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  1. Sangmang

    Mars Hydro Grow Journal: TSL 2000, 1st Time In Coco, DIY Drip Build, 2x4, Jack Herer SOG

    More grow info on 2nd post. Pic Dump: Drip/DTW table Gutter with drain tube Corrugated roof Flashing Wire rack Rainbird 9 port manifold Over complicated drip rings :laugh2: MARS HYDRO TSL-2000 :adore: 9 Jack Herer clones fully rooted in solo cups. More pics tomorrow after the...
  2. Cgbw

    Mars Hydro Grow Journal TS1000’s, Kush n Cookies, Helping With My Mental Health

    Hey all, I’m somewhat new to this forum and have learned a great deal of information from some amazing members so far. I really started growing to help with multiple mental illness disorders I suffer from and it has helped me greatly along with helping me get through detoxing off of benzos. A...
  3. Flying Whales

    2 LEDs & New Autopots With AquaValve5 Grow Journal

    Good day this will be my new grow journal with 2 brand new Aelius Matrx 630 grow lights. The tent size is a 4X8 and I will be growing 8 plants in total in the new Autopot system with the Aquavalve5. I will post some pics of the build and once I get the plants into the tent will start doing my...
  4. Michael Hunt

    Colorful Sunset Sherbet clones DWC

    Its been a long few months since our last grow. The jars are starting to look lonely so its time to get another round going. We kept a single clone from the last plant and stuck her in a fabric pot to keep her around while we did a ton of work to the house and her new nursery. A bulk of the...
  5. Jack Herer/GSC and Grandaddy purple

    Jack Herer/GSC and Grandaddy purple

    Last month of flower in 39x39 Mars hydro tent under philizon COB 630 Watt, and carbon filter
  6. S

    Sherm’s Auto Amnesia Haze & Auto Diesel Organic Mars Hydro Grow

    Hello everyone! I got my seeds yesterday & I am looking to get started here with my girst grow & journal! I have been creeping around the forums here for over 10 years now... Unfortunately I rarely logged in or contributed, but all that is changing tonight. I have had the amazing opportunity of...
  7. Justin Goody

    13goody13's Dessert On Mars: Blueberry & GSC Autos, Sponsored By Weedseedsexpress & Featuring MarsHydro

    Welcome friends and fellow growers to my first ever sponsored grow journal, starring: and Containers: 3 gallon Light: @Mars Hydro TS1000 Soil: Promix and 25% Perlite, mosquito bits. Nutrients: Superthrive, MegaCrop, Purpinator, Cal-mag if needed, Tapwater. Strains: Blueberry, Girl Scout...
  8. J

    Journal #1: The Frost Factory

    Howdy everyone. I am going to be doing a run from clone this time around. My goals for this grow are as follow: Select clones from my flowering plants and when selected, grow those clone out, re-clone and do an entire grow with selected clones. I will list current strains in flower, upload my...
  9. Ganjagrandaddy

    Sweet Seeds XL Autos, Sweet Cheese, Amnesia Haze & Gorilla Girl Fun With Ganjagrandaddy

    Welcome to this run with 3 Sweet Seeds auto xl strains to enjoy trying. (more later..) Having enjoyed a previous run of Autos and hitting my career best yield doing it!!, I decided another auto run was worth a go. I was fortunate to be in contact with Apolo from the new sponsor here, Sweet...
  10. Rainbow Jones w7d1

    Rainbow Jones w7d1

    Starting to get some amazing colors
  11. Growingbimbos

    Grape Ape Finish Up

    I will be finishing up this journal on here it is a grape ape that was vegged for 7 weeks and she is currently on her 2nd week of flower. Growing in COCO/Perlite 80/20 and being feed advance nutrients line-up. She is in a 2x2 under the mars hydro ts1000 these pics are from 11/11/20
  12. Dkmg01

    DK's Grow Show With The Mars Hydro FC3000: Sponsored Grow

    Good day and hello :ciao: to all my fellow growers! :Namaste: My name is DKMG01 but you can call me DK. I am from South Africa and have almost 2 years experience in growing. I am starting my new grow journal with new hardware! The gorgeous FC3000 Firstly I'm overwhelmed to have the chance...
  13. 8 plants under 300 watt mars hydro

    8 plants under 300 watt mars hydro

    Indoor closet grow
  14. Bubba kush

    Bubba kush

    Bubba Kush under 300 watt mars hydro
  15. Grandaddy Purple

    Grandaddy Purple

    GDP under 300 watt Mars Hydro
  16. 8 plants flower

    8 plants flower

    300 watt Mars Hydro TSL2000
  17. This elevator is going up

    This elevator is going up

  18. mrking

    Blueberry CBD & Strawberry CBD Grow: MarsHydro SP150 & MegaCrop

    INTRO Every since I started my grow outside in April, I have wanted to do a grow inside but knew I needed to keep the tent free for drying the outdoor harvest. Plus I was using it for a while to turn a female into male with colloidal sliver for pollen to breed with. And so it has now...
  19. Closet grow flowering

    Closet grow flowering

    8 plants, 6 strains under Mars Hydro TSL2000
  20. Animal cookies motherplant

    Animal cookies motherplant

    Motherplant and clone propigation tray under two Mars Eco 110 watt
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