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  1. NorCAKnowYourGrow

    Favorite Grow Tent, Lights Etc Setup?

    I'm thinking I want to start working on acquiring a good indoor grow system. I don't want to go hydro at this point. I'm just comfortable with soil. I'll go outside my comfort zone later. Just want to get the full setup. I'm a novice grower so want to spend novice money. Willing to invest in...
  2. S

    Finally in a house!

    Finally into a house to fulfill my dreams of not buying weed ever again. So easy to grow. We have 2 Girl Scout and a wedding cake vegetating here and red Diesel, blue og, skywalker og, Ak 47 auto germinating, fill this bad boy up. Chicago buds. 1500w led. Swear, amazon supplies everything but...
  3. Lowrider72

    Lowrider72's Under 800W Growroom Presents: 2x 315W CMH, Multistrain, Coco Grow

    Hey Guys and Gals , Lowrider72 here, just putting up a grow journal, hope you enjoy! Been growing in Coco 10yrs, love it. Trying out new 315w CMH lights and running a complete grow system under 800w.... Here we growwwwww...... GROW DETAILS.... Bucket Size- 9L Medium - 70% Coco , 30% Perlite...
  4. CannaBeardGrows

    CBD Cheese Auto: Just What The Doc Ordered

    Ok Let me start off by stating I'm new to this, growing and reviewing, but this strain was... JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED I love cheese, UK or otherwhys im an old fan of skunk strains and have been shown the light a few years ago with high CBD and when I got my ACMPR i was looking for a nice...
  5. BigDIRTYBill

    BigDIRTY's 400w Aurora Indica Grow

    Hey everyone. I'm a ways through flower but I figured why not start myself a journal. I've grown quite a few times before but since Canada recently legalized cannabis I figured why not start again. Seeds popped on Oct 23. I'm currently running a 400w hps on 2x Aurora Indica by Nirvana, in a...
  6. Dankzilla40

    Lady, Red Poison: My First Auto

    - The Plan- My plan was to start my next grow once my current harvest was done, but I decided I didn't want to wait that long. So I ordered a whole second setup and got my next grow going. So now I have my photoperiod in one tent and my first Auto in my second tent. -About My Lady Red Posion- 5...
  7. Dankzilla40

    First Grow Ever: Northern Lights Edition

    -About The Girls- 3 - Feminised Northern Lights - 90% Indica 10% Sativa. Purchased from: Seedman Breeder: Expert Seeds Ordered on September 6th and recieved September 19th. -The Setup- 24x48x60 tent 2x 300W LED(272 total actual watts) 6inch 440cfm in line fan 16inch carbon filter 2x 6 inch...
  8. 89EF9745-00EF-45C2-8F92-ED051A34EF8D.jpeg


    OGC emerald triangle coco coir led 300 watt mars hydro light crazy growth ✊✊
  9. Asesino85

    Ase's Multi-Strain Quadlining In Coco

    Hey Everyone! About 10 months ago I started a journal with the intention of it being a long, ongoing journal. Even to the point that I thought it would be the last one that I would do no matter if it was one year or ten years later. I was finding doing journals on every grow that I did made for...
  10. 69428231-5BEB-40EA-9F49-5191607E1862.jpeg


    More OGC
  11. 99195268-7F58-4B35-BFE6-3193D8B44E95.jpeg


    OGC doing very well in mars hydro 300 tent
  12. 84423AED-E599-4D19-860B-D0ED94FE52A0.jpeg


    Curly still spotting white pistil at day 54 ppm in 650
  13. P

    Cropking White Cookie & Sour Jack Under 315W CMH - First Real Grow

    Hello all - Getting back in the game after a half-assed attempt at growing 5 or 6 years ago. Tried DWC with two plants in a 4x4 tent and some DIY HPS street lights rigged up. This time around I'll be using some better supplies and really work at doing this the right way. My setup: 1 -...
  14. Ripe1

    Ripe1 Grow#1 - Cheese Auto In Soil Tent LED Fall 2017

    Welcome, have a seat, smile and say Cheese!!! Auto Cheese. Free Auto Cheese! What is on the menu? Strain: Cheese Auto Fem. (free from AMS as I spent $117 on regular Cheese and NYCTurboD) I/S: 75% Indica 25% Sativa Seed Medium: Jiffy Pellets Soil Medium: Fox...
  15. D

    Dragon's Soil Grow Of AK47 & Pineapple Express Auto 2017

    Hi all! This is my second grow. With the first, I started out with some basic research and initial supplies, but mostly it was a learn as you go endeavor. So now I'm taking what I learned from that one by doing it (and making many mistakes along the way) as well as much research on websites and...
  16. J

    Beginner lighting

    I already own a 600w HPS dual and a 200w blue cfl, started using the cfl but the three seedling I started have all bent and one just fell over and died. I didn't have a reflector for the cfl which I have now ordered, but I'm considering buying another 200w and reflector. The tent is 1.2 x...
  17. imtoasted

    300W LED 2x4x5 Tent Soil Grow

    hello everyone! first time grower in the middle of veg right now. im about week 8 into veg and i just got my 300w led and tent almost two weeks ago. my plants are smaller due to growing under cheap florescent lighting at first. plants have responded amazingly with a little help of lst and...
  18. S

    5 Strain Auto Grow

    Hello Following on from my first grow of 2 blue treacle auto in a cupboard with cfl, results were not great, about 1 and half oz from the pair. I am upgrading my kit and moving to the attic. I have 1 seed of blue treacle auto, 1 bubble kush auto and 2 critical auto. I have ordered a 120cm...
  19. mackdaddyerb

    Stealth Grow Plan Setup - Opinions

    Hi all I have asked a few questions lately but have finally settled on the bits I think I will use, would love to hear what you think before I go ahead and buy it all I am limited on space so I cannot get a bigger tent, let me know what you think Setup inside wardrobe -...
  20. Nulife

    Nulife's - Aurora Indica - Top-Fed DWC - Grow Journal - 2016

    :welcome: Hello Everyone, just started learning how to grow this year. Started with bag seed, made a bunch of mistakes but figured them out one by one. I'm a hands on learner, and have been reading EVERYTHING possible, including many grower's journals. I do not have a green thumb at all. Just...
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