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  1. Chasev89

    Northern Lights Auto From Seedsman Seeds Using The Vivosun Smart Grow System

    Welcome to tag along. This will be my first go with an auto and will have several autos after this. This one will be Northern Lights by Seedsman. We are on day 2! Day 1. Day 2.
  2. Watching the green grass grow

    Watching the green grass grow

    Just Gnoming around watching the green grass grow. Black Sugar
  3. Chasev89

    Chase Is On The Case With A DWC Deep Breath Bag Beed

    Alright welcome old and new friends :). Those who have followed along may know that this year has been extremely difficult for myself and my family. We moved from Colorado to upper Michigan at the beginning of the year. There was many reasons for this but mainly us being a young family wanted to...
  4. M

    4x8 - Multi-strain - x2 600w LED - Coco

    Sup everyone?! Going to give it a shot at my first grow journal, hope you guys enjoy! So to start off, I’m running Drip Hydro with Power Si, in 1.25 gallon Bio365 coco quickfills. Have about 36 clones stuffed in there, with there being about 11-12 different strains. I generally would prefer to...
  5. Open tent pic

    Open tent pic

    Open tent after watering
  6. FC4800 to CT-720 shift Day

    FC4800 to CT-720 shift Day

    The last of the girls under the FC4800
  7. Gorilla Glue Super Lemon Haze-Big Bull-Blueberry-Zombie Death-Gelato/K-Sirius Black

    Gorilla Glue Super Lemon Haze-Big Bull-Blueberry-Zombie Death-Gelato/K-Sirius Black

    @Cultiuana CT-720 Winter Grow Days 8/9 Above Ground
  8. Blueberry


    That's a Load of Bull Grow Day 9 above Theodore
  9. Slammy Pajama

    Light Wars - Attack of the Clones

    :tommy: Hello Friends! Back again for another round and another experiment. Here we are mid winter and back in the tents. We have had a lot of interests in our pursuits, thus this run will be an attack of the clones! Dialling in the light cycles will be extremely tricky. The lights are...
  10. Krissi Carbone

    Gelato-K, Cookies Haze & Big Bull Photo Run: C/O Kannabia Seeds Via CannaPot Using Prescription Blend Under The Mars Hydro FC4800

    Slight introduction to this journal :420: friends... @CannaPot so kindly connected their Spanish sister, Kannabia, to me for this photoperiod run. These seeds were cooking while I waited for them and I am really excited to be bringing this selection of strains to the tents. Presenting...
  11. Grower2020

    Hey guys how do my autos look for 16 days?

    Do these look on track for normal sized plants? 6x6 grow + sea of green . No scrog just super cropping for added strength
  12. BpoBrad

    Perpetual 2 Tent Grow: Photos Autos Oh No Dual CMS’s Let’s Grow! Ethos-Monster-Dutch Passion!

    Greetings 420 community I’m back after a long hiatus with an ambitious undertaking. I have a 2 tent perpetual setup that I’m going to be tinkering with, my intentions are to be harvesting photos every month. I’ll have a few autos going in my veg tent as well with the hopes of harvesting those...
  13. L

    LeoPot's First Grow! Indoor, Soil, 4 Strains, Mars Hydro TSW 2000

    Hello guys! Not only is this my first grow, it's also my first gardening project of any kind. I am starting this journal a little late, on day 25 of flowering (day 48). In this post I will list my setup and write a short summary of the past 7 weeks, including a few pictures, to catch you up. In...
  14. R

    New tent and autos

    Been grow for sometime now. Started out dirt then went to DWC next round. Ran this setup for a few years. Great success but the downside was it was getting expensive. And need a break. This round going dirt to keep cost down. With the benefits of learn and trying new things. These are growing...
  15. Michael Hunt

    Colorful Sunset Sherbet Clones DWC

    Its been a long few months since our last grow. The jars are starting to look lonely so its time to get another round going. We kept a single clone from the last plant and stuck her in a fabric pot to keep her around while we did a ton of work to the house and her new nursery. A bulk of the...
  16. S

    Stoner Mama Gardens

    Hey everyone, this is my first journal ever, please bear with me. I'm Synaster, I'm a 41-year-old Mom of five, raised four amazing sons and have a nearly one and a half year old daughter. Haven't grown in at least 5 years, but in the past, had many successful indoor and outdoor gardens. This...
  17. M

    1st Coco attempt 1x1m tent: very slow and brown tips

    Hi - this is my 2nd ever grow. I got some great advice on this forum that has seen 4 photo's in organic soil under SF4000 LED through to harvest this week and they look and smell amazing... so now I'm trying perpetual harvest cycle with two tents and started a 1x1m veg tent with coco coir in the...
  18. HomegrownOMRI

    How the hell are you?

    The name is Rev, and I am a medical cannabis user, and decided to try doing my first grow to learn something new, and to ease the wallet on the dispensary pricing. I have learned a massive amount of information these last few months with the help of a close friend who has taken me under his wing...
  19. Grandaddy Purp and Jack Herer/GSC in veg

    Grandaddy Purp and Jack Herer/GSC in veg

    630 watt philzon led
  20. L

    My Very First Growperation!

    Hi you guys! I have already found a lot of great information on this forum. For my first grow, I got myself a 3'x3'x6' tent with reflective interior (got it for 20 bucks from a friend of a friend, yaaay!) I plan on buying the Mars Hydro TSW2000. I don't have the time to DIY a quantum board. I...
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