance with the kit, that it looks like it will keep up at least. Getting ahead with the meds is still a dream in the Stable. A daydream that is; 3:30am here and it’s that grey time of day when it’s hard to say if it is the end of one long day or the start of another one. Pain sucks.
Why it become a blue light, lol
You like the blue effect, Sara? I think it looks cool :cool:
These pictures are taken looking through special safety glasses which are used for gas-cutting metal, so with them you can see very bright things.
The FC3000 is very bright!
So, it seems, is the future of our garden. Xia xia.

The glasses are completely useless for looking at the plants, btw :laughtwo: Only for looking up at the light.
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