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  1. BpoBrad

    3x3 - Multi-Strain - Light Grow

    Greetings folks BpoBrad here for my first indoor grow (I've grow outdoors but that was years ago). I'm new to indoor agriculture, I have years of experience working and farming outside so this should be fun! :welcome: The Gear: Light- Mars Hydro II 700w LED Supplentary- Sun System 150w...
  2. ScienceGrow

    ScienceGrow's Fast & Vast Autoflower In Soil Under LED

    Started Germinating: 9-21 Germinated: 9-22 Bucket Size - 2.5 gallon Medium - 75% FF Happy Frog, 25% Perlite Lights - 700W Mars II LED Nutrients - Fox Farm line, Cal/Mag Supplement Strain(s) - Heavyweight Fast & Vast # of Plants: 3 Opened the pack and pre-germinated in a cup of water until they...
  3. N

    New grower Mars II 900watt LED question

    HI 420 mag new to the growing seen had a couple of questions about my new light? I just purchased a mars ii 900watt light and it has a growth switch and a bloom switch. When do I turn on both switches or just one at a time. Probably a dumb question. Can anyone help?
  4. arellanobrian

    Arellanobrian's 2015 ThunderHaze Auto LED Grow - Coco Loco vs Reused Coco

    Welcome everyone and thank you for joining my second grow! I learned alot from my last grow with all the issues i had and while i know this probably wont be a perfect grow i feel that can keep them from having to many major issues this time around. The strains i will be growing are auto's and...
  5. D

    First Grow - Blue Treacle Auto - Mars Hydro 130W LED - Coco

    Hi all this is my first grow. Strain> Currently just 1× blue treacle auto Light> 300w 130w real consumption mars hydro led Medium> 75% canna professional coco 25% perlite (approximately) Nutrients> biobizz Grow space> 80×80×160cm tent Well this is a little later than planned but im...
  6. S

    Mars 300W LED - Pineapple Express & Blue Mystic Autos

    First proper grow Lighting; mars hydro 60x5w led Grow room; Gro cell 80x80x160 Ventilation; 6" exhaust fan, 12" fan in room Strains; 1x blue mystic 1x pineapple express autos Mostly indica 55 to 75 days harvest from BONZA seeds Soil or hydro; Soil seedling raising mix plus coco peat pot size...
  7. CO Finest

    Crop King Seeds Start To Finish With Mars Hydro LED

    Whats up 420 Mag!!! This is going to be a start to finish on all of my Crop King Seeds. That means every step. I want to start by thank you all for stopping by I appreciate you all taking your time to do so. I know I have done a few grows here already but.... This ones going to have autos...
  8. UncleCannabis

    How to Select the Right Mars-Hydro LED Grow Light for Your Specific Gardening Needs

    How to Select the Right Mars-Hydro LED Grow Light for Your Specific Gardening Needs Case Study - Grow Space Size: 4' wide x 4' Long x 6'6" High How do I determine the square footage of my grow area? Measure the floor space that you'll be looking to illuminate with your future LED light...
  9. uhewekguilw

    Scrogco - 48x3 Reflector - 2x2 Tent

    So here we go again, the continuation of the Blue Dream under LED. This time I will be trying to get the most out of a 48x3 Reflector series by MarsHydro. This is what they call the 150 watt reflector. My particular unit pulls 81 watts from the wall, so i will be trying for 81 grams total. It...
  10. W

    Wally's Second Grow - 4 Plants - 3x3 Tent - 400W LED

    G'day mates. :welcome: In a weeks time I will be popping 4 seeds for my second ever grow. I have a variety of strains ready to go and will be doing a run of autos. I could use a little help with the selection of the strains from any and all willing. Here they are with the number of days as...
  11. T

    Tokes 2nd Grow LED Remix - Coco - Barnies Cookies Kush - 2015

    Before i give you guys a little information on my grow history, what im working with specifically ill post the good ol 420 mag "how to create a grow journal " sticky post derived template below :thumb: The Goods: What strain is it? Growing barneys farm cookies kush Is it Indica, Sativa...
  12. G

    What are your experiences with humidifiers in a tent?

    I ve been managing to keep my plants alive in 15-25 rh and flower them but my harvests are a bit concerning when i think about all the investment i made for my tent lights etc. I am currently using a 4*4 gorilla grow tent with a mars 2 1200 running inside and my fan is sp td 160m^3/hour so its...
  13. CO Finest

    CO'S 5X5 Tent Grow With Mars Hydro LEDs

    Whats up 420 mag Family. Good to be back its been a while. I am running the Apollo 5x5 tent in this one with two 144x3 for right now. I might change lights later. Plants are in 2 gallon smart pots, most in ffo soil and three in pro mix. Nothing big going on here just flowing out some plants...
  14. arellanobrian

    Mars 2 LED Beginners Grow - FFOF - DWC

    First journal on this forum and cant be happier with the way this community seems to treat new growers. This journal is more for personal record then anything. That being said anyone out there that would like to check the grow out is welcome to contribute and comment :thumb:. So this is my...
  15. T

    Tyson's Mars-Hydro GDP & Critical Kush Grow

    This is my first time doing a grow journal so please forgive me if something sounds stupid but here goes. Room size is 7'x10' with 10 foot ceiling. Lights: Mars-Hydro,2 Mars II 700, 2 Mars reflector series 144x3 and 4 Mars reflector series 192x3. Strains: 3 Grand Daddy Purple and 3 Barney's...
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