First Grow - Blue Treacle Auto - Mars Hydro 130W LED - Coco


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Hi all this is my first grow.

Strain> Currently just 1× blue treacle auto

Light> 300w 130w real consumption mars hydro led

Medium> 75% canna professional coco 25% perlite (approximately)

Nutrients> biobizz

Grow space> 80×80×160cm tent

Well this is a little later than planned but im finally starting my jounal after some issues ive delayed starting this for a while.

This is my first grow attempt after some issues I currently have one blue treacle auto which has been potted today after first germination attempt started two weeks ago today.

I have a few photos so far that I will either edit this post and add to it or follow on another post shortly.

Things haven't gone well on the germination department but on the plus side im now left with one seedling (out of four seeds) which although still small looks healthy in my opinion.

Thanks for looking ill update with pictures of my equipment and progresss so far
This was my first test setup to see how things looked


Day one in pot (2 weeks since germination)
Temps in room outside tent at time of measurement 19c
Temps in tent above light 70-84f
Temps in tent at plant height 61-76f
Rh 44-52
Ph 5.8
Run off 6.1
Ec meter displays 711 (but dont understand that yet)
Electric meter 3899 (for my benefit)
Light meter norm-norm+
Soil temp 73f
Moisture meter dry (even after watering dont faulty meter?)
Soil ph 4.0 (same potentially faulty meter?)
PH 4 for your soil either means you have a faulty meter or your soil is way to acidic. First and foremost check your PH meter or invest in a decent one. I almost ruined two grows by using a cheapo meter that was giving me false readings. On my Plushberry link I have a review of the meter I bought last and it's pretty damn good for the price. Needed a couple of recalibrations after being unused for awhile but even then they were nowhere near as out of range as my older two pronged soil type meter.

If it turns out that your meter is correct (if your plants are growing then I highly doubt this) you could add Dolomite Lime or Gardening Lime (do NOT use Gypsum) to your soil to raise the alkalinity level of the soil to a more reasonable PH reading. I've also just done this on my current grow and it's pretty simple. Add the lime to the soil, mix it a bit (wear gloves) and then water it in. You should notice changes to your soil runoff PH around 5 to 7 days later. I hope this is of some help to you. Good luck and all the best :thumb:
Good Luck with this grow!

I'm about to start my first grow too. I've just started to germinate 3 Super Skunk auto seeds today. I think I have the same set up as you, bought it as a LED grow tent kit.
Right ive got a shed load of stuff to post but dont have the time for a long post right now.
Firstly thanks space jungle if/when you get a journal going post a link here please and good luck to you too.
And secondly I do have a probblem at the moment with leaves curling and a small amount of yellowing appearing.
Suspicions so far are maybe light too close and burning so I have raised the light some and I also got caught out by a warmer day without having the extract on.
Could also be too low a ph maybe? I will get onto the meter later



2 days worth of temps etc

Day> 2
Room temp outside of tent at time of testing> 18c
Tent temps near light area
Max> 86
Min> 67
Tent temps near plants
Max> 85
Min> 63
Soil temp at time of testing> 73
Light level> norm-norm+
Soil moisture> dry
Soil ph> 3.5
Feed ph>
Run off ph>
Feed ec>
Run off ec>
Electric meter> 3904

Day 3
Room temp outside of tent at time of testing> 22c
Tent temps near light area
Max> 92
Min> 68
Tent temps near plants
Max> 77
Min> 61
Soil temp at time of testing> 66
Light level> norm
Soil moisture> dry
Soil ph> 4.0
Feed ph>
Run off ph>
Feed ec>
Run off ec>
Electric meter> 3910
Im a bit unsure of the soil ph meter I have some ph buffer 7.0 for my feed ph meter calibration. Would that work with a soil ph meter?
And could perlite or some sort of air pocket in the soil be my problem? As when I stick it straight into a fresh untouched bag of coco it reads 9.0 but when pulling it out it will momentarily read 4.0. I can also get it to read either around 9.0 when in the pot but depending on position could also read around 4.0.
Im wondering weather the meter could be touching perlite and not enough coco and throwing readings out? Only an idea mind you. Ps its also a single probe digital type meter

Hello, the buffer solution should tell you whether your meter is ok, just make sure there's enough to cover the sensor on the meter. If it is out I'm not sure whether it could be calibrated but I will say that it's worthwhile investing in a decent PH pen. I had some serious issues with two grows because of a faulty meter (along with other things but the PH was so far out that I was feeding my plants acid).

Also on the post above that I think you may have an error (unless I'm missing something) but on day 3 I notice that the temps in your room are hotter than the previous day along with the temps near the light, yet the temps near the plants are a respectable 77 in comparison with the previous day.

Good luck with the grow and all the best :thumb:

Thats the ph pen im currently using which does read 7.1 in 7.0 buffer solution so "seems" reasonably accurate for an ebay cheepy. But either way im thinking of getting both a new ph pen for water and a new analogue soil ph tester so I can double check the accuracy of both. I will test the soil ph meter in the buffer later and see what happens. Thanks.
And the tempreture fluctuation was most likely a combination of me putting the light too close and knocking the timer for the extract off. And also its gone from cloudy and showers to sunny and warm over the last couple of days so that may not have helped either.
Thanks for your input
You won't need to buy two seperate PH pens as you can test the run off from your soil with the same pen that you use for measuring your watering PH. There are plenty of videos around that will show you how to do this but if you get stuck I can always give you a heads up on how to go about it (not the same method that I used last time but something similar). Sorry if some of my former post was repetitive but I was on my phone posting and didn't read back to my previous post. Yeah the weather has been the same round here too, was lovely and cool yesterday but back to battling the temps today. All the best :thumb:
I'm looking to grow 4 of these and I just need to buy the led lights now from eBay , so I'm looking 4ward to watch how ur is going , I'm in the UK and would love if any1 could help me which 1s I should buy , I'm looking to spend bout a hundred pounds on led lights any help would be great. Good luck with ur grow mate .
Thanks kraize I was just thinking of buying an extra ph pen so I can test the accuracy of my current ph pen. Even though according to my ph buffer its accurate within 0.1
The soil meter on the other hand I believe to be wildly inaccurate but from what I have read they all are but I might just but another for the sake of £5 as mine seems to give false readings on moisture too.
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