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  1. 5 different strains 2nd week veg

    5 different strains 2nd week veg

    Mars Hydro TSL 2000 veg
  2. 5 different strains in 1st week flower

    5 different strains in 1st week flower

    First week flower under Mars Hydro TSL 2000
  3. Northern lights fem

    Northern lights fem

    Popping OFFF
  4. Nicke t

    Northern Lights fems

    WOW, My lady's are loving my new Mars hydro ts600 light they are popping out, day 24 in flower, the first 2 weeks they were under a cheap burple light of ebay but I took some advice on board and got my girls a new Mars hydro ts600 it's the best thing I have done,they have grown in the ten days...
  5. adudecalledjay

    Jay's Noob Organic Soil Grow: Green Crack, White Widow, The Purp

    Welcome to my new journal! Feel free to join my organic indoor gardening journey growing some CKS Green Crack, CKS White Widow, and Jordan of the Islands "The Purp". I'm new to growing cannabis in soil, but not new to soil vegetable/flower grows. So far my experience gardening has worked...
  6. 20200618_183916.jpg


    THE Mars Hydro Array
  7. 20200521_153126.jpg


  8. H

    Looking for a new LED light? UK Mars Hydro?

    Have been looking for another grow light am currently using a 600w lunar led that came with my pack and has been working great so far fingers crossed was just looking to add another light to my girls am currently growing 3 and want to up it to 6 next time , I am using a 1.2x1.2x2m tent, have...
  9. IMG_20200421_202730.jpg


    Family shot of my tent so far
  10. Kingjoe83

    King's Outdoor Rd 3, White OG, White Widow, Lemon OG Candy, Ogkz, Hso Plus More 2020 Show

    Well everyone here we go again joe trying another run outdoors . We are starting all plants indoors in coco and will be going outdoors after my 2 gal pots are ready . I do plan on trying to keep a 10 gal pot for an indoor project for coco..but that is still in the air . I am hoping for...
  11. IMG_20200402_072244.jpg


    Pink kush by Barneys farm . It's a hit everyone is loving this buzz. Thank you seedsman for carrying this stuff and thank you Barneys farm and 420 Mag family for all Yoru help and support .
  12. N

    Nate's Groovie Grow! Purple Kush, Gelato, Amnesia Haze Outdoors, 25 Gallon Fabric Pots, FF Trio Nutes, Happy Frog Soil

    This is going to be my second journal. I am running the same strains as I ran indoors on the last journal plus 1 new strain. This is a deck soil grow in 25 gallon pots. I run the Fox Farms Trio per soil feeding schedule. These plants are from clone and will be going outside as soon as the...
  13. tokes

    Legend OG Kush, Mars Hydro TS600W 2x2 Grow

    Whats up fellow tokers! I've been on this site under various names since 2011 and I am excited to finally be back with everyone. The last stealth grow worked out great for a few cycles but unfortunately due to a traveling work schedule I completely fell off the forums and never really documented...
  14. IMG_20200319_205526.jpg


    Big ol' jar of Blueberry from seedsman .
  15. IMG_20200319_205551.jpg


    Blueberrry ready for few days if burping then vac seal
  16. IMG_20200316_185351.jpg


    The one that got away sorry seedsman .my bad .
  17. IMG_20200316_185409.jpg


    Alaskan purple in dark period for 24 then will hang.
  18. Ganjagrandaddy

    GanjaGrandaddy Grows Great Ganja, Sometimes!

    It had to happen , I had to do it and with heavy heart , I have !!!!. This will be my perpetual journal for the forseeable future and where I will be going through my entire seed stock with journals. I have enjoyed each journal but it seems the more I do the more my signiture gets silly !!!. So...
  19. IMG_20200311_212728.jpg


    Blueberrry shots
  20. IMG_20200311_212739.jpg


    Blueberrry slow drying in fridge.
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