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  1. SmokeSara

    Mars Hydro Giveaway Time: Come And Win TS-2000 High PPE Led Grow Light!

    Hey what's up growers! Mars Hydro Giveaway Time again! :love::love::love: This time, we are going to sponser our newly unreleased TS-2000. This is the bigger version of our TS-1000, it has two type, one is square one, another is rectangle one. Each great for 4x4 or 3x5 area. High PPE as...
  2. Mars Hydro AU promotion sales.jpg

    Mars Hydro AU promotion sales.jpg

  3. SmokeSara

    4.20 sales for Mars Hydro LED grow lights investigation

    Hi 420 growers! Recently more and more growers are checking with me about the promotion on 4.20 as the time is getting close. We actually don't have the sales for the special day, but I can help apply with my boss, and now I need to get some support from you. Time: from today to 15th...
  4. 561D798F-B144-4BAE-97A2-BE48619FA6E8.jpeg


    Light shots !!
  5. 16EB2701-CD0A-4B5B-A1F9-4D72EC7E2C39.jpeg


    White widow x atf just south of top cola , thank you themaddabber
  6. DF0C4BAC-E677-43EE-8E12-5D3988CA97A2.jpeg


    Purple monkey balls top cola shot in the good 4x4 tent under mars hydro reflector 144
  7. mars hydro TS 1000

    mars hydro TS 1000

  8. QQ图片20190401100844.jpg


  9. QQ图片20190401100800.jpg


  10. QQ图片20190401100753.jpg


  11. QQ图片20190401100733.jpg


  12. New light!

    New light!

    Mars Hydro TS 1000
  13. Mars Hydro three kinds

    Mars Hydro three kinds

    Three different generations of Mars Hydro
  14. COB + 150w HPS.jpg

    COB + 150w HPS.jpg

  15. 2.jpg


  16. 150+80.jpg


  17. 150+80..jpg


  18. SP-250 2.jpg

    SP-250 2.jpg

  19. SP-250 1.jpg

    SP-250 1.jpg

  20. coffee time

    coffee time

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