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  2. Peeece

    My First Auto March Madness - Lemon Drop, Gypsy Widow, Cheese, Amnesia

    Spring is in the air... finally after a beotch of a winter!! I'm going to run some Auto's as a quick fix to the long cold winter we had... I've been dying to start growing again, but I am also planning on a new grow room but am waiting to be able to work in half decent weather as I can't even...
  3. Growwithme420

    My Blue Mystic Grow

  4. Asesino85

    Ase's Multi-Strain Quadlining In Coco

    Hey Everyone! About 10 months ago I started a journal with the intention of it being a long, ongoing journal. Even to the point that I thought it would be the last one that I would do no matter if it was one year or ten years later. I was finding doing journals on every grow that I did made for...
  5. White Widow Grown Under A Mars Hydro ll 700w

    White Widow Grown Under A Mars Hydro ll 700w

  6. White Widow Grown Under A Mars Hydro ll 700w

    White Widow Grown Under A Mars Hydro ll 700w

  7. GreenmanQLD

    Greenman's - Seedsman Lemon Auto Feminised - Soil - Mars Hydro Reflector 48 & 450W LED

    Hi Guys I'm back again with a brand new grow. I have had some awesome success growing autos so i figured why not do exactly that. Here's all the specs: What strain is it? Seedsman Auto Lemon x 3 Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Mostly Indica Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Sprout...
  8. M

    Stooby's 3rd Coco Run - 2x Skunk #1 & 1x Kali China

    Well, friends and 420ers. My last journal got abandoned quite abruptly and I apologize. The very day after my last few posts, etc, all hell broke loose on a number of fronts. I was called in several directions, I made a few of them. Again, I apologize. For the record, the WW/BB and Night...
  9. bignstrange

    BignStrange - Mars Hydro Pro II Epistar 320 - Let's Grow To Mars!

    Whats up everyone? :cheer2::welcome: Hope your all well! Im stoked to bring you this new journal, brought to you by Mars Hydro!! :cheer2: Mars Hydro LED Grow Light ,Led grow light , Mars Hydro SmokeSara from Mars Hydro got in contact with me a while back, and we got to talking about doing...
  10. W

    2nd Grow 1 Seed Midnight Snow x LED Gooey

    Popped a seed that was given to me. I only germinated 1 because I had a couple others that just sprouting this other 2 died. Not sure why both sprouted with yellow leaves then died right after. So we'll see if this 1 will be a female. Wish me luck. Strain: midnight snow x Led Gooey In...
  11. bignstrange

    BignStrange - Remo Nutrients - 800W Of COBs - What Can Go Wrong? Round 2!

    Whats up everyone?:lot-o-toke::welcome: Really excited to bring you this grow, featuring Remo Nutrients, and the same set up were rocking in the current BignStrange journal! For those who were part of that journal, thank you, and cheers to more insanity and fun! With that, lets blow this...
  12. C

    Coco Green Crack x Tutankhamun SCROG Grow Journal - 2017

    Introduction This grow journal is going to feature a combination grow of Green Crack from Humboldt Seeds (x2) as well as Tutankhamun from Pyramid Seeds (x2). Since these plants have the same sativa/indica ratios (60/40) as well as the same flowering period (60-65 days) I figured that they...
  13. Velk

    Velk Returns Illuminautos Mephisto Coco LED Auto #3

    :welcome::420: :rollit: hey guys and girls of 420 its been a while since ive done a journal im glad to be back to the best community on the net ive met some wonderful people made some good friends learned a whole lot and picked up a whole lot of knowledge on my journeys im a deadicated auto...
  14. Bill the Cat

    Bill The Cat's Pyramid Seeds Auto Kryptonite Grow

    Hi all, New grow started with a very promising strain. Was going to take a break, but the grow habit is hard to go cold turkey on. Auto Kryptonite marijuana seeds was created for purpose of stronger narcotic effects. We took several phenotypes from the Grenadines mountains and crossed it...
  15. DeVille

    The DeVille Presents - A Mars-Hydro Powerhouse - The Perpetual Grow

    INTRODUCTION Most of the equipment you see in this journal was given me as a prize from Mars-Hydro for winning the third Mars-Hydro cup in the category "Best grow journal" This applies to: 4 Mars Pro II epistar 80 4 grow bar 24 LED-120 1 grow tent 120x120x200cm 1 pair of LED grow light glasses...
  16. DeVille

    A thread for the users of Mars-Hydro lamps

    Hi :) I'm DeVille, and I am a happy user of several Mars-Hydro products. Right now I own 4 lamps and am waiting for 8 more. I am Pro series user and I have had fantastic results with this series of lamps. In my subjective view they did outperform HD/HID lamps in the same setup. So I bought more...
  17. Asesino85

    Ase's Perpetual Fun With Coco

    The title says it all! This will be my journal that is a continuation of everything I am currently doing and how I do it. I welcome everyone to follow along and ask any questions. I grow in coco coir and out of any medium coco seems to have a number of different ways people use it with great...
  18. B

    New videos for equipment and product reviews

    Hey everyone, If you have any input or good ideas they are welcome, and the videos will get better as I go. Fusion Hut Grow Tent With Mars Hydro Reflector Grow - YouTube the first of hopefully many more videos
  19. I

    Mischief in Michigan - First time grower

    Hey hey fella fans of the herb. I live in Michigan and in April I will be starting my first grow. I have been lurking about reading as much as I can for a couple of months but it will be nice to belong to a like minded community :) I was planning on a 4x4 grow tent with a Mars hydro 1200 in...
  20. DeVille

    10 Plant Grow With 3 x Mars Hydro LED & Autopot

    This is not my first grow, but it is my first grow-journal. I am hoping this journal will allow me both to share my knowledge about growing and also to receive constructive input/feedback from more experienced growers. This grow-room is brand new and this is the first grow since it was built...