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5 Strain Auto Grow

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Following on from my first grow of 2 blue treacle auto in a cupboard with cfl, results were not great, about 1 and half oz from the pair. I am upgrading my kit and moving to the attic.
I have 1 seed of blue treacle auto, 1 bubble kush auto and 2 critical auto.
I have ordered a 120cm grow tent, a mars 300 led light unit.
I will be ordering a 6" carbon extractor fan, I have the 4" fron my previous grow which I will use as a intake fan.
I will be using coco coir and perlite mix. I used soil and perlite in my last one and found the soild gets to compressed with watering and drying.
I will be posting updates when I have some progress.
I have a fair bit of work to do yet, the attic does not have any boards down, so ive brought a few loft floor boards, will be laying these down at the weekend, then I have to run a cable up in a hole in the ceiling. Then I have to set the tent and light up when it arrives.
Stay tuned!
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This weekend I have managed to hook up electric in the attic, put down the loft boards on legs. However I did not account for the increase in height the loft legs would add and my 120x120x200 tent does not fit now. So im going to be selling this and getting an 80x80x160 instead. Think the 120 would have been a bit big for 4 plants anyway. My mars led unit has arrived as well. Just got to get the new tent and my coco and it will be full steam ahead. Hoping to germinate before the end of the month.
I am going to try to assemble a diy drip kit as well at some point as I have a holiday and do not trust anyone to come and water them.
Anybody have any experience with diy drip kit or can share a link?
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Hello all
Today has been a busy day setting up.
I have been gathering all the things I needed in the past month.
I have installed some left legs on the joists and put loft panel boards down to cope with the weight.
I have a 80x80x120 tent set up. With a mars 300 led and a 4"carbon fan. I am going to upgrade to a 6" fan in the next month if the smell gets to be a problem.
I have 4 seeds, 2 critical auto fem, 1 blue treacle auto fem and 1 bubble kush auto fem.
I have started the germination today in a product called root riot. Hopefully they will spring to life in a day or 2.
I have also set up my medium today. I am using four 15litre buckets to grow in and using coco coir compressed bricks and perlite.
I will be getting 4 more buckets to use for drainage. So the bucket with medium will have some holes drilled at bottom and then be placed in another bucket. Not the best but I cant think of any other way to do it, i did buy some grow bag trays but they were a bit to long to fit in the tent.
I have some pictures below of my set up.
Stay tuned for the ride!

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Hello all
Quick update. Only 3 out of 4 plants have sucessfully sprouted. 1 of the 2 critical seeds did pop but the stem had snapped off the root.
So I am going to quickly look at getting a replacement and possiably another from a different strain as well as there is room for a 5th bucket in my tent.
Here in the uk we are still baving cold weather. So my tent is not the warmest as its in the attic, but I am not going to be putting any kind of heating there, I live in quite a well checked area by the police. The chopper goes over every 2 days. My tent is currently 15c and the led has been on 2 hours. I dont think it will reach 20c until the weather warms up so my growth may be slowwed a bit. But thats the option I am taking.
Can anyone recommend a couple of good auto strains to try
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Update time
Following on from 1 of the seeds failing to germinate. I purchased some "green crack auto" and also got a free "quick one auto" seed . I have decided to squeeze in a 5th pot so now I have 5 plants growing and all 5 are a different auto strain. Will be intresting to see the results from 5 strains in the same enviroument.
Only thing now is the thread title is incorrect. Can anybody help me to rename the thread?
I have only just put the green crack and quick one in today so they will about a week and a half behind the other 3.
Here are some pics.
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Update time
The 2 new additions have now popped their heads out the soil and seem to be doing well. So now all 5 are live and well.
The older 3 are going to be about 10 days older than the 2 newest.
Recent temps in uk have gone up to around 15C. Checked kn the tent yesterday and it was 25C so I may set up a co2 system soon with the higher temps. Not much else to say really, not going to top any of them, I am going to do a bit of LST and maybe look at scrog later on, I do have a net to help with the scrog.
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Hello everyone
I have a few pictures from today.
Seem to be growing well, the critical is taking off really well and quick.

Here is a pic of the tent at the moment I have some close ups to post in a minute with some questions about what I have noticed on some leaves.


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I noticed the leaves were wet in them pics, water drops on the leaves could have caused the led to burn them. The drops of water act as a magnifying glass, I always wait till right before lights out if I want to spray that way it will dry before lights come back on. I have 5 thc bomb autos and 4 white widow autos in a 4by4 tent under a mars 2 1200, they are on day 13 today. Think I will grab a seat for this one if you don't mind. Best of luck to you on your grow
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Been a while since I posted anything.
I have done some LST to most of the plants. The blue treacle seems a bit weak so did not want to bend it, so i am leaving that one to go how it pleases.
The quick one doesnt seem to that quick :hmmmm:
Apart from that everything seems to be going smoothly think its 6 weeks tomorrow for 3 and 5 weeks for the green crack and quick one.
Heres some recent pictures.
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Was tending to the garden today when I had an accident with the green crack, im not sure if it will die or if it will recover now, basically two of the sticks I was holding the stem down with caught on a net above the plants, which snapped the stem.
Here are some pictures of the damage, let me know what you think of chances of survival.