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    All cups flushed ppm out fo this coco was only 450 not 1400 liek lst winter nice . Need to buy one more bad and 10 litres of perlite which to 50 l bag of coco I estimate is around 20% perlite ratio I just did a ten percent ratio this run with 5 litres of perlite to 50 litres again not exact...
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    Mars hydro reflector 144 draws 298 watts true from wall or 720 I will explain in a video of my best understanding of comparing lights for its buck and what you get and efficiency as well.
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    More chemdawg I think everyone should have a chemdawg in thier stash / supply lol
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    Getting some nitro def I think so might add some grow in next feed thoughts?
  5. Raze58

    Raze58 Purple Kush - LED Lights - Soil - 2018

    Hello and welcome to my Purple Kush mars hydro LED soil grow journal. The seeds were germinated on july 13th 2018 and sprouted up quickly. I did loose one due to it coming up with no leaf node or head at all for that matter, I see this alot with crop king seeds. The 4 that sprouted are...
  6. TheDarkMidge

    NL, Indoor, 4x4x80", Mars Hydro, DarkMidge

    This is my grow journal. Seedlings at about a week old right now.
  7. V

    4 X Skunk #1 Under Mars Hydro ProII 160+Hans 180W

    Hi all !! Grow space 160x70x200cm Light-Mars Hydro 160+hans180w Vent-Blauberg iso mix 125mm 380 m3/h silent 22dB+ 2 clip fan Temp25-28C ,hum40-50% Panel distance 50cm Soil-Biobizz Allmix Nutrient Biobizz Biogrow, bio bloom, topmax+bioheaven, Sensi Cal-Mag, Atami Alga C, Atami root stim...
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    Added a 300 watt mars hydro on for extras light as trailer trash betty was stretching hard in hopes to reduce a bit light at 26 inches
  9. 340 Watts Mars II Series .jpg

    340 Watts Mars II Series .jpg

    Light swap...Marshydro LG-G14A140LED-5w 340 Watts Mars II Series . Took out one of my DormGrow 240s to add this.
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    DSC_1073 copy.jpg

  11. Thirstymuppet

    Thirstymuppet's Indoor Soil Grow Of 1 Cinderella99 & 1 Northern Lights 2018

    Alright folks:welcome: So I'm growing 2 plants. C99, I grew with my 1st journal. Very much on the cheap! No tent, minimal CFL lights. I picked up bits and pieces like a fan, temp sensor, fertilliser and most importantly knowledge along the way. It was just 2 plants in a box with a light! I got a...
  12. Peeece

    My First Auto March Madness - Lemon Drop, Gypsy Widow, Cheese, Amnesia

    Spring is in the air... finally after a beotch of a winter!! I'm going to run some Auto's as a quick fix to the long cold winter we had... I've been dying to start growing again, but I am also planning on a new grow room but am waiting to be able to work in half decent weather as I can't even...
  13. Growwithme420

    My Blue Mystic Grow

  14. Asesino85

    Ase's Multi-Strain Quadlining In Coco & Stank Genetics ATF Scrog

    Hey Everyone! About 10 months ago I started a journal with the intention of it being a long, ongoing journal. Even to the point that I thought it would be the last one that I would do no matter if it was one year or ten years later. I was finding doing journals on every grow that I did made for...
  15. White Widow Grown Under A Mars Hydro ll 700w

    White Widow Grown Under A Mars Hydro ll 700w

  16. White Widow Grown Under A Mars Hydro ll 700w

    White Widow Grown Under A Mars Hydro ll 700w

  17. GreenmanQLD

    Greenman's - Seedsman Lemon Auto Feminised - Soil - Mars Hydro Reflector 48 & 450W LED

    Hi Guys I'm back again with a brand new grow. I have had some awesome success growing autos so i figured why not do exactly that. Here's all the specs: What strain is it? Seedsman Auto Lemon x 3 Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Mostly Indica Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Sprout...
  18. M

    Stooby's 3rd Coco Run - 2x Skunk #1 & 1x Kali China

    Well, friends and 420ers. My last journal got abandoned quite abruptly and I apologize. The very day after my last few posts, etc, all hell broke loose on a number of fronts. I was called in several directions, I made a few of them. Again, I apologize. For the record, the WW/BB and Night...
  19. bignstrange

    BignStrange - Mars Hydro Pro II Epistar 320 - Let's Grow To Mars!

    Whats up everyone? :cheer2::welcome: Hope your all well! Im stoked to bring you this new journal, brought to you by Mars Hydro!! :cheer2: Mars Hydro LED Grow Light ,Led grow light , Mars Hydro SmokeSara from Mars Hydro got in contact with me a while back, and we got to talking about doing...
  20. W

    2nd Grow 1 Seed Midnight Snow x LED Gooey

    Popped a seed that was given to me. I only germinated 1 because I had a couple others that just sprouting this other 2 died. Not sure why both sprouted with yellow leaves then died right after. So we'll see if this 1 will be a female. Wish me luck. Strain: midnight snow x Led Gooey In...